Organic Traffic: Why it Differs from Direct Traffic

July 19, 2021
July 19, 2021 Mehr Jan

When you are looking into how to make your content more appealing, ways in which you are adapting SEO techniques and whether is reaching the target audience, the one major thing that requires your attention is looking into the traffic drive. Your SEO techniques are only as effective as your efforts. And when you have used all your key parameters, you need to make sure that the users are coming to your site and blog due to their complete interest. For a long time, this was not considered as a key factor in deciding the success of your site. However researchers have determined that getting organic traffic plays a crucial role in giving a major boost to your site.

Organic traffic basically relates to how you have these many people coming to your site and visiting on their free will. It differs from direct traffic as that is a term which explains how many visits are coming from people who will enter your company URL into the browser.

But we will talk about the dynamics of the same and how these two types differ in detail in this post.

So let’s begin:

A Look into Traffic Sources

defining ways of getting organic traffic more

Before anything else, you need to know how traffic is actually classified.  This is essential to know especially when you are talking about the traffic sources in hand. Did you know that now we have major analytics platforms which are able to utilize the algorithm and understand the kind of sources of traffic by making use of URL parameters. Following this format are examples like Google Analytics.

Now let’s look at those sources one by one :


This is basically relating to when the source for the visitor is not completely known. You will come to know how this is basically a very common kind but it does not help the digital marketers very much.


This relates to ways in which you adapt email marketing. It is definitely needed when it comes to getting details from the email platform. And we often need to set certain email parameters for the same.


This is what we will be discussing very much in detail. It is relating to how you can generate traffic from the search engine results which are purely intentional. These are completely earned and not paid.

Paid Searchd

This is what you get when you utilize the results from paid advertising and it comes from platforms like Google AdWords. This is the most popular platform but it can also be through any other search platform as well.

Social and Referral 

When we talk about the different sources, we are actually focusing on the sources platforms and how they can generate traffic. This includes referral which means you are getting a user into your site through a means which is not the major search engine. Social means you will be getting traffic that is generating through the social network platform. It includes names like Facebook, LinkedIn as well as Twitter and Instagram.

Now let’s talk about the two major ones in detail:

Direct Traffic: The Dynamics

As the name says, this is the visit which is coming without having any referring website. It is when you have a visitor coming and is following the pattern through following a link from one website to another. This will mean you don’t know the source or origin and this is what we call the referrer.

The kind of sites that fall into this category include search engines, social media as well as various websites and blogs.

This is basically relating to those visits which you do not get with the referring URL.

It is considered as a way of manually making into the URL of the website. It is definitely on the rise as marketers have determined that the traffic  is actually growing and it is also a bit complex to determine as to how many visits you are getting in this manner.

One way in which you can determine the results from this kind of site is by using the method de-indexing. It is a method which shows how much of your traffic is through direct means. And what is coming to your site from organic platform.

What Causes Direct Traffic?

Now let’s talk about what are the major reasons as to why you are getting direct traffic. This can be for a number of reasons and includes:

Internal Employees Visit 

This relates to the visits you are getting from the employees of the company themselves. In order for you to understand and make the visits are not from internal visits, you can make use of an IP filter which you can adapt from web analytics. This will allow you to visit and known what visits are from internal sources and what is coming to you from genuine outside visitors.

Emails from Clients 

It is not uncommon to get email clicks from your clients. And this is usually from the platforms like Outlook or Thunderbird even. This is also something which you can pass onto as coming from direct traffic and analyzing the time at which your email is sent.

Analyzing Mobile Traffic 

You should know as to how mobile traffic actually comes into the equation. As it turns out when we are moving most of our business on the mobile. It is also quite common that now we will make use of this device to get a boost to our direct traffic usage. However what researchers are coming to know is that there is also a major rise in the organic search traffic also.

Now let’s talk about the dynamics relating to organic traffic. And why is it important to understand:

Organic Traffic: the Dynamics

So this basically relates to the kind of traffic which you get on your sites which is completely natural from the search engines. In other words, it is not something you will get from paid advertising.

For e-marketers, understanding this is essential. It basically relates to the kind of traffic you will get when the traffic is coming solely from search engines. This traffic comes form how your ranking is on the search engine results.

If your website is getting a high ranking in the search engine results then this means you are bound to getting good organic results.

What marketers and digital campaign creators focus on is creating really strong marketing tactics and quality strategies which will aim to increase your goal of getting high search engine rankings which is going to drive the organic traffic more towards your site.

Another way to look at how this ranking works is by seeing the role of SEO in the same. It is essential that your SEO services are up to speed and bringing in the kind of results you wish to attain. And this is only possible when you are implementing the SEO tactics in the right way.

Organic traffic is the ultimate goal. This is a progressive situation. Which means, the more of its purpose and usage you adapt, the higher leads and better framework you can create.

So what is the major difference between these two. We will now look into the details of that:

Difference Between Direct & Organic Traffic

So when talking about the difference, one major thing you have to focus on is the ‘key intent’. This means how the information is going to come forth plays a role on the feedback you get.

For organic, this means that you are getting high traffic because you are effectively catering to the search engine. You are getting a good high ranking for certain terms and you are catering to the needs of your target audience.

With the direct traffic, it basically means you might be facing certain issues when it comes to getting a good ranking and you have to look into brand awareness issues too within the industry. It is essential that you identify both. See how they are catering to the sites and if there is any negative impact which we should address.

Only when you can understand the dynamics of both and use real-life examples for comparing, will you be able to analyze the situation well and create an impactful framework.


In this article, I highlighted and talked of ways in which we have to understand the dynamics of organic traffic. It is one of the most critical elements to consider. Not just for a marketer but also website owner.

You will not be able to attain your SEO goals without a proper and concrete understanding of how the traffic is coming in. While we aim to have traffic which is coming in naturally from search engine results, that is not always the case.

Due to fierce competition, adapting means of direct traffic is also common. But you can very well get great results when done in a proper manner. In this article we looked into the types of traffic sources. And specifically talked about how organic differs from direct.



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