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9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Over the years, LinkedIn has transformed so much as a platform and LinkedIn marketing has become a thing now.

Many years back, it used to be an excellent place for job seekers.

LinkedIn members would post resumes and connect with people they knew and no one else.

Now it has evolved more of a content platform.


What is LinkedIn Marketing?

If you are one of those individuals, who have the impression that LinkedIn is just for professionals and job seekers (job titles), then you are highly mistaken.

Let’s find out more in the next section!

Linkedin marketing tips and hacks

No doubt, millions of professionals use LinkedIn on a daily basis to grow their networks and their careers, but LinkedIn can be also used to grow your business.

LinkedIn exposes you and your business to millions of connections that you can use to build relationships with companies and individuals to boost your brand.

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for career development, professional connections, industry discussions and other business-related activities.

As a thought leader LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for increasing your visibility. You can also establish business connections with decision makers and advancing your career – all at the same time.

Interestingly, LinkedIn status update feature is very unique to other status updates in the social media universe. Why? This is because a LinkedIn status update will showcase all your professional status. In addition, to all features like photo, name, title, business details and other info.

You can find customers, employees and partners alike on LinkedIn.

Here we present some great marketing strategies on how to build an audience on LinkedIn by giving value to other people first.


9 Powerful Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

Let’s have a look at 9 powerful marketing tips and hacks that can help attracting more audience and make your profile more engaging.

linkedin tips

#1 Addition of Rich Visual Content to Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you aware that visually enhancing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile is possible.  It can be done using the feature of Professional Portfolio to add videos, photos, linked articles with images, screenshots or infographics and SlideShare presentations?

It is highly surprising that most of the people are not using this awesome feature, so it is an appropriate time now and get noticed with visuals.

visuals on linkedin

Given below are some of the best visual content ideas which you can establish and update regularly on your profile.

The visual content ideas can be in the form of Speaker videos, recent articles or features in the press, work samples and client work and Screenshots of social proof.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give your LinkedIn profile a much-needed makeover and add current, rich, visual relevant content.

You’ll be amazed at how much great content you can add by setting aside just an hour.

#2 Create a Company Profile for LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that currently LinkedIn has over half a billion users?

The reality is that most of their user base is not in the USA.

The US does not even appear in the top five.

That is a straight indication that by not being on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a global audience to draw leads from.

linkedin personal profile

This social media platform gives a good opportunity to create a global presence.

So what you are waiting for, get started and create a company page.

The platform is completely free, so simply enter your company name and upload a professional image – an iconic image that showcases your brand.

The image should look professional and should spark about your company. Next, you need to create an About Us section that encapsulates your brand.

Put your website, industry, and additional information just below the About Us section.

Having a company profile on LinkedIn, is a convenient way to provide your visitors with company information and is the right place to market and promote your company.

In addition, the company’s information on LinkedIn will help you to appear in search results executed by others on the platform.

Provide complete and correct information about your company – the more your potential lead knows you, the better.

The company information also helps you stay connected with local businesses in your neighbourhood.

Once everything sets up on LinkedIn, post a link to your Page from your website.

Once you are on LinkedIn, you’re ready to start with the rest of these tips.

#3 Optimize Your Personal Profile

LinkedIn marketing offers business professionals a stupendous opportunity to build new contacts and connections while expanding their professional business network through group discussions, search, direct email, targeted advertising, premium paid features and much more.

optimize linkedin

There are numerous, smart ways to create traffic and leads from LinkedIn.

If you build a personal profile having optimization with the proper keywords, action-oriented engaging copy and rich media content from videos, presentations, documents, you are bound to get consistent and successful results.

Make no mistake, your content must focus on relationship-building and leverage you as an authority for your market or domain.

If you do all the able mentioned items, then your profile will stand out and help drive more business to you.

#4: Post Actionable Content on LinkedIn

Once you have created your profile, it’s time to start sharing content.

Content marketing is very important on any social media platform, and LinkedIn is no exception.

You should try to make full use of the platform by incorporating LinkedIn into your daily posting habits.

Posting multiple posts every day will help you reach and engage with your audience in a short snap of time.

Experts also recommend using all of the different post types available on LinkedIn.

For instance, you can write an article, share an image, or even upload a video.

When you write posts, you should be able to create catchy, SEO-optimized headlines, upload eye-catching images, and share your knowledge on a topic.

Or, you can share something inspiring like a quotation and an image that would help you connect with your network.

You must also share brief headlines of content with a link to a full blog post.

The main intention about this idea is that when someone reads your content and it engages him/her, they’ll click and navigate to find even more of your helpful advice.

Remember there are more than 100,000 articles published on LinkedIn, week after week.

Hence you need to create content that is crisp and will stand out from the crowd and cater to the needs of your viewers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your audiences have to click before they actually convert.

Hence you need to implant action words and build curiosity in your content.

#5 Join Groups – and Stay Active

You must join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target audience.

It is a great way to learn what interests your target audience about and there will be instances where you can interact with them directly.

You can message the members of groups which you have joined. LinkedIn InMail is also a great way to save money when you are building relationships with potential clients.

You can also use the LinkedIn Product Page. It is a hub for brands where they can promote their product and service and grow their businesses. Product users can also share their experiences and be recognized for their expertise in that product.

#6 Start with Connections, then Build Relationships

As a business owner, start utilising the power of LinkedIn by first connecting with leads, strategic as well as referral partners and other business owners.

After making the connections , you can decide how to nurture and grow the specific relationships.

You can also engage more audience by sharing the links from one social network account to another.

#7: Tag Your Connections in Posts

Do you know about the LinkedIn feature wherein you can tag your connections in your posts?

This ensures that the tagged person sees your post, so even if they haven’t visited LinkedIn for a while.

The tagged person receives a short email saying they’ve been tagged, which includes a link back to the page where they have been tagged.

tag connections linkedin marketing

You can tag a connection in your post by simply typing “@” followed by connection’s name.

This way notification of your post will go to only the connection you have tagged.

Do not annoy your connection by tagging them continuously.

Use it strategically to inform your connection of something important or something of interest.

#8: Use InMail

InMail is an integral part of an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Although it is a paid feature, it’s subscription charges are nothing if you compare its benefits.

Activation of InMail allows you to contact anyone in LinkedIn directly.

linkedin marketing logo

So, you can send InMails in a specific format to all the connections that have the tags, which is a very effective means of communication.

The rate of response in the case of InMail is three times greater than a traditional email. The built-in analytics allows you to fine-tune messages.

#9: Focus on Small, Local Discussion Groups

It is a well-known trait that the best way to gain positive attention or traction is to provide valuable content.

This means that everybody is doing it and your most posts are getting lost in the ocean of group discussions on LinkedIn.

You can stand out by focusing your efforts on local, small groups rather than targeting larger ones as they are the ones who will most likely read your posts and respond to them.

The biggest advantage of being active in smaller groups is that the chances of appearing prominently in the Discussions tab are high.

It will allow you to participate in the top-listed discussions for a longer period of time.


You must take up this shrinking digital world as an opportunity, and with Linkedin, you feel that the world has more potential.

LinkedIn should serve as a complementary lead generation tool to supplement your digital presence.

Start by creating a LinkedIn high-powered Company Page linked to your website. Ensure that you are sharing actionable and quality content regularly.  The advantage of LinkedIn profile are almost endless. There are no downside to having a profile. So get started today.

Follow it up by utilizing LinkedIn’s paid advertisement feature to reach new audiences. If you use the above-mentioned tips, you will see your lead pool start to grow.

In the near future, LinkedIn will become an integral part of the lead generation strategy of businesses when the platform further matures in the coming years.

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