Keyword Targeting: Why Its Important

March 11, 2022
March 11, 2022 Mehr Jan

When we are planning to create a blog or site that is going to be making a difference, there are plenty of elements that come into play here. You have to know one thing- writing plenty is not going to yield results as good as writing smart. And you write smart when you aim at keyword targeting.

So what does it mean really?

It is actually a major and effective process in which you can improve your blog, site, anything you are working on by ensuring its visibility in the search engines is coming at an optimal position.

When we talk of keywords, your aim is not that you are targeting everything. That is not even possible and will not allow you to see major results as well.

But your focus should be that you are discovering the gold mine from heaps of treasure.


Don’t worry. We will talk of and know more about this as we explore this topic further.

So let’s begin:

Keyword Targeting

the emphasis on keyword targetingOne of the main things to understand and hold onto is that you are aiming to gain a complete overview on what kind of projects you want to pursue.

And for the same, it is essential that you adapt key strategies which are yielding amazing results.

You are aiming to correctly identify what are the key areas of growth potential. And then you are taking those and making use of that intel to attract traffic to your site and gain high revenue potential.

See one thing to always remember is that targeting keyword traffic means you are aiming to improve the overall SEO  of your keywords as you wish to improve the visibility in search engines.

To get some really good results, also ensure that you are making a comprehensive keyword research plan.

When you do that, it will allow you to identify and see the kind of keywords that are yielding the best kind of results.

Now before moving forward, let me briefly draw your attention on what are targeted keywords anyway.

What Are Targeted Keywords?

The first and foremost thing to know and understand is what does it mean when we say keyword targeting.

Targeted keywords are actually small phrases, even 2 words only that your target audience and visitors to your site are actually putting within the search engines, especially when they are searching for a solution. Or if they are looking for some specific kind of information.

When we are looking at such keywords, it cannot be just one keyword. And usually it is 2-3 words coming together.

How are they impactful?

Because they are aiming at and leading towards more of long-term as well as short-term organic search traffic.

That will be yielding some great results for you. Allowing you to be able get a complete overview on how your site can gain the most from such settings.

Why It Even Matters?

For those who are not well-aware of using SEO, they will definitely question how does it even matter?

And why should we even bother with it.

But the thing is when we talk of SEO, using such target keywords is definitely important.

It is basically words and phrases which are describing and also giving complete intel about your page.

Google is going to be making use of this information.


It will be determining just how important is your content.

And whether it is falling under any specific search query. This information allows you to have a solid ranking for a search term.

When that happens, it will be giving the webpage a vision that completely stands out.

Googlebot is actually a great web crawler software that makes use of this kind of document. Allowing you to have great results in the process.

Increasing Keyword Targeted Traffic

increasing keyword traffic

So now that you have a good understanding and handle on what is targeted traffic, we will now look into what are the ways in which you have to ensure a proper keyword strategy is used.

This is the strategy which will be increasing the targeted traffic. And this usually begins with when you are making use of Serps.


Aside from getting a good idea on how the level of competition is going to hold for the keywords, you will be able to decide your chances on getting a good ranking.

If there are websites whose domain authority is such that it is going over 70 and is holding the top six or seven of the positions. Then the chances of you getting a good ranking of these keywords will probably not be true.

So what to do in such situations?

You have to make use of long-tail keywords.

The Impact of Long-Tail Keywords

For your main keywords, you already have a fair idea on how hard it is to get a ranking. This is because everyone is aiming for the same.

And when really high authority websites are already making an essential impact. They are holding the lead. The competition becomes really tough.

So you do not want to waste your resources over this.

It is not worth it to get a good ranking on such keywords.

So this is where long-tail keywords come into the picture.

Hence that means you will be able to assure that you are getting a major ranking for the same.

But this will also require you to have a certain a strategy to make a difference.


Serp Ranking

The first thing for keyword targeting to do is to improve the Serp ranking. That should be your primary focus.

This will definitely show an improvement in the Google search console. And you will notice there is a sudden improvement in not just clicks but also impressions.

And this usually goes above 10%.

Aim to improve and give a major boost to your overall average Serp ranking as well for the remaining keywords.

That will also be giving a boost to your clicks and impressions.

The Impact of Blog Content

While these technical elements work well. What you are writing is also going to be making a difference.

The blog is essential and comes in relation to keyword targeting.

It consists of content that is going to be leading to having a good hold on the website’s overall quality.

When you aim for and get good, quality content, you will notice how it quickly leads to an increase in blog subscribers.

That also yields to visitors also spending more time on their page.

A 10% increase in the blog content will also yield higher share and average.

All of this comes together and will be yielding an increase in organic conversions.

Keyword Targeting with Best Keywords

How do we decide on what are the best keywords?

There are quite a few things that come into the mix.

Firstly you are aiming to get one which is definitely going to get Google’s attention. And thus allowing your site to come in a good ranking in the process.

You have to remember, there are a few things which come into the mix and assure that you are making use of the best strategies.

So what are the top things to remember:

Head keywords are usually one word. They have a high search volume. And usually it is not possible to get a good ranking on just the basis of that.

Next comes what we call as body keywords. These are usually 2-3 phrases. They have a good search volume. And this comes in the middle somewhere. It is not either too high or too low.

Long-tail keywords are those which are consisting of four or more words.

They have a low search volume.

But if done right, you can assure high web traffic when making use of them.

How to Pick Keywords for Keyword Targeting

Now that you have a good understanding on how it all comes together, let’s now learn how can you make the best choice.

How do you decide on the keywords that will be making giving you the major boost your website is needing.

You start off with a keyword search. That means you need to first know what is it that is needed.

That also comes with understanding search intent. This differs from user intent as it is aiming to understand why did someone make a search anyway?

What was the main reason behind it.

You will look into the buyer’s journey. That means how they will be gaining access to and understanding the reason for this service.

After which you will assess and also evaluate the Serp competition. And that will be aiming how you are getting a complete understanding of how to get ranking on this keyword.


When you aim to write and get a good ranking on Google, keyword targeting is an essential element of the mix. In this article I have shared and explained in great detail how does it really work.

That means you get an understanding on why is this one of the major ways in which you can get a good ranking.

The integral elements and ways were discussed in this article.

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