A Complete Guide on Google RankBrain

December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021 Mehr Jan

If you want to stay ahead of the game and keep your SEO game strong, then you need to know firsthand what optimization for Google RankBrain means.

This is basically one of the key tools marketers and business owners are clueless about.

However it is one of the most important ranking signals you need to know and work around.

And as it turns out, it is going to become even more significant and important in 2022.

So if not before, now is the right time for you to make sure you are completely aware on how do the dynamics work when getting the most out of your Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

In this article I am going to be highlighting and detailing the ways in which this basically functions.

Its core operations and really effective optimization strategies which will be showing results.

There is a lot to learn from this and attain effective ranking for your site.

So let’s start:

What is Google RankBrain?

effective use of RankBrain algorithm

In its simplest sense, this is what we call a sturdy learning machine.

It defines the paradigms of Google to give us key search results.

There are actually several processes and search queries which need to be looked into to make sure solid results are obtained.

But while there may be other such algorithms and tools, what makes RankBrain sought after?

Let’s look into that:

For starters, it is completely made by Google. It is an algorithm hand-coded by Google, making it a coded structure Google is tweaking absolutely on its own.

It gives a comprehensive look into your keywords, and depending on the keyword, it will be either increasing or decreasing how you use backlinks.

Also it provides a complete overview on the content’s freshness. As well as its length and the domain authority you have over it.

When this is done, it will be effectively looking into how Google searchers will then be interacting with this new search results.

And this in itself becomes a review process- if users are liking the new algorithm, it will stay otherwise it will  be completely removed.

So in this way, Google aims to keep the competition edge on.

It is an effective pre-screening system. It shows results efficiently.

And it does not back down when identifying the dynamics of the most effective algorithm out there.

Why Google Introduced RankBrain?

Interestingly Google RankBrain was made to handle one, simple task.

Google was not seeing the context for some of its queries.

This meant it wanted to get the context support to understand the analytics going into how this actually works.

The results – whether good or bad, reflecting on user intent were not clear.

And this lead to the creation of RankBrain.

A system which screens environmental context like the location of a searcher to identify it’s establishment.

It was an effective program which was able to sort through a huge number of pages and then decide on various parameters which suit best to the queries.

The results proved this programme’s effectiveness and lead to its usage in mainstream media.

Interpreting major searches that are coming forth as people continue to submit pages that will be hitting on and aligning with the searches, this was an effective podium that was giving real, productive results.

Satisfying Results with RankBrain

effective results with AI

As it turns out RankBrain is a great podium that will be giving you solid results in no time.

How it works is that it will be effectively giving you search results which it knows are in deman and will lead to search satisfaction.

So if there is a large poll of people who like certain results, they will be be then giving that particular page a major ranking boost.

This in itself is going to make your site gain that consistent stamp of approval.

Also the opposite comes into play here.

If there is a particular page which the users are not liking, the algorithm will simply drop the page and have it replaced with something different.

After which, the next time you search something, this new page shows up in the search results and will determine the ranking it gets.

But what exactly is RankBrain looking into:

It is actually paying very close attention to these key and critical factors:

  • Organic Click-Through-Rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pogo-sticking

They represent what we call as UX signals and work effectively in giving the ranking measures a solid boost.

Tweaking Keyword Research

So now that you know how RankBrain works, it is also essential to hit on and understand how the keyword intent plays a role.

This is basically not making traditional keyword search obsolete but it is definitely hitting upon how you need to make sure that the keyword research process needs to bring the RankBrain dynamics into the forefront.

Here are a few major factors you need to consider:

Avoid Long-Tail Keywords

identify ranking factors

Here’s the thing- whoever is making use of long tail keywords should know that these have become completely obsolete.

While there was a time where you would try getting a high ranking for keywords that are similar in phrase and style, however now RankBrain’s effectiveness has led it to notice that these keywords are actually the same thing.

This means you no longer need to optimize for such keywords as they will be yielding null results.

Instead you should be optimizing for medium-tail keywords.

These are considered as one of the major and effective middle pack terms. They work in a win-win situation.

You will be able to get more search volume out of them but they are also not very competitive.

This will allow you to make use of the best kind of search intent and ensure your ranking is coming to the mark.

So it is best that you optimize pages that are giving such keywords.

It is definitely more effective and allows for you to garner major interest and focus.

These simple tactics will allow you to get a good focus and ranking which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


Google is keeping us on our toes. It continues to update its algorithms to make ranking effective.

For you to gain the most of the online business, it is essential you learn and define all that is needed to be known regarding Google RankBrain Algorithm.

Considered as one of the most effective of the algorithms presented by Google, Rankbrain has been effectively showing

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