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9 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the practice of communicating with clients and potential customers through email.

You may have come across emails from businesses that you simply ignore, delete or consider them spam.

Behind those emails are businesses trying hard to reach you as an audience but are failing at it.

If this is happening to your emails, It is high time to reconsider your email strategy.

This article will discuss why you need email marketing and how it will help boost your business.


Why is Email Marketing important?

Amateurs may be unaware of the fact that industry insiders pay a lot of value to Email Marketing.

You may ask, it is highly ignored so why is that so?

The answer is simple. Email marketing has a pretty high ROI.

The average ROI for email marketing is 38:1.

Moreover, an email subscriber is worth $37.66.

So, you can see that email marketing is quite profitable for brands and businesses.

email marketing

That is why most marketers still consider it very important besides having other means.And why are those means not that effective?

We are talking about the likes of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok here.

Through Email Marketing, you have a direct link with your consumer. A one to one unobstructed link. That means the engagement will be pretty high.

People do not want to see ads that often on social media but they do expect marketing emails to come their way. They are used to receiving them so they are not exactly bothered by them as much.

It is also surprising that email converts well.

There are 40 times more chances of converting browsers into buyers from email than with Facebook and Twitter ads combined.

Almost a third of the people subscribed to email newsletters end up making a purchase.

Therefore, it is no brainer that email marketing works and there are reasons behind it being not abandoned despite having more communication channels now.


9 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Now that you know why email marketing is important, let’s head to how it can be done.

We thoroughly discuss 9 tips that can boost your Email marketing ROI and generate more profit and sales from your website.

email marketing strategies

1. Have a Proper Goal

Any strategy without a goal is incomplete. You should have a clear idea of the results you want to get through Email Marketing.

Who do you want to target? What content do you need to include and how will you measure its success?

Have an outlook on what you want your email audience to do so that you can cater your strategy likewise.

Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve. You can move forward to building your email list.


email marketing list

2. Building Your Email List

Building your subscribers through email is always a work in progress.

You can not stop once you have a number instead you should always look at ways to keep increasing it.

Email subscription forms should be right on your homepage. They can also appear as a pop-up.

Beware, these can sometimes get irritating and the reader might simply just cancel it.

While it should be visible, it should also not annoy the reader by blocking their page view.

But the question arises, how do you convince the reader to subscribe?

A simple method is providing your potential subscribers a valuable incentive.

It is hard to gain subscribers without giving them an overview of what’s in there for them.

They need to be sure that joining the email list will be beneficial for them.

If you are a content site, then you can send them links and excerpts of your best articles so that they can click and land on your website.

Indicating that this is the valuable content they will need in their life.

You should have to already know your target audience’s interest beforehand to effectively grab their attention with your copy.

If you run an e-commerce website then you can entice them by either offering a discount during a purchase or removing their shipping fee.

If this pops up at the time of checking out, they are more likely to subscribe immediately and join the email list. This is a very valuable monetary benefit.

While it may not be that profitable in the beginning, these email subscribers are more likely to return to your site for purchase.



3. Select a Relevant Campaign

You must have mostly heard of email newsletters but email marketing is not limited to that.


Newsletters are one of the most widely used campaigns.

They are usually targeted towards an existing customer base and focuses on a particular niche that your customers are interested in.

Sending your email list a newsletter based on a particular theme will allow them to recognize you immediately and distinctively.

Marketing Offer Emails

These are made to encourage subscribers to drive sales.

They will either contain a product description of your new stock to aware your subscribers about that. Or it may contain an offer, like a discount or news about a sale.

Ending it nicely with an appropriate call to action can lead to sales. You need your subscribers to act now in this kind of email.


announcement email

Announcement Emails

These emails are sent to only aware your subscribers of the new offerings you have.

If you have stocked up new products, you can send them to your audience to aware them.

The purpose is not to drive sales but you can include a call to action because if they are intrigued, they may even end up purchasing.

And then you can send them a transactional email after their purchase as well.

Event Invites

Event invites are sent by companies who wish to maintain a loyal relationship with their subscribers.

Inviting them to your product launch or celebration will give them a feeling of inclusiveness and form your strong positive image.

The type of emails depends on your strategy and goals.

If you wish to lead sales through emails, then marketing offers and announcements are your best bet.

However, if you hope to just keep in contact with your email subscribers, then a newsletter can keep you connected.


understand audience

4. Understand Your Audience

Social analytics, purchases and interactions help to know your audience.

Only when you understand your audience well, you can make an effective email copy catered to them.

Use these demographics to make their buyer personas and write each email thinking of them as one person rather than a list.

This boosts engagement and makes them read through your content as it is relatable.

5. Writing a Persuasive Subject Line and Preview Text

We not only want to send the email to a list of subscribers but also want them to open it.

Hence, a subject line and preview text decide if the subscriber will open the email or not.

Your subject line should be unique and should directly persuade the subscriber to open the email.

Your preview text should not be an ad. They will most likely consider it spam.

Since it is the first line of your email, it should be directly related to your audience to grab their attention.

Writing it in first person will make the subscribers feel that they are communicating with a person rather than a bot sending automated emails.


choice of words

6. Words Matter

Well writing any copy requires words but more so appropriate words.

To develop a comfortable bond with your reader, you should write in the first person.

A more personalized email will not feel automated or like a conversation with a bot.

Once you have a buyer persona, you can use the demographics to even make different emails to different subscribers.

While this is more work, the subscribers will develop more trust in your brand.

The best writing lets the reader feel what is written.

The use of sensory words can help the readers imagine your write-up and build a connection with you.

Maybe your impressive writing will be the key for them staying connected with your website.

You also need your reader’s attention.

Therefore use power words in your Call to Action and subject line for them to take the desired action.

While there are good wording techniques, there are also bad.

You should not write in ALL CAPS. All caps seem like shouting. It should be avoided unless you want to emphasize a short phrase.

Do not give any false hope to your readers.

If they don’t find it in your website, chances are they will never visit it again. Especially avoid any sleazy words or remarks.

You will look inappropriate and simply disrespectful.


email marketing psychology

7. Psychology of Email Marketing

Humans behave predictably and some techniques always work on all of us.

Tapping into psychology, we can create effective email copy that results in desirable action.

Fear of Missing out generates a sense of urgency among people.

If your product is available for limited hours, your readers might immediately take action.

People do not want to miss an opportunity.

The same applies to bandwagon. If you highlight how everyone else is doing it then people don’t hesitate in jumping on the bandwagon and the fear of being left behind takes control.

Colors play a vital part in associating feelings.

Yellow, for instance, is considered lively and youthful that is why most young adult brands use that.

So even in your emails, you can use colors that elicit the reaction you want.

Especially your call to action button can be of a color that is more likely to be clicked.

If you use pictures of real faces, then you will notice that the reader reciprocates the feelings on the face.

So if you want your reader to be excited about your new products, get a bright happy face picture and it will most likely direct the attention of the reader to the call to action.


short emails

8. Crisp and Concise Emails

We have read how using colors can make your reader do a certain action. Well, there are further factors you need to know before writing your email context.

Use short paragraphs rather than long ones.

Your email should not be the article itself but a small excerpt from it.

Use relevant keywords and appropriate headings to keep the reader engaged.

Use bullet points that are easy to skim but still gather the context.

Moreover, don’t use images that often. They fill up a lot of space and your newsletters should not be long.

9. Make Unsubscribing Easy

You will be surprised to see this heading here but it should be easy for your reader to unsubscribe from your emails.

If you reader can not unsubscribe, they will most likely flag the emails as spam.

This creates more problems for your brand. Therefore, it is better to make unsubscription accessible.

However, it can also provide some valuable feedback.

While unsubscribing, you can ask the reader why they wish to stop receiving your emails.

This can help in finding out any issues in your copy or your frequency of email marketing.

Moreover, you may also be able to figure out if they are your target audience to begin with or not.

Or if more work is needed to cater to that demographic.


send email


These email marketing tips can help you drive sales and gather a loyal customer base.

You need the correct marketing tools and marketing channels to bring your audience to your online store and generate returns on investment.

Through the correct email marketing campaigns, email designs and marketing automation, you can make your audience buy from your site right from their mobile devices.

Therefore, do not skip on this highly effective marketing tactic.

You never know it may start your earning spree.



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