Generic Anchor Text: Why to Avoid It

April 5, 2023 Mehr Jan

When you are looking at ways in which anchor text works, it is important to understand just how it works when it comes to SEO. But have you heard of generic anchor text?

It is important to know this kind of anchor text. And how it serves against your goal to getting a boost to your SEO optimization.

In simplest terms, an anchor text is what you consider as the clickable text that you get in your hyperlink.

And this is what will be connecting one page to another.

The basic feature of it is that this is visible.

And to make it even more convenient, it also comes with an underlined text.

So this can be of a specific color too like blue.

In this article I will be sharing how a generic anchor text works when you look at the way it allows the SEO of a website to work well and stand out.

Let’s begin:

Why Anchor Text Matters?

what is anchor text

This is basically relating to a kind of boost and nudge for search engines to know what a website is about.

An anchor text is a helping hand that will allow the content of a site to become more visible and understandable.

Which is why it is really important that it is making a significant point.

Not just that, the anchor text is also going to be linking the web pages on a site in a much better way.

You will have to see and understand just how this will be leading to getting a major driving nudge.

Make sure that the kind of anchor text you put out there is one which is making a poignant statement.

And this is probably why a generic anchor text will not work.

Let’s now look into the specifics of what is a generic anchor text and the dynamics of it.

What is Generic Anchor Text?

So now let’s look into how generic anchor text works against other kind of anchor texts you can bring on.

The generic kind is actually what we consider as being non-descriptive.

It is basically a clickable text. And because of its basic function, it comes with simple and basic phrases like ‘click here’, ‘learn more’, ‘read more’ etc.

And as you can see, it is basically making use of really simple and basic language.

There is nothing specific or interesting to it.

Which is why it is rather dull. And unfortunately that is how search engines will also be seeing it.

Because with your generic anchor text, there is no added content to how search engines and even users will now what this web page is about.

And that can serve as problematic when looking at attaining SEO goals.

Why Generic Anchor Text is Problematic?

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Right from the start I have mentioned that when you go for something basic when something more is needed, it will cause issues.

Your anchor text has to give complete information on what is the page about.

Not just that, but also how one page will be connecting and relating to others on the web site.

As generic anchor text is not going to give complete context to search engines, it will be become difficult for them to see the kind of relevance the pages are bringing to the page.

The fact is it also doesn’t allow the users to get the kind of understanding on what the content is about.

And when there is ambiguity, surely it leads to major concerns on whether the user would be clicking on the anchor text.

As when they are uncertain on the content, it will not hold much interest for them. So they will not be clicking on the link.

Does It Become Spammy?

identifying spammy content

Another important thing to know here is that when you have generic anchor text, it is also taken as being of low-quality.

The search engines have been evolving with every passing day.

Their algorithm is advanced, smart and will lead to you making the best of choices to attain some really effective content.

Having quality content is going to lead and allow you to make a significant difference.

Which is why when you are continuously making use of words like ‘see more’ or ‘click here’, the kind of vibe it gives is that its not authentic.

And this is where search engines feel that this may be leading to spammy content.

In certain cases, it will also lead to the website being blacklisted.

So it is important that you take on and make certain wise decisions. This is what leads to red alert.

And Google and other search engines will become definitely suspicious to this kind of spammy content and website.

Become Descriptive!

Which is why it becomes important that you make use of descriptive anchor text.

That is because it allows you to present and speak in greater detail on what is this particular page about.

Not only does it help in improving the search engine’s results.

But also the way in which it allows higher traffic to reach the site.

All of this comes together in several ways allowing you to understand and learn what is and how you will be able to attain that kind of progression.

Improving the page’s search engine results is what you need to focus on and consider.

And when there is good content, it will definitely be leading to the content getting a prime focus.

Not just that, there will also be a huge rush of traffic when you have anchor text which is very specific.

This is why it works in so many ways when you are aiming for some specific text to it.

Know how it will be leading to you getting a complete understanding of the way the anchor text stands out.

Only when you have this complete emphasis will it allow you to hold onto and understand the way the web pages are arranged.

So this is why you should make very limited use of generic anchor text. Only when you are bringing forth links which are relatable and provide complete information on how to use it.


understanding the parts of anchor text

Your anchor text is the clickable part of the link.

This is what is connecting your webpage to not just the search engines.

But also to the users.

Which is why it becomes essentially important that you are going to be using and bringing forth some really good descriptive text.

Generic anchor text will not get you anywhere.

What you need to focus on is creating some solid settings which allow you to bring forth a really good web page.

This will only happen when you have some effective ways of talking of text which is standing out.

When you have all these essential aspects coming together, the results are definitely helpful.

In this article I have shared all the leading ways in which you should be using anchor text. However we have specifically looked into and highlighted why generic anchor text is not always a good idea.

The SEO aspect of it is what matters here. You need to know why it is what decides how your web page and ultimately your website will stand out.


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