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Google Reviews: How Do They Grow Your Business?

In this age of technology where many people can’t see products themselves, relying on online reviews is crucial. One such platform to look for reviews is Google Reviews. Reviews can now make or break your business whether it is an e-commerce store or an eatery.

Around 49 percent of consumers trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations. So you are pretty aware of their impact. Let’s dig into how they can prove beneficial for your business.


What Are Google Reviews?

Like other reviews, Google Reviews are also public comments and ratings that customers leave on your business.

This helps potential customers to know about your business before they decide to spend on it.

Anyone can leave a review for the business on Google Search, Local Finder and Maps.

what are google reviews


Why Are They Important For Your Business?

These reviews are usually up to 4000 characters.

Hence, that gives customers enough space to write a detailed review or a small write-up.

Moreover, it has the option of rating the business ranging from 1 to 5 stars, with one being the poorest/lowest and 5 being the best/highest.

These reviews help to click-through rate and business visibility on Google Maps and Search.

A higher CTR would mean that there will be more customers as people will see and click your listing in search results.

Moreover, search engines also consider reviews and ratings while ranking for SEO, especially local SEO.

Positive reviews would mean that your position and ranking in local search results will considerably improve.

So when people are looking for something to buy from the area where your business is situated, they are likely to see your business displayed.

Plus it is given that reviews act as social proof.

Potential customers can see whether other people have had a good experience buying from your business.

So as a result, eventually, all of this brings you more customers and your business grows.

But obviously. first you want customers to leave reviews and not everyone does that on their own.

So how do you get them to leave a review for your business? Let’s find out!


How to Ask for Google Reviews?

Did you know that 67 percent of consumers prefer leaving a review after a positive experience and only 40 percent do so after a negative experience?

That said, not all customers are willing to write reviews.

So make the process easy and convenient for customers by asking them to leave one.

asking for review

The simplest way is to ask your customers politely.

You can either do that directly or discreetly add the request in other ways so it is not overwhelming and overbearing.

Ask them to leave a review in a :

  • thank you note or card for their purchase
  • a link in the post-purchase confirmation email
  • request in physical receipts
  • as a link in email signatures

Including a link is an easier way to direct the customer to the Google reviews page.

They can immediately go and input their views.

However, if you do so physically by adding the line in receipts or notes on paper then they might just miss it.

So, it is better to go the digital route to ensure they leave the review.

Though, you should ensure that you are administering the request to them directly and politely.

For that:

Personalize it

Add their name, use first-person and mention their recent purchase so that they feel the request is especially for them.

Send them a prompt

If your customer had a pleasant experience you can send them a short prompt to give them a starting point.

This will remove the burden of the hefty task of writing a customized review.

You can give them a prompt such as, “My best experience was when…”.


Put a Simple Request

A short and sweet request that is to the point is more appreciated than euphemisms and praises.

Politely asking them to leave a review is all it will take.

Leave a Link

Lastly, make it easy for people to leave a review by directing them to the link.

Link to your Google Business Listing can improve the chances of customers clicking it to review your product or service.

Though, remember that you cannot offer your consumers something in return for the review.

Google and other review sites do not permit that.

Rather focus on how to make leaving a review more accessible and easy.

When there will be reviews, you will also need to reply to them.

Let’s learn how to respond to both positive and negative reviews below!


Tips for Replying

Replying to reviews is as important as getting these.

After all, the person leaving the review is expecting you to respond.

Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to give your side of the story if you receive any negative feedback.

Nonetheless, replying to both negative and positive feedback is important.

replying tips


Tips for Replying to Positive Feedback

Replying to a positive review is crucial.

This step can help you make lifetime customers.

You may appear more credible, reliable and approachable if you respond to the review.

Moreover, the customers will also feel important and may end up buying more products and availing of your services, leaving you with a lifetime customer and supporter.

The right thing to do is to first thank them for their response and also let them know that you appreciate their response.

It is better to personalize the response by naming them and addressing them directly.

This way they will feel seen and consider the reply to be specifically addressed to them.

If it is appropriate then you can also reach out to the customer directly so that you can thank them personally.

However, it will be enough to thank them as a reply.

positive google reviews

Tips on Replying to Negative Google Reviews

Negative feedback can be trickier to reply to.

However, they are also important for your business and its growth.

Plus, customers expect businesses to respond to negative feedback.

Hence, the business’s reputation relies on your reply to the customer leaving a negative review.

First of all, thank them for their feedback and in this case, apologize for their bad experience.

Next, you should never diminish the issue but if it is a legit issue then acknowledge it and next also offer a solution.

However, if the issue is not a problem on your business’s end, then calmly explain it to the customer while also apologizing for the inconvenience.

You can also reach out to the customer directly in order to solve the issue offline.

After you solve the issue, offer them a coupon, discount or freebies to incentivize them to return.

This may also prove helpful in persuading them to leave a nice review of how you have rectified the issue.

All you need to be while responding to the reviews is courteous, professional and responsible.

Customers do not like arrogant-sounding management.

This shows that you care about the business, and the experience you provide to the customers and also commit to giving the customers value for their money.

Hence, whenever you get reviews, it is always a good idea to take out time to respond to them individually and quickly.

After all, some customers may be waiting for your response and will determine whether they want to buy from your again.

Besides that, it is also important to leverage the reviews so that others can see them and you get to improve your business.


Leveraging for Business

Social proof is not the only benefit attained from reviews.

In fact, you can leverage them as a marketing tool to gather more customers for your business.

Let’s find out how to do that.

restaurant showing on maps

Show the Reviews on the Website

When you have enough reviews on Google My Business, this is time to show them on your website too.

Having a dedicated page or widget on the landing page can help new customers to see what others like about your business.

Choose a widget that is compatible with your Content Management System and viola add it to your website so that customers can see it before making a purchase.

Use Reviews for Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeted ads are effective because you are approaching the customers that are already your target audience and interested in your products.

By adding customer reviews to retargeted ads, you will make them more effective.

This is the push customers need to know why they were interested in your business’s offerings, to begin with.

Thus, they may return to buy.

Reduce Abandoned Cars

Positive reviews can be the push for someone with an abandoned cart to return and go through the purchase.

Seeing others’ good experiences, especially during the checkout process can mean you have fewer abandoned carts and more purchases.

The reviews should be specific and have features that are of importance to the customer.

It solves specific problems for customers, gains their trust and reduces any hindrances during the checkout process.

Select Reviews That Show Emotion

Reviews that make you feel something leave a lasting impression.

Seek out reviews that will provoke an emotional response and get your potential customers to finally buy.

Keep Updating The Reviews

Customers also want to see that you keep collecting reviews and it is not the same people whose reviews you keep sharing.

If it has been a long time since you got a review, reach out to recent customers to gain feedback on their experience.


Now you know how important reviews, especially Google Reviews are for your business.

Set them up today so that you can use them to leverage your business to new heights.

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