Gateway Page: A Guide

January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023 Mehr Jan

Looking at the many dynamics of SEO, you should know how Gateway page works.

It is basically what we can consider as a doorway page.

What does that mean?

It is actually a way for you to look at and see the kind of useful information you can make use of.

You can consider it as being a web page also which is going to rank for certain kinds of search queries.

But the thing here is that a gateway page is not going to provide any kind of useful information.

Neither does it work on answering any kind of queries that a user may be having.

This is why this page works only in limited ways.

What is the main purpose of it?

A major thing it does is redirecting the visitor and will be leading to a different page.

In this article I am going to be covering all that you need to know when it comes to how a gateway page works.

So let’s begin:

What is a Gateway Page?

In the simplest terms, this is basically a page which you design so as to grab the attention of leading search engines.

It allows potential users to be able to know what the website is actually consisting of.


This actually works in actually outlining all that is included in the web page.

There is also a kind of index of resources which you will be getting to know.

Why are we even talking of gateway pages?

Because these have always held a strong position when it comes to SEO principles.

One of the main reasons is how different websites actually make use of it and the kind of results they are able to attain with it.

But the problem is, scammers got a hold of it.

And with that, the way the gateway page’s impact was heavily impacted.

That means there is going to be a decrease in how it appears in search rankings.

Usually this happens because the search engines will be thinking of it as spam. And when that happens, it is read as spam. And will be delisted from the website.

The Significance of Gateway Page

It is important to know just how important gateway pages are.

In many ways it does play a really significant role.

You have to just think as to what this will be allowing you to do.

For one thing, it leads to you spending ample of time on the site.

And that means you will be visiting several pages more than you usually do.

You will see how that will be leading to you getting far more eyes looking onto the pages.

Also that will definitely mean that there is a surge in the way of metrics and it will be leading to an increase in search engines as well as advertisers.

Another important thing to know here is that there is a direct impact on the bounce rate.

It will be reducing it.


You will be basically having viewers who are scanning the page and being able to move onto the next page.

This leads to a great boost to the dwell time too. The visitors to your site will be accessing the information and utilizing it effectively.

How It Impacts SEO

So now that you have a good idea on how gateway pages work, it is important to see how the SEO factor is going to play in it.

You will see how doorway pages are actually going to work in giving solid rankings to certain keywords.

However when it comes to any other benefits you can get from it, those are far limited.

This is because it doesn’t really add any kind of value on how the website is going to be getting visitors.

While there is very limited information relating to how SEO works in connection with gateway pages.

Now let me share as to how you can understand and identify a gateway page.

There are some basic questions you should answer to know:

The first thing to know here is that the page’s intent should be well understood.

You have to see if it is optimizing the search engines and any funnel visitors.

Also you should be able to identify how it actually emphasizes the user experience in several ways.

Another element to know here us the way pages are going to rank for general terms. That is also important to know just how it is not going to focus on anything specific.

When of the ways to know here is that to identify how the pages may or may not be duplicate. That means the kind of information like locations and products.

The Alternative to Gateway Pages

It is important to identify just how this kind of technique actually goes against Google.

But there is good news.

You can make use of certain white-hat techniques which will be giving you some really good times.

One thing to make sure of is creating pages that will lead to a ranking of a large range of keywords.

That is definitely going to lead to you getting a really good ranking on some solid keywords.

The fact to know here is that when it comes to good web pages, you can actually rank for several keywords.

Another major tactic is that you should look into how to get a ranking for long-tail keywords.

You will be amazed by how having low competition in SERPs leads to you being able to rank in Google.

Long-tail keywords work in many ways. It will lead to you a strong ranking.

However one thing you should be avoiding is make use of JavaScript redirects. This is because of the coding, certain visitors to your website may consider it as being doubtful.

That means the gateway pages will be getting affected immensely in this way. The major underlying issue here is that search bots actually label them as being spam.

And when that happens, it will be leading to a negative SEO impact. However in certain cases, there will be redirects which you cannot deny.

It is essentially important to know and understand all these tools to know as to how you can use them in a strong manner.


When you consider and see how do gateway pages work, there are so many elements to know of.

It was a really popular tool which helps in giving your SEO a boost.

However with time, its algorithm and style has definitely progressed.

And there have been certain implications too.

You should be knowing all the dynamics as to how it works.

This allows you to make a clear and concrete analysis on how to make use of it.

When you are implying the features of the same, there will be some definite results that you can see and make use of.

In this article I have shared all that you should be knowing when it comes to making the most of gateway pages.

They will allow you to take ahold of and make use of this kind of tactic in the best way.

Having to know and understand just how you make use of gateway pages will allow you to adapt it in the best way.

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