Keyword Intent: Getting the Right Traffic

November 2, 2021 Mehr Jan

When it comes to your keyword search, there are a lot of things came into play. Of course you want to do it right. You want to attract the right kind of traffic. Your keyword intent matters.

However when it comes to getting the right audience, you would want to make sure that your keyword is something which is linking to how a user is going to be doing their searches. So this is is why your keyword intent matters as much as the keyword itself.

You know how the keywords are actually the main language that the SEO will be using. It is also the most important aspect when it comes to creating your marketing strategy.

There are some major search engine marketing firms out there that emphasize on how keyword intent is the major element to work on and create your content which will definitely garnering interest.

So let’s get into it:

Understanding Keyword Intent

create content on keywords in demand

This is basically relating to how you will be handling a search query. The purpose is to make sure that it is the reason for you to handle a search query.

It is basically describing the reason as to why some user will be trying to search for a phrase or trying to find some information.

Let me explain this to you with an example.

Consider that there are two search terms – Samsung Phones reviews and Samsung Phones for sale.

Now when you look at both the phrases, you understand that both are talking about Samsung phones, however the search results appearing for both on Google would actually be different for both.

And the reason is that the intent here is different.

The keyword intent makes all the difference. The intent basically shows and links to the goals of the user.

In the first one, the intent is simply to look at reviews. However with the second one, you know the user is going to be making a purchase.

They are looking into some solid deals and market channels which will provide them some great package offers.

Why Keyword Intent Matters?

Now that we understood what is meant by keyword intent, I will now talk about how you can identify what keywords will be ranking in search engine results.

You need to know this in order to ensure that an integral party of SEO is kept in focus.

Remember content which is not focused will not perform better than content which is basically keyword-targeted.

Your keyword is making all the difference here.

When you aim to create content which is focusing on and anticipating what does a user need based on searches, it will be making a major difference to how your content looks.

It all comes down to understanding how a specific search will be done and is it yielding the results you want.

Sounds good enough?

Let’s now elaborate on this by breaking into the major attributes of keyword intent:

Keyword Intent Big Wins

No one is going to read your blog or article if they are not looking for it. Your content is not going to make it big if it does not have the right audience.

And the right audience you will get when you are looking into keywords which are in demand. When you are looking at the intent of why there is something needed, the search will give better results.

So now let’s look into the kind of results you will be getting:

Targeted Content

This is probably the best way in which you can connect with your target audience. They are definitely searching for something and the only way you can find that out is by making sure you are getting what they need.

Once you have a good understanding of who is willing to invest in your products and services, then you will be surely getting the results you need.

You have to invest in creating the right kind of keywords. This means your keywords should be yielding results and you need to access keyword difficulty.

Let’s again take this with an example.

You have a chocolate business and you are now building your website’s content so that there is high traffic.

So how will you use your smarts to attract the right kind of crowd?

Well, for starters you will be looking into various related keyword results that searches will give out:

  • Designer cakes and chocolates
  • Chocolates near me
  • What type of chocolates should I buy
  • Popular chocolates in last century

Now when you look at these keywords, you know that the first and last one are quite general. They are just to make a search and understand more on chocolates and getting designer cakes as well as understanding how chocolates gained popularity.

However it is the middle two which are actually emphasizing that someone wants to make a purchase on their web browser.

And as a chocolatier, this is basically what you are targeting to get. You need to aim and look for keywords which will essentially be yielding you business.

Hence this is where keyword intent matters. You will target keywords that are going to be benefiting your website.

And this is why your content should be attracting the right kind of audience.

Search Results Exposure

Did you know that it is a proven fact that if you are going to align the content you are making with the keyword’s search intent then the ranking is going to be better in Google’s search results?

This means it is very important that you are creating content which is yielding really good results.

And knowing how Google has majorly done great work when it comes to updating its algorithms and ranking factors, it has become quite official that you satisfy user intent by making sure your keyword intent is in sync to what the users want.

Your keywords will only be ranking high if they are in demand. And your content will only be making noise when it is done right.

Aiming for Traffic and Leads

Now I want to talk to you about something important relating to traffic. Not all traffic is supposed to be good traffic.

There is a fine line between traffic and valuable traffic. You need to understand that large-scale exposure is not always good.

In fact it would probably be sidelining you from actually knowing when to get the right audience and targeting it as such.

You need to find people who are definitely going to be interested in your business.

And this is only possible when you are able to connect with the target audience. So aim to improve your connections. It all comes down to yielding better results.

When you are aiming for high-intent keywords, it means you are bringing in high-quality traffic. So that is what you are hoping to attain and should be targeting.

Now let’s just take a quick overview on the main four types of keyword intent:

Types of Intent

The first thing you need to look into and understand is how a user is getting ready to make a purchase. So you need to know how you will be needing to take action.

There are some major key phrases that show that there is commercial intent. These will be including reviews, as well as best.

So identifying the right kind of intent is very important.

Now looking into transactional intent. This is same as commercial but it is actually a step closer to actually making the purchase.

When using this, you will be looking into and targeting keywords like buy, cheap and even sale.

Also another kind is informational intent. This is basically when someone is trying to just get some more information. It will more likely include search on articles that start with ‘How’.

It likely suggests that the user is looking for information but they are not likely to make a purchase just right away.

And the last one is what we call Navigational intent. This is when the user is looking for a specific kind of website.

In this, the user will be clicking or trying to make use of Google to try to search for a specific site.


ensuring your website is surviving

Keyword intent is the most important thing when it comes to analyzing your keyword search. In this article we talked about the most important kinds.

While each keyword is going to be having some kind of specific uses. You need to understand which ones are valuable to marketers.

Overall you have high-intent keywords, which is basically when the user or searcher is almost there to make a purchase. These include keywords with transactional and commercial intent.

Whereas, low-intent keywords are those which are basically those which a user makes use of when they are not actually purchasing but are thinking of and getting information on.

Hence your keywords matter. You need to analyze how these keywords will be providing you benefit. It all comes down to making a wise decision on the same.

Only when you have a good understanding on how keyword intent yields results, will your content make a major difference.


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