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Landing Page Guide (2021)

Landing page is a webpage calling the customers to action regarding the product you are trying to sell or getting signups. If done the right way, landing pages can get you high rates of conversion.
This comprehensive guide on landing pages will tell you:

  • Landing Page and Its Importance
  • How To Build A Landing Page
  • Landing Page Template


What is a landing page?

A landing page is specifically designed webpage that facilitates a certain action that could be signing up for a newsletter, going to website’s checkout etc.
Landing page is made for a specific task and avoids any other distractions or links that might distract the potential customer away from this webpage. Our potential customer is directed to this page through ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. or from email newsletter.
design sketch for landing page


Since your visitors land on your page from external sources, this page is called a landing page. It allows you to gather a visitor’s information, make sales etc.
If you have forms for collecting information on homepage or other webpages, it does not make it a landing page. Landing page serves only one purpose while a homepage can have many other purposes.
Since a landing page in needed to get conversions, it is important that all websites should have them.

Why is a landing page important?

Since the visitor lands on your page from an external source, you do not want him to be distracted by extra messages or links that can take him away from the page without having filled its purpose.
A short, concise, to-the-point text and call-to-action is what is needed here. What you don’t need is distraction that can drive the visitor away towards something else.
It is this focused call to action (CTA) that leads to conversion and this technique is often used in marketing and advertising campaigns for a boost in sales.
The landing pages get you greater number of conversions because they are targeted to a specific group. You gather data on people through landing pages which are then used for targeted marketing bringing in high rates of conversion.
More landing pages on one website translates to higher number of conversions.

How do landing pages work?

When someone sees an advertisement and is interested in it, the person follows the link to find itself on a landing page. Depending on your objective and product, you might have a shopping cart or a form that collects information.
This collected information makes this person a lead whose data is collected into your database. You can use this database to do targeted marketing to people who you know are interested in your product and will be willing to make a purchase.
Certain marketing tools like HubSpot on your website can gather other information about your leads like what offer they converted on, when and what else they did on your website. This can further help classify your leads.

What is the difference between a normal webpage and a landing page?

A normal webpage can have a number of available options to be pursued, or let’s say distractions in case of landing page. A normal webpage or a homepage lets you explore more of your website, your products and services.
A landing page’s purpose is not to let the visitor explore at this stage but to get you to sign up. A landing page must have one path to be followed and one CTA otherwise it cannot be a landing page.
Another characteristic of a landing page is that the visitor finds what he is looking for with just a click i.e. that landing page. He does not have to look for the desired webpage by himself.


What you need to prepare for landing page development?

Now that you know why a landing page is important for your business, the next step is to figure out how to develop it. Before moving on to understanding the actual process of development of landing page, it serves well to know following things about your business.

  • 1. Know Your Goal: In order to get greater conversions, your pitch must be very attractive and focused.
    If your goal is not properly determined, your strategy might not be as focused as you would like it to be. You need to first decide what is it you are after.
    What product are you marketing in this particular landing page? What will people do once they land on your landing page? Will they buy your product? Will they sign up for your email list or your newsletter?
    Decide what you want to offer and what your visitors expect to experience.
landing page development
  • 2. Audience and Their Expectations: Knowing your audience and their expectations helps a lot in figuring out what is best for your landing page.
    What you put out on your landing page will be more attractive to your potential audience if it relates to their aspirations. This can only be done by knowing your audience.
    Also learn your audience is coming from i.e. ads from Google, Facebook etc. as you might want to tailor your landing page according to your audience group.
  • 3. Know Your Competition: You should research what your competitors are doing and how it is helping them. If a strategy is helping them grow their business, you should also apply it in your business.

How to build a landing page?

There are certain factors you must take into account to produce a great landing page that attracts audience as well as produces leads. Attracting audience is not enough. If the content and design of your landing page is not up to the mark, you might not be able to sustain traffic.
It is important that you take following factors into account while designing a landing page.
Short, Focused Content
Your content should be short and focused on the goal of converting traffic for your product. There is only need for information that is necessary to proceed to the next step. The content should be persuasive and clear in its message.
A page with multiple intents will take you nowhere as the visitor will not be sure where to follow from here. Most visitors skim the content on internet to make a judgement if webpage is worth their time or not. Make your content such that they can understand the gist with just a skim.
Clear CTA
A clear call-to-action is what takes the visitors from landing onto the landing page and going forward to sign up to newsletter, mailing list or making a purchase. If CTA is not clear or goes into multiple directions, the result will not be the best.
No Other Links
You need to be careful in order to produce a landing page that has one outlet. There should not be multiple links to distract the visitor. The only way forward should be through a form or shopping cart.
High Quality Attractive Content
A great landing page should have concise content but there should not be any compromise on the quality. What you write should be attractive to your visitors. Add headings and sub-headings attracting the audience towards perks and rewards like a free goody bag or free pdf download etc.
Use these rewards for the audience to sign up to your mailing list or newsletter subscription.
Your landing page should have a beautiful but practical design. There shouldn’t be anything distracting the audience during their navigation of the page. Everything should be simple and attractive to make people follow our CTA. There should be minimal number of links or click to get to your end product.
Catering to the Audience
Make sure that you cater to the audience in the content of your landing page. It would be a mistake to talk about yourself or your business in such a limited space. If you talk about your audience and what you will provide them, it will reap the best results.
Use of Visuals
Make use of images and even videos to get your message across. These are effective media of communication but remember not to go overboard or overdo it.


Landing Page Template

The templates of landing pages can differ greatly based on what you are offering. It can be for email sign up, sales or lead generation. Based on your purpose, the template would also change.
The basic components like heading and subheading explaining the purpose of your landing page should always be there. There should also be use of images. You can give a list of features for your product to persuade people to sign up.

landing page design template
In addition to that, if you are doing a sales landing page, there should be an attractive paragraph in the content explaining the features of your product. You can also explain why your product should be chosen and if there is any discount.
Towards the end of the page, you take the visitor to a shopping cart where details are to be added for a purchase.

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Images
  • Features
  • CTA (buy now, sign up or join for free)

Certain factors like client testimonials can also help but should be concise. CTA can also be used twice on your page at different places so that it is easier to access when the visitor decides to click while reading.

Are you going to get landing pages for your business now?

This guide explains in details how important landing pages are in order to produce a successful business that has a high conversion rate. This conversion rate can be increased manifold by the use of landing pages.
Having read this guide, you might have an idea of how to write and design a landing page. If you need help of professionals, contact our expert designers and content writers at Markfiniti to help you with landing pages.


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