GIFS in Blogs: Understanding the Usage

July 13, 2021 Mehr Jan

Blogs need to be interesting. They also need to be creative. There is just so much you can get from them. However in today’s competitive world, it is not so easy to make your blog posts as tempting and interesting as everything else. GIFs in blogs is now becoming a rising trend. Mainly because people are very much into visuals now.

Everyone is hooked onto the trend of having simple videos and expressions leading the conversation. With the era of social media, you just have to be on your toes all the time- soaking in all the information that you can in little span of time.

That is just how the world is now. And you need to get on board otherwise you will be left behind. This article is all about understanding the use of GIFs- how are they essentially your go-to-tactic to making your blog not just readable but relatable.

With adapting just a few simple strategies, you can attain so much. So let’s begin- this is one article you would be thanking me for !

What are GIFs?

So even if you haven’t actually heard the formal name, it is quite possible that you must have seen them. They are actually all around you. You probably don’t even know it but they are actually the modern era of communication.

They are basically one of the leading ways to get attention. And since long, the concept is developing and now there are actually plenty of competitive portals for you to gain results.

GIFs are extremely helpful in making an impact. You will have to analyze and understand how they work. It is by using them in a fully functioning manner.

Animated Images-Gaining Popularity

This is basically a simple animated picture which is expressing a single thought or an idea. It also goes by the name jiff. We use the GIF format to create different stories and even simple still images.

However how it actually stands out from others, is that you are able to make animated images which just adds a little more into the storyline. Why we call them animated images is because they are not really videos. In fact they don’t even have sounds. But they are really effective in holding together multiple images and sort of act like a flipbook even.

They have been steadily gaining popularity through the years. These are really good to use in light-hearted conversations, even when communicating jokes and emotions. You can use them in a wide variety of ways and the kinds of GIFs out there are steadily increasing in number even.

Isn’t it interesting how they have been able to hold onto for so long. We will give you three of the major reasons why GIFs continue to remain famous. Let’s see what these are:

Browsers Are Different

The best thing about GIFs is that these are readily accessible and can be used in all kinds of browsers. This is relating to how different browsers are using different kinds of tools and software’s. And these may not all be compatible in all kinds of browsers.


It is important for you to understand that HTML didn’t earlier on support videos. So people were able to share ideas and stories through GIFs rather than sharing whole videos. They were fast, effective and hence became a trend which even continues till this day.

Easy to Make

GIFs are gaining popularity simply because they are easier to make. You don’t need special skills and strategies to create designs. They are simple to handle and create. There are also a range of photo editing software’s, even free, which allow you to create GIFs serving specific purposes.

And with time, the art of making GIFs is becoming even better. You can adapt many skills and tools to create really interesting animated images now. There is just so much creativity that comes with using them.

Integrated Functions

GIF is something which can ensure that your social media websites are interactive. And did you know that social media websites of these days also have these built-in search bars. They will make your blog posts even more interesting. These search bars are highly interactive.

Using GIFs in Blog

The world is progressing very fast. We need to understand how to make a strong presence. GIF images are needed to make your blog posts more interesting. They have a way to enhance your posts.

But this should be done in great taste. You need to know the skills to master to show how it is effectively done.

When you are using GIFs in blogs, make sure that they are relevant to your content. And they are adding more insights into it. As opposed to making them more confusing. So when using GIFs, create a checklist to ensure it is giving the right effect. This will include:

Making GIFs relevant

Are GIFs relevant

The first major thing to ensure is that these gifs are fun. But they are also serving an interactive purpose. You need to make sure they are grabbing the user’s attention. They are actually really good when trying to draw the users to your site/blog.

Any reader who is scanning your post will surely look into how the gifs in the first screening process. So you need to make sure you are choosing a gif which is actually complimenting the blog post. Just make sure you are not inserting one which is funny. It has to serve a proper purpose.

Education GIFs

So one another major thing you need to understand is that these GIFs have to make your blogs and posts educational. They should be giving some important information. They have to serve a purpose. Random GIFs will not go well with any kind of posts. The GIFs can even help and promote your posts by teaching the users and using an interesting interface to get some action done.

CTA’s impact on GIFs

You will use GIFs to get clear CTA’s. This relates to clickable CTA which allows you to act further and take proper action. The trick here is to get it done in subtle ways and make sure it is through an interactive framework.

Emotional GIFs Work

So here is something you didn’t know- using emotional GIFs can work big time. You will just have to make use of the opportunity to create GIFs which are telling a story. They also provide reasoning and make some strong action sequence. It is pretty similar to how movies work. As we get emotional and triggered by these kinds of movies, in the same way such GIFs will also affect you in a similar manner. Hence you will notice how people make use of GIFs in different ways.

Creating Your Own

When you want the GIFs to make an impact, it is best to create something which gets the job done completely. You can actually visit different kinds of photoshop sites to create gifs which make an impact. These can include:

  • GIF brewery
  • Party Maker
  • Recordit
  • Gifmaker

Every site has its own advantages of creating something. You just need to analyze and pick something which is providing all the goals that you aim to attain with your GIFs.

GIFs Boosting Blogs

You want your blogs to tell a story. When talking about gifs, you want to look into ways in which they will add more information to your blog.

Using columns in blogs is not always workable but they can sometimes give you the response you are looking for. But there are some tactics involved in getting it properly done.

But a major way of making an impact is to use these animated images.

Facing Bad Internet Days

This is one of the major issues you need to consider. It impacts your blog posts because the GIFs that you have placed on them will be taking time to upload. This will put an even bad impression on your site as well. It will actually leave gaping holes in your site too. Your readers will get bored and also frustrated. So you don’t want that kind of impact from your site.


getting the best of GIFs

One thing we need to understand is that GIFs compliment blogs. But they are in no way a necessity. You use them to make your blog posts interesting. However they can be super useful. GIFs in blogs actually add to the storytelling. They make your blogs more interesting. And in this world where there is extremely high competition, it is very essential.

A major mistake you should avoid when creating blog posts is that you should not make your gif wider than what your actual blog page is. So these technical things should be considered as well.

Otherwise they will make your blog posts hard to manage. And this adds more issues rather than benefits to the way your blog posts are working. In this article I talked about all that you need to know about GIFs. And how using them in a creative and organized manner can help to increase the impact of y0ut blog posts.

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