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When it comes to getting a boost to your organic traffic, there are lots of things which need to be looked into and worked on. It is becoming more important than ever to emphasize on what are the best keywords as you aim to have your website get a good ranking. It is now more important than ever to know and reach to your audience.

You need to make the right kind of noise. Only then will you be able to make a strong impression. I want to share with you in this article some of the leading and best keyword tools which will definitely allow you to get a boost to how your website will rank.
The world is moving fast. You need to be on your toes all the time to make a prominent impact. The competition is fierce and whoever does not work fast will be definitely left behind.
So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get into the discussion on how you need to get your site a popular one:

Best Keyword Search Tools

emphasizing on the use of strong keywords

When it comes to making the most of your keyword research, you want to make your site visibly strong and take an effective step in ensuring that you are making the best use of tools which are readily available to allow you to get the most of your keyword search.

So let’s look at some of the best options available:


This is one of the leading tools which is gaining momentum as it allows you to select words which are coming through multiple sources. These suggested keywords ideas can be coming from various resources and includes Google, YouTube, Bing, as well as Yahoo and Amazon.

The good thing about this is that it is bringing in a huge variety allowing you to enjoy the best keywords, from sources which really matter. It all comes together in one place.

When you choose keywords from here, you are basically tapping into keywords which your competitors don’t really know of yet. This will give you an edge over others. It’s ‘Saved Suggestions’ option works well as it allows you to take on the best ideas and options to choose from a pool of selection.


This is yet another supercool keyword tool. It makes use of giving you a range of keyword ideas in a matter of seconds. Jaaxy is really powerful and can be used in a range of operations and fields.  It is actually straightforward and gives you a lot of keywords on the first search.

While this can become overwhelming, especially for new users. The good thing about this programme is that it also allows for helpful data on every keyword it generates to appear. This will make it easy for you to take on a decision.

When deciding on a keyword- you basically judge your decision on three factors

  • The competition and their usage of the same keyword,
  • How much search volume are you getting on your keyword. As this really matters
  • Potential traffic you will discover and how to make use of it

Google Console

Another yet very important tool is the Google search console. This has been gaining popularity because it focuses on looking at ‘opportunity keywords’.

Why people use it? Simply because it comes with an awesome feature. This is called The Performance Report. It is super helpful as it will be listing the pages on your site which are getting the maximum clicks from Google.

You will be making use of this specific feature to get ahold of opportunity keywords which are falling in the ranking of 8 till 20. This is a good ranking range and when you couple it with strong On-Page SEO, you will definitely be able to gain a huge boost to ranking at a really good level on Google.


This is one of the leading keywords explorer. It is popular because it allows you to make smarter keyword decisions which your probably can’t on your own. Ahrefs is making use of its new keywords explorer which works great as it is giving a super in-depth information on all different keywords.

It not only focuses on the data like the search volume but also it gives a major breakdown of the competition for the same keyword. And how searchers are actually making use of it.

The best feature about making use of Ahrefs, is that it also emphasizes on the keyword difficulty, which allows you to make an informed decision on how much effort will you be needing to get a good ranking from this specific keyword. Also this feature comes with a bonus. It emphasizes on how many backlinks you need to get a good Google ranking.


This has been gaining quite the popularity for a while. It is also a really good tool which can provide you endless options when you provide a seed keyword to it.  However many professional SEO users can gain major advantages from this.

It works really great as it has a range of built-in features. This includes providing the user with search trends. When you use this feature, you get a major understanding on what is currently trending.

You want to grab onto what is making noise right?

And this tool will be looking into what is popular. As well as providing insights on organic competition and what traffic estimates are currently running.

Google Keyword Planner

Google is amazing. It is definitely one of the major tools which is a gold mine- it has such a huge keyword database.  This means you will be getting insights and great details. And why do you need it?

Simply because you are getting all the information you need from Google directly.  One of its leading features is that it comes with ‘ Top of page bid’. This allows you to understand how advertisers will actually be bidding on keywords.

It all sets in motion and provides emphasis on how you have to analyze keywords and ensure how to effectively use them.

Moz Tool

Many people use this tool. It is a popular way of making use of interesting keyword ideas. It basically provides a list of closely related keywords. These suggestions work in effective ways. It actually provides many out-of-the box suggestions. You will not be able to find these elsewhere.

Also it comes with its own set of features, which includes determining how many clicks you can expect from your target keyword. This is relating to the organic CTR which is the number of clicks you can expect when you are clicking it to crack into the top 10.

Keyword Snatcher

This is yet another very helpful keyword research tools. It also plays up on giving you plenty of variety and option when it comes to finding more than 2000 keyword ideas with just a single search.

You can actually go on and generate more than 2k keywords. These you get with just a single click. While it hits big on the number of keyword ideas it gives, what it doesn’t do is not generating data which gives details and insights on the keywords list generated. This includes information like search volume as well as the keyword competition.

Also it is a really helpful tool in determining and finding whether you need medium-tail keywords or long-tail keywords.

Google Trends

keywords play a major role in Google ranking

Many people prefer making use of Google trends. This relates to finding not just new keywords but also looking into search trends. This is a major combination which allows for you to search for a specific keyword, but also look into what kind of related queries pop up.

This helps you to remain updated to what is trending and whether a keyword is actually growing in popularity or not. You need to keep an eye out on happening trends in order to make an effective decision on what keywords are happening at the moment and what isn’t.


Of course it was impossible to conclude the discussion without mentioning SEMrush. This is a tool which works differently than others but gives endless benefits.

How this works is that it does not give results from entering a specific keyword. Instead it will be showing you keywords which your competition is already getting a really good ranking for.

You do this by entering the competition’s domain name in the field and then getting an idea on the kind of keywords your competition is getting its ranking from.

Learn more about Using Semrush: Benefits to Organic Traffic Research here.


In today’s day and age, it is essential to remain on top of your game to remain ahead of the competition. Getting a good ranking on Google is what everyone aims to attain. It is something which you need to invest in. Keywords play a major role in allowing you to gain incredible insights. You need to emphasize on creating a strong website which will allow for you to get a good ranking. In this article, I am highlighting the major keyword research tools and how you can utilize them to make your website strong.

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