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Link Juice: Improves Website SEO

Do you know what link juice is? Link juice is the term commonly used in the SEO world. The term refers to the value or equity passed from one web page or site to another. This value is passed through hyperlinks from one page or website to the other.

Search engines see these backlinks as votes by other websites – that your page is valuable and worth promoting.

You can earn links from the web in many ways involving direct and indirect efforts. Direct effort typically refers to link-building strategies. It includes document sharing, social media marketing, and guest posting. It also includes press release publishing and more.

In contrast, you can gain indirect effort when you present excellent content on your website. The reason being it causes readers to share it around the web. In the process, your pages are linked naturally.

The link equity that will pass from these sites to your website is known as link juice. The link juice will differ in its authority which will solely depend on the websites linking to you.

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How Does Link Juice Affect Rankings?

Google generally ranks websites and pages with more link juice above those with fewer ones. If one page has links from two websites and another has no links. The former page will rank higher.

On the other hand, if one of the pages has ten links. But if all these ten links are from low-quality sites unrelated to its niche, then it will receive low link juice. In contrast, other websites with five high-quality links will receive high link juice. Finally, the latter website will rank higher.

Do you know the history of link juice? Google’s PageRank was making its way in those days. They used PageRank to determine a website’s algorithm. It was named after Google co-founder Larry Page – not just the actual web page.

SEO specialists started using many slang terms for PageRank – “Google juice” or “link juice” being among the most popular. During the very early days, Google performed pretty well by PageRank alone. It helps Google to grow its market share continuously.
Do you know that you could easily game first-generation search engines like AltaVista, Yahoo, and Infoseek by using:

1 Keyword stuffing.
2 Hidden text.
3 Misleading meta tags.

Over time when Google started to dominate the market, unethical SEO practitioners grew in number. People began to focus on artificially – by inflating the number of incoming links. People started all these backlink practices so that Google would rank them higher. So then, Google started adding more ranking signals to the algorithm.

Slowly with time, link juice became more abused. Then Google kept on adding more ranking signals. They also started using more sophisticated technologies like AI and quality concepts like E-A-T.

You know, link building has been a vital part of search engine optimization from the very start. External links can be one of the most important ones. Meaning they are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines.
It is essential to understand each external link to your domain is a third-party statement. It only happens when your site has something relevant and valuable for users. Meaning search engines see the juice pass through external links differently. They take that into account when they rank pages in search results. Google’s PageRank algorithm is perhaps the most famous instance of this.

So, how would you go about building backlinks for your site? It might seem daunting as it is totally out of your control.

But there are a few steps you can take. Some ways to make your outreach easier and more likely to result in backlinks.

1 Invest in Digital Marketing Strategies

It is important to note that a website will depend on advertising and marketing investments – especially if you want to gain more visibility. Remember that organic flow is significant, and you should value it. However, the investment in paid advertisements generates more prominence in front of the public.

The more relevant and visible your website is, the more authority it has on Google.

Of course, this means this page offers more link juice. You must invest in sponsored ads and explore digital marketing to reach this level. Digital marketing will help you make yourself present on social media. It will also maximize your SEO strategy. This process will help increase your web traffic and strengthen it as well.

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Work on Audience Segmentation

So by now, you have understood that good content is the first step in everything. It directly influences page segmentation.

You should understand the importance of generating good posts and positioning your website’s pages. It will be visible to those who are interested – that is, the buyer persona. Remember that segmentation is an extremely valuable parameter in SEO.

The more your page can communicate with your audience, the more authority it can gain. The content is created for your target audience. Finally, your tendency should be such that Google understands this as something positive. In the end, Google should generate a much higher ranking.

All this effort and work will offer a better link juice.

Hence, so many factors go into ranking a website it can be hard to track them all. Therefore, good content is significant when you talk about link juice.

1 Create quality content

You very well know that there are several possibilities for SEO parameters. Among all these, the quality of content is one of the most important and difficult to meet.

It is no use having friendly URLs, good links, and using the keyword well – if your web page is not up to the mark. So remember that the most critical factor in ranking is primarily in your blog posts.

Therefore, you should focus on some qualitative parameters that can be classified as good content:
1 Originality.
2 Relevance.
3 Usefulness.
4 Delivery of what is promised in the title.
5 Theme aligned with the blog or website.
6 Formatting with good scannability.

Remember that these are some simple rules. You should keep them in mind when you generate content on the web. Moreover, your post will be well-evaluated if it meets all these parameters. Google algorithms will also rank it. In summary, link juice increases a lot and also offers good opportunities.

2 Work with guest posts

As you have seen, the exchange of links is critical. It strengthens the authority of sites in the same segment. Besides, other practices – like you can create guest posts – help generate great value for marketing strategies. It is a process by which you can develop the content of your segment and see it posted on a partner’s blog.

Such an activity’s first impact is bringing more audience to your website. These guest posts are posted on websites of higher authority. This process will help you reach a more extensive audience base. So your website will be better known in the segment. Consequently, it will influence your link juice.

So when you produce outstanding content for a relevant site, you naturally attract more traffic for your domain. Thus making your PR even more powerful. Therefore, try to be in touch with possible partners in your segment.

Generally, numerous links (DoFollow, NoFollow) go from one site to various other sites. Several factors affect the ranking.
Suppose you have sites X and Y. If all other ranking factors are constant, website A has one link, and website B has no link. In such a scenario – website A will rank higher. The reason is – in search results due to the link juice it receives from the external linking.

What happens if site B also gains one link? This depends on the amount of juice each link will pass. Site A receives links from five sites, while B gets links from two sites.

The logic is that since website A receives links from more sites, more link juice is transferred to website A. Consequently, A is likely to rank higher in search results when compared with website B. One important thing to note is that websites A and B have similar authority.

Final Thoughts

Link juice is crucial for your website and SEO because it is a way to measure how people discuss your content, website, and brand. Also, note that it is significant to your Google rankings. But at the same time, it is also a great way to build brand awareness. You can create your reputation and establish yourself as a resource in your niche.

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