August 16, 2021 Azka Munir

Using Google Translate to Generate New Content Ideas

Are you running out of content ideas for your blog? Don’t fret, this is very normal. What if I tell you you can generate new content by using Google translate? Unbelievable right? Though, it’s high time you use this tool to your advantage.

In this article, we will elaborate on how you can utilize Google Translate to generate new and unique content ideas to stand out from your competition. Keep reading below to know more.


Finding Content Through Google Translate

When you browse English content or one in your regional language then you have a limited choice of content.

While there is plenty of content in English too, you may dig a goldmine if you expand your search to different languages.

What’s better, your content will stand out from your competitors. So how do you use it? Let’s find out below!

man using google translate

Look for Global Trends

Usually, Google Trends and Twitter will only show you topics that are trending in your region.

Hence, they are quite local and you will only remain limited in the topics you can write on.

That also means that several other bloggers would already be writing on these topics.

Therefore, you have fierce competition while ranking on SERPs.

One way you can access global Trends is by using Twitter.

If you do not make any changes to your settings then you will see the trends of your country.

Therefore, follow these steps to explore trends of other countries.

  • Choose #Explore on the left side of your homepage
  • Select the “gear” icon found at the right side
  • A display window open with a checked box of Show content in this region
  • Uncheck this
  • Click on Explore to see all the available locations
  • Choose a location outside of your country or region

This will open the trending topics of other regions.

You can find several different niches, discussions and trends that are not local.

The next step is using Google Translate to translate the pages into English and understand what is being said.

Once you write content over that, you can also reach a wider international audience who can relate to those trends.

searching for bloggers

Search Bloggers and their Blogs

In order to find content in different languages, you first need to know the top blogs of that region.

However, you can only find that through their language.

So, the first step is to change the language settings on your browser.

Go to your Google Android app.

At the bottom on the right side, you will find Settings.

Click that, go to Language and Region and then Search Language.

Selecting language here will let you see search results in that particular language.

Start searching for different content and blogs.

When you wish to translate a page into English or any language you understand simply click “Translate” at the top of the page.

Or look for this icon.

google translate icon

Now you have a completely translated page with every information you need to make a new blog.

Go through it thoroughly and find interesting tidbits, trends and subtopics that can give your blog a boost.

You have plenty of languages to choose from such as:


<li>polish Portuguese</li>

<li>german greek</li>

<li>croatian czech</li>

<li>Danish dutch</li>

<li>slovak Slovenian</li>


Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Italian, Japanese and many others.

It can convert words and phrases from the source language to the target language using instant camera translation.

As long as you have an internet connection, the machine translation can convert multiple language into translated words in real time.

Though, yu can also do it in the comfort of your home to get higher quality translations of blogs.

Similarly, you can look for industry leaders, companies and bloggers that write about your niche.

For instance, if you write on food bloggers then you can search for the best food bloggers in France while working in Dubai.

The search may lead you to several bloggers in France and using Google Translate you can read their content.

So by getting a look at their trending food topics, their best blogs and their writing style you can get inspiration for your own blog.

This can eventually lead you to write your next blog on French cuisine and explore different French restaurants in your vicinity.

You can also start new trends if your blog works well.

You never know you may become the next person to start the French cuisine craze in your hometown.

Furthermore, you can also gain new French followers if you use the right content promotion strategies.

Using Social Media Hashtags

It is much easier to find relevant topics on the internet using hashtags.

Change the language settings of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use Twitter or Instagram hashtags, to search content relevant to your niche.

For instance, change your language settings to German and search for #foodblogger.

Translate German into English using the same translation icon at the top of your Google browser, and Explore!

You will not only find new content ideas but also unique charts, infographics and social media captions.

Therefore, you will have a gold mine of ideas only using simple hashtags.

In it can be ideas that will especially catch your eyes.

Styles of graphics and language use for social media captions can wary across countries.

For instance, you may find content with a unique and quirky style from Japan which can also go well for your audience and even better, can help you tap into an international audience.

content translation

Using these methods you can explore content from different regions of the world while sitting in one place.

Creating content catered towards the audience in multiple areas will contribute to your expansion.

Also, it will also promote the culture of different areas to your local audience.

However, you need to be mindful of not offending other communities.

Therefore, tread carefully!

You should keep a few suggestions in mind when you deal with content across borders.

Let’s discuss them in detail below!


Considerations While Using Google Translate

The content of another region can be very interesting to explore and write about.

However, every culture has its own nuances, limitations and taboos that an outsider may not immediately understand.

Therefore, if you are going international with your content, you need to keep a few considerations in mind.

writing translated content

Avoid Offensive Discussions

Some topics that may seem normal to you can become offensive in the cultural context of other people.

Similarly, if you write on topics that can become offensive for your local audience then that is a slippery slope too.

This is likely to happen in op-eds, political and cultural posts.

However, other niches like entertainment, sports and food can also intertwine with it.

Therefore, you need to fully educate yourself about the sensitivity and nuances of that topic.

Revise the content again and write it according to what your audience will perceive.

As well as how people belonging to that region will perceive it.

You need to be careful regarding just taking inspiration and cultural appropriation.

Furthermore, using Google translate you may miss out on some cultural contexts.

Colloquial language may not translate well across languages.

Hence, you may misinterpret the context.

Therefore, you need to wreck and rephrase according to what fits your lingual context.

In fact, some of the similar words may have a completely different meaning across cultures and languages.

So ensure that every cultural nuance translates well to your language.

generating content ideas and writing good content

Writing SEO Optimized Content with Google Translate

Google Translate can translate up to 109 languages.

This is definitely a gold mine for writers to find killer content ideas.

You will soon find searching through your normal searches is not as interesting anymore.

You can find people from different cultures and walks of life.

This will give you context on how you can make your content appealing to them and unique from your competitors.

Do not limit yourself to one or two languages when you can explore and translate your content into 109.

Similarly, do not limit your blog to your niche.

You can go for shoulder niches that are related to your niche, if not directly then indirectly.

For example, if you write a gardening blog, you can also tap into agriculture and farming.

Hence, you can search for agriculture hashtags and trends.

Explore beyond your niche into shoulder niches which can also garner interest from your audience.

Especially if you exhaust ideas in your niche, there’s nothing bad in finding new content ideas from related niches.

Experimenting with new ideas may also attract more visitors.

When you have an idea, it’s time to write content.

Though, importantly you should follow SEO tactics.

In fact, even before you begin writing on your blog site, make sure that you find topics with SEO potential.

While you are translating and writing, ensure that everything follows SEO practices.

Make necessary On-page SEO changes to the content that will help in ranking the content higher.

Likewise, if you are using Google Translate to translate your article into other languages then you will again have to readjust SEO accordingly.

Change the focus keyphrase, meta description and overall optimize it again.

using google translate to translate languages

Summing Up

The internet is full of ideas.

The people that explore the internet are also looking for new things to learn and know.

Especially people take interest in the content that is about cultures they are not aware of.

A new discovery is cherished in the internet age.

Therefore, if you can reach a wider audience by translating your content in different languages or by finding new content ideas in different languages then it can lead your blog to success.

Writing on your own region’s trending topics is beneficial for ranking, however, everyone else is doing that anyway.

We don’t advise you to give up on that but also do something interesting and unique.

For that, you can use the free tool Google Translate to the full extent.

Explore content in 109 languages and find ideas from different regions.

Also, plug your content to their local audience by translating your blogs into their language.

This will give you more visibility, reach and exposure.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Then search for content ideas in different languages and write a good blog on it.

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