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Google Sheets: Online Spreadsheet For Your Business

Google Sheets is a hugely powerful tool. You can use it for everything from digital marketing to financial modeling, from statistical analysis to project management. Just any activity involving the recording and analysis of data.

There are many ways you can use Google Sheets in your business. You can store data, safely share the spreadsheets with your staff, track and analyze essential data for your business. With Google Sheets, you can even fully automate your business processes.


What Can You Do With Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet application. It is a free tool and is popularly used worldwide. You can open the sheet in your browser window like a regular web page. You will have all the functionality of a complete spreadsheet application for powerful data analysis.

As you might be aware, Google Sheets is a fantastic tool that companies use to stay organized and operate more efficiently.

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With Sheets, you can easily manage and analyze the data and ultimately increase the company’s efficiency and effectiveness in a variety of processes and applications. You would be allowed to see the positive impact that Google Sheets can have when used to its fullest extent in the professional world.

Do you want to learn about the amazing things that Sheets can do for your business? Whether you are about to start a company, or if you already used Sheets and are looking for more ways you can use them. Its benefits are numerous.

Whether you are an online school, a solo entrepreneur, or a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of employees, you will find ways Google spreadsheets can help you manage and grow your business.

Can Google Sheets do advanced stuff? Yes. You can build dashboards, write formulas and make calculations as well. You can make your head spin and even build applications to automate your job. Plus, you can also link them to your web page. The sky’s the limit. You can find many resources online that can help you customize your Sheets.

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What can you do with Sheets?

Getting started with Google Sheets:
1 Import or create files.
2 Add content and data to your spreadsheet.
3 Add functions and formulas for your business.
4 Share and collaborate on the spreadsheet.
5 Download and print files.
6 Access your notes, calendar, and tasks.


Features of Google Sheets

Google Sheets was designed with the needs of agile organizations. With its AI features, you can tap into the right insights – thus helping you to make meaningful business decisions.

It is a cloud-based architecture that enables you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It also provides compatibility with external systems, including Microsoft Office.

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The tool is handy as it removes the friction of working with multiple data sources. You can build data on Sheets and give you the freedom to create while helping to keep your info secure.

1 Apply filters

Sheets allow you to use filters to only view rows of your interest within the whole sheet. This can be useful when working with a larger set of data. Just select the filter icon and set the filter option according to your requirement.

2 Validate data in cells

You can ensure that specific cells on the spreadsheet contain selected data by applying a data validation feature. For example, you can set validation such that particular cells only have numbers or even a value from a predefined list.

3 Protect data in cells

When many people are working on a sheet, you may want to lock down some of the data to prevent mistakes. The tool allows you to lock sheets and even individual cells so that valuable data is not accidentally changed.

4 Insert a chart

Once you have created a chart inside Google Sheets, you can easily insert it into a Google Doc. It involves a few easy steps.


How is Google Sheets Different from Excel?

No doubt you have heard of Microsoft Excel – the long established heavyweight of the popular spreadsheet world. It is an incredibly versatile, powerful piece of software, used by approx 750 million to 1 billion people all around the world.

Google Sheets is also very similar in many ways. But it is also distinctly different in other areas. It is indeed true that the tool has the same set of functions and tools for working with data, similar to Excel.

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As a user, you might have observed that Google Sheets is similar to Excel in many ways. Some people even mistakenly call it “Google Excel” or “Google spreadsheets”.

Here we discuss a few of the key differences between the two platforms.

1 Excel is a desktop program. But Google Sheets is cloud-based. With Sheets, you will no longer worry about versions of your work floating around. Everyone anywhere in the world always sees the exact version of the software, the most up-to-date version.
2 As Sheets is a cloud-based tool, it can be shared with anyone who has Google mail.

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3 Both have charting tools and Pivot Table tools for data analysis. However, Excel is more powerful in both cases.
4 Excel has the capability to handle much bigger datasets compared to Sheets. Sheets have a limit of 2 million cells.
5 Being a cloud-based program, Sheets can integrate well with other online Google services and even with third-party websites.
6 Both have scripting languages available to extend their functionality and build custom tools. Sheets use Apps Script, a variant of JavaScript, and Excel uses VBA scripting.


Create a Company Dashboard With Google Sheets

Creating a dashboard is perhaps the best way to get insight and control data in your business. Google sheet helps you do this in a few easy steps. A dashboard is a place where you can quickly view the essential info that you want to see about your business at any given time.

A Google Sheets dashboard consists of many unique elements.

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The dashboard on Google Sheets is a very convenient way to track the progress of your business. You can think of a dashboard as a “tracker” as it allows you to do analysis and automation all in one place.

If you have a company dashboard, you can constantly analyze your data. Moreover, you can also update the sheet continually by entering data, which will update your dashboard display.

You can use the dashboard as an official spreadsheet. The sheet is designed to function and appear exactly how you want it. You can also use the data in the sheet to display the visual reports that you wish to see.

Many companies today embrace the full power and possibilities of the Google Sheets dashboard. Such companies are making a substantial positive impact on their daily business operations.

One of the most significant benefits of using Google Sheets is that you do not have to pay a programmer to create a custom application. Therefore, you can create a professional spreadsheet dashboard in place with minimal effort for your business. Your staff will be able to use this dashboard to see performance and make smart, data-driven decisions regularly.


With Google Sheets, Your Data Stays Updated

As you might know, Google Sheets is a free-to-use application that you can access on your Chrome web browser. You can also use the Google Sheets app on the iOS or Android platform.

Google Sheets is the greatest and most widely available tool for data manipulation today. As a user, you only need a free Google account to get started. Once you have the account, you can create a new Google Excel Sheet and start using it.

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Beyond basic facts, experts have already proven that infographics increase web traffic. Social media posts with images and especially infographics garner more engagement. About 650 percent more. And according to marketers, infographics are among the most engaging types of visual content for business use.

When you work on Cloud, your data can easily stay updated because the information is automatically saved once it is typed. Multiple team members can collaborate in real-time from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They can all simultaneously create a single source of the project on Sheets.

Do you need personalization? Not a problem. You can look at the same data, the ones your coworkers are working on, without disrupting their view. Moreover, you can sort information in a specific order or even hide info that you do not need to see.

In addition, if you are worried about others mucking up your data, you can easily protect cells by setting custom share settings.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about the version control of the document. You can see the new changes or revert to previous versions by navigating to the Version History option.

Using Google Sheets Templates

Sheets is top-rated and the tool is extensively used for data manipulation. Compared to other spreadsheet software today, it is considered one of the best options. Unlike other software, it is free, multi-user friendly, and cloud-based. Moreover, because it is part of the G Suite, Sheets can integrate nicely with other Google products.


There are lots of things you can do with Google Sheets. There is much more to Google Sheets than meets the eye. If you unlock these advanced options, your productivity can soar high.

This online spreadsheet is one of the quickest ways to increase production in your company. Once you have robust templated spreadsheets in place, your business will start reaping the benefits of this tool. Tasks like clerical work of reporting financials and growth metrics are some of the things you can do regularly related to your business.

If you are interested in using advanced features of Google Sheets for your business, you can reach out to our experts for a demo at Markfiniti. Using Google Sheets, we can also teach you essential formulas, functions, and shortcuts to become confident in your financial analysis.

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