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Discord Bots for Digital Marketing

You might have heard the uses of discord bots if you are already using discords. These discord bots are AI-powered bots that allow you to perform a wide range of actions.
These actions include welcoming new users, paraphrasing influencer content, moderating content, and banning rule breakers.This is a detailed guide on Discord Bots, How to use them, and 10 useful doctor bots you can use.
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Discord Bots

While discord bots are growing dramatically since 2015, and it is primarily used in gaming communities, however, digital marketers are using it and finding ways to make it work in the digital marketing world.

This is a new and entertaining way to engage with your online community and discord bots are the way to go.

discord bots

Discord bots today are one of the most beneficial features of the communication platform.

They are AIs the many marketers and business owners are using to perform a number of automated tasks on their servers.

Thus, building a community on discord is a great way to provide your uses a feeling of exclusiveness and if you already have an audience, then this will benefit you greatly.

While using discord bots, you will be able to offer different tips, record videos, hot live videos, and teach people everything you know in a safe and secure environment.

As people or your users become of the view that they are learning something, no one else is teaching, then they refer and share it with others and thus, pay more for the information you are providing.

Moreover, these bots create an engaging community and you can use them for a number of things.

The bot list and its uses are as follows:

  • Welcome new members to the server
  • Moderate communications between different members
  • Use them to add memes, games music
  • Even ban members who refuse to obey rules
  • Music bots

Thus, you can use them to make your server more entertaining and enjoyable by using a music bot or generation memes among others.

uses of discord bots

Knowing the best discord is the key as some can enhance your server and provide a better community, while the wrong ones can make people go away and create a poor environment.

Adding a Discord Bot on your Server

After choosing the best discord bot for your server, you can then add it.

All you will need to do is to select the bot for your digital marketing campaign and then search it on Google.

After reaching the landing page of the respective bot you have chosen, click on the add button and then select your server, or admin.

Discord bot will take time to add to your server, however, once it is done, you can use it smoothly.

It is important to remember, that you can only do this to servers where you have admin or moderator access using global currency.

When to want to remove the Bot, then move to the admin server list.
From there, you will get a list of added bots and by selecting the one you want to remove, you can do so by further clicking on the Ban Button.

Now, let’s move to the best Discord Bots you can use for your server.


10 Useful Discord Bots

When using Discord Bots, the key to a successful marketing campaign is to use the ones that create a highly engaging as well as entertaining community. In this part of the guide, we’ll be looking at the 10 useful bots you can use.

useful discord bots


MEE6 is one of the most comprehensive Bots you can use.

You can create custom commands for your server to automatically provide users with certain roles and send messages in the main channel or through DMs based on specific actions.


Moreover, you can set up welcoming messages and automating roles.

With a few simple commands, you can welcome new members and users to your server, assign them a role and explain the rules of the server without doing anything manually.

One of the best features of this bot is that it has a number of customizations you can apply to your Bots command.

Thus, you can automatically kick some if they do not follow the rules, like promoting ads, unwanted links, or spam.

This can create a well-organized community where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Dank Memer

If you think that memes are not important for marketing then you may be surprised to find that they are a very powerful marketing tool.

Thus, it can help you to create a better community.

Memes are a great way to increase user engagement because everyone loves humor and the point of discord is to create a community where everyone can enjoy and have fun.

dank memer

These memes are simple but effective to create such an environment.

Dank Memer is a great discord bot because of the number of commands you can use.

These commands range from simple pictures of animals to actual games to play blackjack against AI using coins users can buy with actual currency.

Moreover, if your aim is to create a community where users like to relax, and enjoy themselves, then Dank Memer is a great choice for your server.

Community Hubs Beta

The aim of Community Hub’s discord bot is to enhance the way you communicate with each other and your users across many different servers and platforms.

It connects a discord channel with a hub room where there are other channels available so that you can share information between two spaces.

Moreover, if you have a different audience across multiple genres, then this can be a powerful way to bring two communities together.

community hub beta

For instance, let’s assume that your server’s main focus is on SEO and another is on influencer marketing.

Thus, if you want to do a live stream where the topic is useful for both the communities then you can bring them both together using Hubs to watch the live stream together and benefit from the info.

This Hubs bot allows the two channels to communicate with each other as well.

Not only this Bot provides you instant and upfront benefits, however, but there are also benefits for back-ends as well.

For instance, some of your users can decide to join both of the communities.


If you want to set automatic welcome messages every time a new user joins the server, then ProBot is the one.

Moreover, these greetings showcase your personality on your server.
Thus, with the automod system, you can detect bad behavior in an instant and warn the person not to do it again or you can kick them out automatically, when necessary.

For instance, if a user is posting something obscene, and you do not want to give them a second chance, then PorBot can kick them out and keep the group on the topic.


Moreover, this bot allows you to set unique commands with different tiers to determine which actions need an immediate kick and result in a stern message.

An important thing to consider is that in the best bots is their uptime.
ProBot has almost 99.99% uptimes, thus you can never have to worry about the bot going down and your server running amuck.


Communication is the key to a successful community and finding new and humorous ways to communicate with your members will set your server apart from the competition.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that other people are also competing to get the same users into their channel as you are.

Thus, you will have to find different and unique ways to draw the attention of the users to your server.


Voicy allows you to search through a library of more than 50,00 humorous sound clips from their network.

Moreover, they are constantly upgrading their platform with new sound effects so you and your members can use different commands to use and create a more enjoyable experience.

Thus, creating an entertaining environment where people would want to stick around.


This is a unique Bot that allows you to paraphrase something, someone else said.

Using certain commands, the bot will automatically take care of the written test and rewrite it for you. One of the biggest advantages of using this is content marketing and writing.

For instance, if you are interviewing someone who is an expert on a subject matter, and they provide you with an answer using text from an article they wrote or a feature they had somewhere.

You cannot use those words directly on your server, thus, Quillbot will paraphrase what the other person said so that you can use it in your article.

Moreover, if you are using this bot for fun, then there are more relaxed and easy ways you can use this bot to play around.

For instance, you can use the word flip modifier and it can change the sentence using a number of synonyms as possible.


Musibeth allows you to directly play YouTube content directly on the discord and this has a number of benefits.

Number one is that you can use and share videos with the members on your server to provide context or additional info on something you want them to learn and know.

You can also set up automatic commands that provide videos for most asked questions so that you can spend time building more community and less time answering the same questions again and again.


Moreover, if you have your own YouTube channel, you can use the Musibeth Discord bot to spread your channel around and thus get more views while also informing your members on what they want to know.

However, be very careful not to spam your channel with videos or content your users are not interested in.

Another use for this bot is to play music. This bot allows you to do that as well and playing music on your server is a great way to relate to your users and create a comfortable and relaxing environment.


Spixx allows you to use different commands for memes, music, and games and all in the name of creating an enjoyable environment.

Moreover, you can create a niche community where people feel welcome.

By using Discord bot games, you are moreover, indirectly marketing yourself to the audience without realizing it.

The moment you create a community and engage with them is marketing.


Moreover, it is a simple form of marketing and it is effortless when everyone on your server is having a good time.

Spixx also helps you to do the above and it is important to make sure that you monitor how people are using it.

This is because some of the memes and commands are a little obscure. Thus, you need to be careful.


If you love your community, then what is the better way to show them your love?
It is Giveaways.

GiveawayBot helps you or the host to giveaway simple commands that allow you to start, pick a winner and end a giveaway without requiring any manual work.


What makes it important for digital marketing is that they are always trying to find new ways to engage with their followers and give away stuff is a great way to grab attention.

Other Bots

If you are hosting fun and entertaining contests, then you are going to organically grow your following as people are going to share the discord server.

While this bot does not fall under the category, however, you can always search for additional bots that can fit your marketing needs.

However, be very careful while searching for them.

You can find a number of bots online, thus make sure to review them carefully before using them for your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Discord Bots are unique and powerful digital marketing strategies that everyone can benefit from. Thus, as marketers, everyone must stay on the new and cutting edge of new trends and focus on upcoming platforms.

We at Markfiniti aims at providing the best digital marketing services and create a platform that best suits your marketing campaign.

With growing changes in the gaming and technology community, if you are in these niches, then you are likely going to reap the benefits of using Discord Bots.
Thus, we at Markfinti have a number of resources to help you locate, install and implement marketing strategies. You can contact us for more details.

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