Google Lens and SEO: What You Should Know

July 10, 2021
July 10, 2021 Mehr Jan

In this fast paced world, we need to understand how the digital marketing era keeps on evolving. This means we need to be on our toes and adapt the change otherwise we will be left behind. Google Lens has been around for quite a few years now but are we really adapting it to our usage?

It is possibly one of the best visual recognition technologies but there are still plenty on the way it works, its dynamics, which we haven’t completely grasped as yet. In simple words it is a way in which your Google app will be scanning things and it will offer actions on what it is detecting on the screen.

How you look and perceive things is a matter of how the technological outlook is making things better or harder for you. For those who still don’t have quite a strong grasp on why Google Lens matters for your SEO strategies, should be reading and understanding this article well.

There are lots of interesting updates and intel which you probably didn’t know earlier. You can thank us later for that.

For now, let’s jump right into the dynamics of Google Lens:

What is Google Lens?

Google is something I consider as a living organism. This is because it is ever-evolving. And there is no stopping it. It is innovative and it has plenty of new features. Among them being augmented reality.

AR is something which aims to create digital images. And Google is high-end and vast for its technology is readily adaptable for Android. With Google Lens it is basically linking up and creating a strong connection between your physical as well as your digital world.

How Does It Do That?

image recognition

So how this comes about? Google Lens is what we call an image recognition technology. It is something that allows users to actually interact through their phone’s camera with any real objects.

This is by it’s high artificial intelligence mechanism. It is able to make use of this technology to understand and take action on the objects it is visualizing on the camera. This is by giving you more information on that particular object in the lens.

Giving you a few examples, it is through this technology that you can even translate various text, you can make use of the app to analyze and make better fittings for the furniture in your house. It can also be used to look around your place of residency and what interesting local landmarks are around you for exploration.

Since Google always aims to keep its mobile apps user-friendly, you will be able to find that Google Lens is an app which is already integrated directly into the camera on many phones. However in case it isn’t, you can easily have it downloaded from the Google Play store and make use of its amazing features.

It is definitely a major boost to your businesses. And there is plenty you can access from it.

E-commerce Business and Google Lens

SEO works great with this app. It will allow you to look into and create a better long click search. This allows you to gain further insights into the same. And to be able to understand and visualize how its certain features will be giving a major boost to your business.

How Google Lens Affects SEO

how google lens impacts SEO

Let’s now hit upon and talk wats in which this amazing Google app is going to give a major boost to your SEO activities.  The similarities between the two is that both are ever-evolving. It is getting updated with the kind of searches into the system.

It is actually growing steadily through the years. This includes the kind of connection it is able to make with IOT-connected devices. It is making use of all those features that allows the camera visuals to be made use of in an effective way. When using Google Images, we need to use our knowledge, educational significance and other related elements like even cultural context.

This is something which makes Google Lens even more easy to understand and use. It is a way in which you can make your daily tasks easier to maneuver and work through.

Real Life Examples to Using Google Lens

Now I want to talk to you about how you can actually make your life easier when using this technology. If there’s a special wooden décor that you liked and want to get something similar, rather than mentioning and pointing out its features and how it looks, you can simply make use of this app to take the visual of this specific item that you liked and try to find a similar kind from your close areas.

It is not as hard to do but it is definitely a step. Google lens will be scanning the image and it will then compare it and look at how it is coming against the index of large images that exist in your database.

So how does all of this relate to optimizing SEO for images in Google Lens?

Let’s check it out:

SEO and Google Lens

These artificial intelligence tools are not as complex to use. They include various strategies to give results.

There are different ways in which you make use of organic positioning. The 4 basic ones are those which allow you to utilize eCommerce to get a higher ranking. The most common ones are:

Number of Images 

So this basically relates to the how many images are available for you to look into and expand your possibilities to what the users are needing. Also it adds to the quality of having good images and not only make use of the manufactured images. This will allow us to differentiate ourselves from the crowd in a major way.

Logo Presence Matters 

For your local SEO it is definitely important to make use of watermarks. One thing you should know is that these images actually make a major difference.

If you have a physical store, you should look into ways as to how you will be uploading images to the web. In the same, it is essential that your logo should be completely visible. This holds true for local SEO the most.

Alt text and file name

You can consider it as one of the major SEO tactics. While the advancement of technology is bringing ease, there are still some basics which are great in keeping the content understandable and relatable.

To make your content easy to comprehend, make use of alt text. It is great for navigation tactics.

Optimizing EXIF 

This basically relates to making use the meta information. It is basically a data file that you will make use of as you are referring to the image taken. You will see how it includes details like the kind of model with which the picture is taken, the time it was taken as well as other important and relating information.

The data while doesn’t add much to the image file, is actually quite helpful when it comes to SEO. This is because it aims to bring forth the positioning factor. The good news is EXIF file can be edited. So this means you can decide which information is worthy of keeping and what does not help in ranking.

Google Image Optimization with Google Lens

google optimization

It is definitely the best way to make use of Google’s app. This is relating to and is similar to Google’s reverse image search but it definitely has more features and usage. As you can apply more principles to its way of implementation. Let’s look into how:

Image Size 

If you have large images, they will be loading slowly. This will hurt your SEO even more. E-commerce websites are those which tend to having plenty of images. And this is why loading time is actually quite important.

Label Images 

It is important to using keywords that help with the image file. You can also adapt descriptive language whenever you deem best. When you are adding image titles as well as ALT text , you are making use of the content management system in an effective manner.

As we said earlier, the EXIF data can be edited and this means it will include in-depth information about your phone as you deem best. Machine learning tools actually rely on this image recognition mechanism. Which allows you to add clear information on ways to have the image improved. This in turn gives a boost to your SEO and user experience.


Google is a definitely a mind boggler. This is because there is just so much happening with it. It is innovative and ever-evolving. There are so many ways in which you can adapt its use. Google Lens is one of its recently launched apps which will definitely give a boost to your SEO strategies and ranking.

It is important to understand the dynamics of it. As otherwise this technology will become hard to maneuver.

This technology is the face of the future. It is time for you to analyze its importance for digital marketing, specifically its implementation in SEO development. The benefits are endless in the same.


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