Inbound Marketing and Strategies to Implement

January 21, 2022 Zahra Ijaz

Inbound Marketing and Strategies to Implement

Do you want to use the business methodology of Inbound Marketing to solve problems your customers already have?
With the help of Inbound Marketing strategies, you can create valuable content and experiences that are specifically tailored to the needs of customers.
Before diving right into it, let’s break down a few concepts.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that helps you to grow your business by building lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and clients.
It does so by “pulling” them to your brand via SEO, content marketing, social media, video marketing, and more.
Keep on reading to learn more.

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Understanding Inbound Marketing Mix

With the help of inbound marketing, you can grow your business or brand by building meaningful, lasting relations with the consumers.

Moreover, it is about valuing and empowering your customers to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you.

Because when our customers succeed, you also succeed.

You can apply inbound marketing strategies in the following ways:
In this method, you will draw in the right people with valuable content and conservation that establish as a trusted advisor with whom they would want to engage.

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Presents insights and solutions to align with the pain points of the customers and goals.

Moreover, this is where they will most likely buy from you.

In this method, you intend to provide help and support to your customers.

It helps to empower your customers to find success with their purchases.

When your customers find success and share their success with others, it will help to attract new prospects to your organization. thus, creating a self-sustaining loop.

Furthermore, this is how your organization builds momentum and why inbound methodology serves as a strong foundation for your flywheel.


The flywheel is a business model to illustrate the momentum your organization can gain by prioritizing and delivering exceptional customer experience.

This was adopted by HubSpot.

With the help of this wheel, you can spin and build momentum by investing in certain strategies that retain your customers, and forces your flywheel.


On the other hand, anything that tends to slow the momentum is friction.

One of the biggest sources of friction comes in the hands-off between teams, so alignment and communication between different teams keep it spinning.

When you base your flywheel on inbound marketing, your sales, service functions and marketing can add force.

Moreover, it can help to eliminate friction throughout the attract, engage, and delight phases.

flywheel 1

All organization functions are responsible for removing friction from your flywheel.

For instance, in the attract phase, you can play a role by taking certain steps.

These include blogging, event marketing, and running paid ads.

However, your sales team can also add force by engaging in social selling.

On the other hand, your customer service team can add force by making it easier for current customers to make referrals.

After attaining enough customers and engaging and delighting them, they will keep your flywheel spinning by promoting your organization or brand.

Thus, bringing new customers to you.

With time, your flywheel allows you to grow without continually investing in customer acquisition.

Now, let’s dive right into the Benefits of Inbound Marketing.


Inbound Marketing: Benefits

One of the important things to note is that Inbound Marketing is not the most expensive or demanding strategy.

This is one of the reasons, it is popular, However, it does ask for commitment and business intelligence.

Why would you implement it? The benefits come from successful planning that compensates for your hard work.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of inbound marketing in detail.

Lower CAC

Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC is a very important KPI.

This is because it tells how much money your company or brand is investing to attract every new client.

Moreover, a successful inbound marketing strategy helps you to improve numbers in all its stages: Attract, Engage, and Delight.

And it does so without a proportional increase in the budget.

In this methodology, you will spend the same amount or even less have better results.

Because inbound practices are often less expensive and more assertive than traditional marketing strategies.

This means that a potential for a lower CAC month after month, and it eventually becomes easier and cheaper to convert.

Brand Awareness

In most cases, being the first brand to pop into your potential customers’ minds is enough to win the competition.

Even when they are not yet ready to become a lead, being present means being remembered.


Moreover, with the help of inbound marketing strategies, you can reach the right audience at the right places.

Thus, attracting customers in order to meet your digital marketing objectives.

This is a great alternative to spending more money attracting traffic from people who are unlikely to ever convert.

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Easier to Track Results

Using the same TV commercials as an example, how can you increase the success of that strategy?

How many people your brand is reaching?

How many individuals watched your ad?

How many of those leads became your clients?

This is one of the great advantages of Inbound Marketing and the one that is making so many others leaves traditional marketing and advertising behind.

KPIs associated with interactions with content, and social profiles make it possible to fine-tune your message and calculate the exact impact on the target audience.

After all, it is the “Era of Information”.

Moreover, it benefits those who know how to analyze numbers and act fast to adjust their strategies and follow the latest trends.

The combination of intelligence and empathy is the key to connecting and engaging with your potential customers who matter for your brand or business.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Both inbound and outbound marketing differ in how they approach the customer.

Moreover, they also produce different results.

Outbound marketing techniques need to proactively reach out to potential customers to gauge their interest in your products.

For instance, when you launch a social media campaign, you might want to engage in activities like door-to-door sakes or cold-call people.

However, once you create brand awareness and establish long-term trust, people will most likely buy from you.

vs. outbound

On the other hand, inbound marketing focus on high-quality content.

It helps to generate brand awareness for building long-term relationships with the customers.

Often takes less time and also is cheaper than outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing

In most cases, you might confuse both inbound marketing with content marketing.

This is because they both deal with creating specific, helpful, and relevant content.

However, they both are slightly different from one another.

Content Marketing is a specific strategy that focuses on creating healful content with user interest in mind.

Moreover, some content options are informative blogs, well-researched articles, and Q & As.

vs. content marketing

On the other hand, inbound marketing techniques use incentivized sign-up forms, social media marketing techniques, and more.

For instance, if you write a blog about the best strategies for social media marketing to appear to market managers, it is content marketing.

While if you use smart pop-ups, that also include effective CTAs and embed an incentivized newsletter sign-up form, these techniques will be inbound marketing strategies.



Strategies Of Inbound Marketing

After understanding what inbound marketing is about and how it works, you can use it to create the best strategies for inbound marketing startups.

With the help of these strategies, you can not only increase brand awareness but also engage more customers, in a less expensive way.

Keep on reading.

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Ket’s discuss the strategies you can use for Inbound Marketing.

Use Facebook to create a Target Persona

One of the most critical parts of creating compelling content is to understand what your target customers want to learn.

For this purpose, you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of your market, so that you can act quickly.

You can know about your audience in the following way by reviewing your Facebook Page Insights.

Go to your Facebook page, and at the top, you will see a button “insights”. Click on it.

When the sidebar menu open, click on “People”

For there, you can look at your Fans column.

using facebook

Moreover, you can also check to see where the percentages lie to understand what demographics apply to your business or brand.

This will give you general insights into who is interested in your startup and start forming the basis of your target persona.

However, this is not all that you would want to learn.

Next, you can also find where that interest of people lies and how you can write content that appeals to what they care about.

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Survey your Current Customers and Conduct In-Depth Interviews

One of the easier ways to understand your target market is through a survey.

This process does not need to be complicated.

If you already have an E-mail list, then you can send a simple form through SurveyMonkey.

To make this work, you will only need to ask one question: “What is your biggest Struggle?”

Moreover, your goal is to understand the problems your customers are facing, so that you can create compelling content that targets their deepest interests.

After getting the general feelings of your target market, it is a good idea to start seeking out individuals you can contact for more in-depth information.

You can also look for a few clients or customers you already have.

After getting on an Interview, try to find what exactly their biggest struggles are.

Ask them to describe such struggles in the easiest way possible.

Understand what exactly frustrates them and what solutions they have tried, but didn’t work.

With the help of this data, you can create new content.

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Create and Share Compelling Content

One of the most important features of your inbound marketing strategy is the quality of the content you create.

If you create a generic, self-serving article and video, you will never see success.

No matter how much hard work you put in, or how much design you add to rank well in search engines you are going to struggle to find new clients and customers.

The est in class content marketers work to adapt their content to the target audiences they want to attract.

Moreover, they understand where they are in the customer journey.

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Write Enticing Headlines

Understanding the needs of your customers and the customer journey is an important part of making content.

However, it is not the only strategy you will need to draw in new customers and leads.

One of the most important pieces of work is to create headlines.


This is what will essentially drive most of the clicks and draw in new traffic.

Moreover, you should spend a lot of time creating a headline that appeals to most of your target audience.

One of the best ways to do so is to include a little bit of negativity, according to date by WordStream.

Of course, you should not always have negative headlines.

But if you have a list of mistakes or about the worst strategies that could potentially hurt your customers, this can be an effective way to drive more traffic.

According to Demand Metric, companies with blogs generate about 6% more leads a month than those who don’t.

Therefore, if you are going to produce content, you will need to make sure it works to its best ability.

Visual Content and In-Depth-Driven Articles

One of the amazing things about humans is that they love visual content.

In order for your content to appeal to your ideal readers, you can make sure that there is more to it than just blocks of texts.

Include a number of images, charts, graphs to make your content more appealing.

visual content 1

Moreover, it is important to note that 90% of the bloggers include images in their posts, and those who add multiple one report stronger results.

Therefore, the more visual your content is, the more likely you will improve your inbound marketing efforts.

visual content

Furthermore, instead of writing short posts, you should carry out extensive research and produce in-depth content.

According to research by Curata, long-form content generates about 8 times more page views, 9 times more leads, and 3 times more social media shares than short-form content.

Make sure to write articles that are a few thousand words long and data and analysis support your content.

data driven articles

This will not only improve your SEO rankings but also help your customers.

Thus, the better your content, the more likely your readers will share it with their friends, recommend your sites, and implement what you say.

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Use Storytelling in your Content

Just because you are using a lot of data and analysis to support your content does not mean that it needs to be dry, boring, and academic.

You should make sure to produce the opposite type of content and create articles that tell a story.

Using a storytelling form of content is an easy way to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Moreover, storytelling has another powerful function.

It helps to create brand recall.

Research at Stanford University indicates that people are 63% more likely to recommend a story than a stat.

Still not convinced?

A relationship coach, Chris Haddad went from a 2% conversion rate to an 8% conversion rate by changing his sales pages to include a relatable story.

How you can use this tactic? Simple.
Look for opportunities to weave in stories while talking about your product or business.

There is no doubt that your benefits and features are great, however, the emotional connection you will create with storytelling will close the sale and help you grow your startup.

Guest Posting

While looking at the data, you will come to know that guest blogging is the best inbound marketing strategy.

This is because it provides you with backlinks, authority in space, and relationships with key influencers.

However, in most cases, you might go the wrong way.

If you are not using smart strategies to spread the message for your startup through guest posting, you might as well not do it.

But if you want to reap the benefits of guest posting, you will need to write consistently.

With the help of massive, content guest posting, you can grow your business into a powerhouse.

Pitch to Blogs with Engage Readers

One of the problems you might encounter while using guest posting as an inbound marketing strategy is you might not look for sites that give you much ROI.

Truth is that every guest post needs work and that works need to give you a distinct benefit in visitors or leads.

engaged readers

In case you post on a blog that has a dead audience, then you will not have any benefits and wasted your time.

However, if you post on a blog that has very engaging readers then you can drive immense traffic.

As you can see in the above image readers are engaging and a blog post here might also result in meaders clicking through the startup’s website and making a purchase.

Results from SEO with Keyword Optimization

In today’s search-driven marketplace, you need to understand SEO.

It will help you to achieve success with your startup.

One of the most important things to focus on is on-page SEO and backlinks for your site and content.

How can you do that?

Simple, Keyword Optimization.

Make sure to find specific long-tail keywords you will like to use for targeting your content.


Because long-tail keywords have a three to five percent higher click-through rate than generic searches.

Thus, the more specific someone is in their research, the more likely they know what they want and are close to converting into a customer.

Acquire Inbound Marketing Leads with Free Content

When it is time to convert your visitor into leads, one of the amazing strategies is to get people to give you their email addresses.

The best method so far is to offer free content in exchange for this contact information.

If your stamp is in the B2B sector, or if you want to appeal to customers who want or need in-depth analysis before purchasing, you can make an effective lead magnet from a report.

This is a great way to get leads as the comprehensiveness of your work seems like a great deal for an email address.

For instance, Hubspot‘s list of marketing stats includes a pitch for their “State of Inbound Marketing” report.

But they are not giving this for free.

To receive the report, you will need to provide a detailed amount of information that HubSpot will use to follow up with you on their products.

Use Influencer Marketing Campaign

According to a survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, 75% of brands have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing.

And 90% of respondents believe it is an effective form of advertising.

Moreover, if you do this the right way, it can either be a free or paid method to get people excited about your brand.

If you are going to launch an influencer marketing campaign, you will need to understand what will make it best.

First, you need to make sure that you are appealing to the right influencers.

This is easy to get wrong, as people think you are appealing to, may not be persuasive to your target audience.

The earlier reach you did on the audience will be a starting place to understand who they pay attention to.

However, you may need to do even more work than that.

You can find the right influences by:

  • Google phrases like “top niche influencers”.
  • browsing hashtags on Insta related to your niche
  • use influencer platforms to connect with creators
  • search key phrases on your SEO tool to find blogs that appeal to your target audience

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Make your Website Mobile Friendly

The goal of much of your inbound marketing is to drive people to the website of your startup.

If you are not converting once they arrive, what is the point then?

Conversion is the key to successful inbound marketing sine it is that transition from visitors to prospects.

Moreover, you need to make sure that your website is ready to convert your traffic into leads and customers.

It is the only way to make your startup get more traffic.

Make sure to get the conversion you deserve by making your website mobile accessible.

However, if your website is not responsive, you are going to struggle to convert the traffic.

According to WVO, out of 100 leading websites, only 11 were responsive.

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Inbound Marketing: In a Nutshell

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase visitors, leads, and buyers. To attract customers, you need to understand the needs, aspirations, and struggles of your target audience. Using that data can help you to create great content that draws them in like a magnet.

Moreover, you will need to include SEP best practices so that your target audience can find you through search engines.
Once you have the traffic, convert those visitors with free content and influencer marketing that drives leads. With the help of a compelling email campaign and high converting website, you can grow your business like never before.

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