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How to Get Email Newsletter Signups on Landing Page?

Email Newsletter Signups and Email marketing is still an effective way to bring traffic to your site. It can drive subscribers and increase engagement.

Most newsletter signups are present right on the landing page. However, some can miss the point and fail to land a subscription.

If you want to get people to sign up for your newsletter, this article is for you. Learn about how to structure your sign-up landing page to get subscribers.


Why Should You Create An Email Newsletter Landing Page?

Email engagement is increasing steadily hence, more subscribers can result in more conversions.

A Landing Page asking for an email newsletter signup should have a hook to bring subscribers.

It is the gateway for what they need from you. Giving them an incentive shows your subscribers and audience what they can get from you.

creating email newsletter

Bringing Value to the Audience

Through your emails, you can bring value to your audience with new content and updates.

Having a personal connection with the business helps the audience to relate to the brand.

You can make an Email Marketing strategy whereby implementing it through updates or relatable discussions on niche topics can help your audience.

For example, you can tell them about a new mindset strategy that will help them move forward in life.

Or you can share personal experiences of how you succeeded at work and they can draw inspiration from it.

Hence, you can increase trust in your audience.

Alongside it is steadily growing your list of subscribers and adding up to brand awareness.

Moreover, by placing a newsletter sign-up on the landing page you are giving your audience the chance to communicate with you on a regular schedule.

Therefore, leading to more engagement and conversions.

email newsletter subscribers

Social Media Followers are Now Subscribers

In the world of social media, using email seems like an activity of bygone days.

However, that isn’t true as social media content reaches a very small audience compared to email.

Newsletters delivered directly to your audience.

Whereas only 2 to 3 percent of the audience and followers can see your social media posts without pay-per-click or social media advertising.

Hence, it not only is hard to reach your audience but also to communicate with them.

On the other hand, email is a rather direct way of communication with your audience.

Your subscribers also tend to convert more than social media followers.

Moreover, you do need to worry about algorithms hiding your content.

If social media followers become subscribers then they are 15 times more worthwhile.

Hence, when a landing page contains a subscription offer, your social media followers can click on your webpage, reach there and subscribe immediately.

This is after you launch your brand and social media.

However, you can also start sending emails before you are launching your small businesses.

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Sending Emails Beforehand for Awareness

Don’t have a website yet? There’s nothing to worry about!

You can still make a subscribers list and start sending emails even if your landing page says “Launching Soon”.

Sending them emails prepares them for your launch.

This is something they can look forward to. and creates anticipation in your audience.

Not only will they be excited about the launch but communication with your audience through emails builds trust.

Hence, having engaged subscribers leads to buzz around your brand.

When your launch day is near, you will find out that the word has spread.

Your subscribers that trust you may have already contributed to your brand’s sales by word of mouth.

Hence, it leads to your brand’s reach and conversions.

Therefore, start sending emails when you have a launch date in mind.

If they don’t interact at least it will make a few subscribers curious about your brand and might check it out on the launch day.

Now that you know why newsletter signups should be on your landing page, let’s find out about the elements that should be on the landing page that will lead to signups.


Elements of Email Newsletter on Landing Page

Either all of your landing pages can have a newsletter signup pop-up or a specific part.

The layout, copy, headline, call to action, incentive and images matter in getting your audience’s attention.

Read below about these page elements that will make your audience subscribe to your newsletter.

page elements

Page Elements: Layout and Images for Email Newsletter Signups

A landing page can contain several important elements such as a description of your brand.

But it can also entirely have newsletter signup imagery.

If your landing page contains other elements as well, make sure that the visitor soon sees your signup space.

It should be at a place where your audience can find it even if they are only skimming through your page.

Their eyes should direct towards it.

Following a visual hierarchy can direct the audience’s eyes to the important parts which are in the correct placement, using the right colors and contrast.

Once you place the signup, carry out the squint test to check if you can see the newsletter signup when you squint your eyes.

Does it stand out? If not, you need to change its place.

You can also choose to go for a pop-up sticky bar.

It stays in a place even if you scroll down.

Hence, it definitely catches your audience’s eyes and stays in the visual hierarchy.

Signups placement right at the top will also help your audience in noticing it immediately leading to more subscribers.

Another important factor is the imagery.

You can use graphics, illustrations, stock images or a video in the background of the signup placement.

Though what you choose should describe your brand and what you offer in an image.

Hence, the background image should convey your brand’s story.

Tip: Using a faded or blur background image helps to draw attention to your newsletter signup placement.

Furthermore, it leaves a memorable impression of your brand on your audience.

They may remember you through your brand story that you conveyed using the background image.

So you have the right placement, now it is time to figure out what to write at that place.

email newsletter heading and copy

Writing an Engaging Copy

Your copy should be concise and straight to the point.

First, you need a headline that is short but impactful.

Use action and power words that convince your audience to signup.

Something as simple as “Join Our Newsletter” works (whereby you replace our with your company’s name, use it as an email newsletter template).

Or you can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) by telling how many others have joined and so should the reader.

You can also give your subscribers or your newsletter a distinct name that makes it stand out from the typical words. and include it in your subject line.

However, make sure that your audience understands that this refers to the newsletter.

You can do that by describing what they get by signing up in the copy.

Your copy should also be short but entailing everything you offer, the benefits of signing up and not the features.

Hence, it should two detailed sentences will be more than enough.

Don’t forget to mention:

  • When will they receive the newsletter (weekly, monthly, etc)
  • What the audiences gain when they signup
  • What niches and topics do you cover
  • Your Mission Statement about what you do

Hence, giving details about all of this does not leave any confusion in your audience.

If it interests them then they will soon signup.

But before that, you need a Call to Action for them to take that step.


Putting a Call to Action Statement or Button

Your CTA is the last step that convinces your audience to take action and signup.

Hence, the Call to Action should have an actionable text.

As well as it the text color or button color should be contrasting so that it stands out.

Its placement also matters which catches the audience’s eyes immediately.

Do not use full sentences but strong phrases.

“Join the newsletter” can be more impactful than “Sign Up” or “Subscribe”.

However, people usually use Subscribe or simpler CTA’s.

You can write other interesting statements such as “Yes, I’m in”, “Sign Me Up” and more.

Though, it is better to write a CTA that conveys the benefits your audience will receive by signing up.

For instance, stating “Get the Updates” will give an impression of what your audience can receive.

Hence stating a benefit that they can get.

In fact, you can also give an incentive when they sign up.


Giving an Incentive or Freebie

An indirect way to get email newsletter subscribers is by giving an incentive.

Who doesn’t love freebies?

Especially if it is a thing you can get by paying otherwise and something that interests your audience.

Hence if you give downloadable images, templates, e-books and more for free on their mobile devices then you can ask for their email address to give it.

This is a lead magnet.

It should be something valuable and relating to your newsletter content.

This way you can build trust as they will consider your paid services and products highly valuable.

Moreover, they are likely to read the newsletter content when it is similar to what you gave for free i.e. the lead magnet.

Hence, it should match their interests in order to lead to conversions.


These are the essential elements of an Email Newsletter Signup Page.

As long as you place it strategically, use concise words, fill in the contrasting colors and give an incentive, this signup placement can lead to many subscribers and conversions.

Plus having it right on the landing page helps to instantly gauge your audience.

If you have been neglecting increasing your mailing list, now is the time to make a signup placement on your landing page.

Build an email list, choose a newsletter design, the types of emails you want to send, select the blog posts you want to link to, create a newsletter and launch email campaigns.

You do not need to know about the open rates of newsletter services when you can make your own, using this article!

Once, you have the right elements, you are good to go.

Gain more subscribers for more sales and conversions!

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