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How to Run Facebook Ads

With many platforms to advertise your brand, you must be thinking if you should try Facebook Ads too? Well, Facebook Ads are one of the popular means to reach your target audience through social media.

Moreover, it is an easy way to reach your custom audience. Want to know how? In this article, we discuss Facebook Ads their use and procedure. Let’s find that below.


Facebook for Advertising

With the advent of social media, business owners have plenty of platforms to reach their audience.

However, your reach is limited with organic methods.

You may have to switch to paid advertising to reach a larger audience that can benefit your business.

It is especially beneficial for new business owners.

log in to facebook for advertising

You should get facebook ads because:

  • Users are active and engaged

One important aspect of advertising on socials is that your lookalike audiences are an active and engaged user in that platform.

There are about 2.7 billion people on Facebook. That is a lot of people!

Moreover, Facebook is connected with other platforms such as Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Hence, Facebook Advertisers will have access to Messenger and Instagram and they can carry out advertising and Facebook marketing across different platforms.

Therefore, you can eventually drive all that traffic to your website, business page or landing page.

  • Increasing brand exposure

If you own a business page on Facebook or Instagram you will initially start with your family and friends.

There is nothing wrong with that but with Facebook Ads, you can manage to reach a bigger audience.

Without ads you can connect with your community and audience through your social pages such as a Facebook page.

Though once you do implement it, your audience connects with you through your brand’s social pages with advanced Facebook usage.

This will drive a new audience and show your page to new followers.

  • Easier to target audience

In order to target your right audience, you should know their demographics, behaviors and their interests.

Facebook just makes it all easier.

When people share their details, their vacation spots, as well what they like on Facebook then it generates a user profile of the user.

You will not have to make a list of your user demographics and interests yourself instead you can target options and your ads and your products to the right target audience.

This in fact will increase your chances of reaching the perfect audience according to their likes, interaction and traits and not only reach them but also appeal your products to them.


Facebook Ads Types

Now that you know why you need Facebook Ads, let’s tap into the types of Facebook Ads you can show to your audience.

There is a huge list of ads that can appeal to the audience according to their liking.

If you are a new user, these options might confuse you. Hence read below to find the ideal type of Facebook ad campaign for your business.

types of ads


This type of Facebook Ad is great for beginners.

You don’t really have to do much either.

As the name suggests, it will be a still image but to make it even easier, Facebook simply allows you to boost existing content as an ad.

All you need to do is to boost a post and it will appear as an ad to other users on Facebook with your business’s image.

So, if you already actively post on Facebook, then it will give you an option to make that post an ad and show it to your target audience and not change any Facebook pixel.


woman playing video facebook ads

Video ads

One ad you must be familiar with other than a still image is video.

Users will find video ads in stories, their news feeds and also in between any other video they play on Facebook.

These do not need to be specifically any product but they can be anything, animations, gifs, or short videos that will capture the attention of the audience immediately.

The same rule applies here, either you can boost a video post on your profile to appear as an ad or you can make your video in Facebook Ads Manager.

Videos are a very efficient way to grab the user’s attention.

Moreover, they work much better than images in retaining in the audience’s memories.

Hence, making a short 15 seconds video ad or less could instantly attract a user that is looking for something similar to your product or service.

Moreover, you can easily display the same video on Instagram and Messenger attracting a newer audience from there.

After all, Messenger reaches about 1.3 billion people.


Collection ads are a great way to get your audience to interact with your products on mobile.

Instead of one, this ad shows about 5 clickable images or videos.

This can help people buy your product or service directly from the ad without exiting Facebook.

It is usually laid out in a format of one product video followed by 4 to 5 images of products below it.

It is easier to reach the audience and get them to buy your product while it is also easy for the users to buy while they are using their socials.


Dynamic ads are a way to approach the audience that already engages with your products.

These are people who already show interest in your products.

One way to know it is that a customer might want to buy your product but leave it in the cart instead of purchasing it.

Then this type of Facebook Ads can show just that to your audience.

So when they will see the ad for the same product, they will remember to buy it and it could lead to sales.

However, this approach is not limited to products.

You can also adjust the language so that your ad shows in the local language if you own an international business.


carousel advertising


Unlike a collection ad that shows 5 images or videos, a carousel ad can display 10 product images and videos.

This can help highlight different products and product images and videos while giving you more video views.

Though, you can also show a single product in different ways.

You can combine all the space to make a panorama image.

Though what makes it unique is that all of these images or videos in this space will have their own links.

You will find a “Shop Now” button beneath every image which will take you to the E-commerce website of the product.

Now that you do know the different types of Facebook Ads, you can decide which ones you want for your products.

But how do you set up these ads? Keep reading to find out.



Setting Up Facebook Ads

In order to start your advertising on Facebook, you will first have to set.

If you are a new business owner, you can take help to set your Facebook Ads.

Find out below what steps you should take to advertise your business on Facebook.

set facebook ads

Set Up a Facebook Business Manager Account

This is the first step to regulate your Facebook ads.

This whole process can become overwhelming but Facebook Business Manager ensures that everything is streamlined.

It has your ads, tools and business pages.

You can have an overview of all the campaigns you run on your socials.

Connect the account to your business page to have an idea about your spending on ads, your reach and your visibility.

It is also your advertising hub to find out everything about your business on Facebook.

Moreover, unless you already have ads, you can also create your own ad in the Ad Manager.

However, before creating a new ad you should be well aware of your advertising object.



The Objective of Campaign and Ads

In order to begin your ad you should be clear about your objective that why are you placing this ad in the first place.

Facebook Ad Manager makes it easy by giving you 11 objectives to choose from.

  • Do you want to increase your brand awareness and want new people to know about your brand or you want to increase the reach of your audience and want this ad to go to your audience?
  • Is your intention to drive engagement to your page, website and generate more followers, or is it to drive more traffic to your website and socials?
  • Do you want them to watch your content, encourage lead generation, install your app, or to contact your business through messages?
  • Do you want your ad to lead to conversion so that they buy from and show them ads that they will buy from or do you want them to go to your nearby stores and get the product or service?

You need to keep all of this in mind while you make your ad and choose the right objective.

Next, you would want to name your campaign and decide how much money you will spending on your ads.

Once, all of this is set, you can move on to your target audience.

different campaign objectives

Your Target Audience

You can choose your audience by adding the location, age, location and gender you are targeting.

When you set your audience’s location you will also get an idea about the audience size that can inform about the reach of the ad.

You can also try detailed targeting to include and exclude people according to your desired audience expectations.

You can get specific and think about their demographics and interests.

However, first, the tool will show you an audience that already has interaction with your business.

Though you can also get specific here and choose to exclude people who already have interactions with your business page.

This will help you reach a newer audience and drive them to conversions.


Ad Placement and Creation

With several devices, it is extremely valuable to businesses to make an ad for each device that fits the particular device’s UX the best.

Though, this is not what we are talking about here.

The ad placement shows where your ad will display for the customer.

You may choose to have automatic placements which will display your ad wherever they reach the best results.

However, you can also be specific and wish to include your ad in specific devices and formats.

You can choose to put them on the news feed, stories, in between articles and within the video streams.

Finally, when you have are clear about ad placement and have established brand safety and controls, it is time to create an ad.

You can decide your type of ad and add text to it.

Your campaign objective can allot the type of ad that best suits your goals.

Though you do need to keep in mind the specs for the ads.

Each type of ad has different specs but may contain a headline, a link description, body text and your campaign objectives.

Choose wisely according to what fits your budget and complements your goals.


Here you have your Facebook Ad.

Once you set up paid advertising, you will see a positive difference in your conversions.

Not only do they help reach a wider audience but they also lead sales.

Facebook Ads are a good way to give your new business that much-needed kickstart so that everything else goes smoothly.

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