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CRO Strategy: How Does it Work?

A CRO strategy is designed such that it helps convert more of your visitors into paying customers. While each CRO strategy will vary company by company, the general steps will not.

Primarily, you have to identify key metrics and your target audience. Next, you must collect user feedback and other data to help you decide what to test.


What is CRO?

We all want to drive more traffic to our website and landing pages. But what if they come on your page and go away?

It is where CRO or conversion rate optimization comes into play. Note that CRO will amplify the effectiveness of your site traffic, thus significantly lowering your CPA.

CRO strategy 1

It is where CRO or conversion rate optimization comes into play. Note that CRO will amplify the effectiveness of your site traffic, thus significantly lowering your CPA.
In simple terms, CRO is vital for anyone using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even a PPC platform. CRO is crucial to your business’ success.

What exactly is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the art and science of increasing the percentage of website visitors. After which, your website visitors will take some desired action.
These desired actions may be any number of things like:

Phone call
Direct purchase
Email signup
Form submission
Clicking a button

There are often multiple desired actions on a website with different priority levels.

CRO strategy 11
In most cases, the top goal of CRO experts is to increase total website sales. They generally achieve this by improving the customer journey. Thus making it easier for visitors to understand the offer. After which, any visitor will take specific actions on each step in that journey. In the end, they will become paying customers.


CRO Strategy Why Necessary

How to make your brand or business more appealing to your customers? It is where conversion rate optimization comes into the picture.

CRO is a tactic marketers adopt to improve a visitor’s overall website experience. Thus encouraging them to take a more desirable action like buy a product or fill a form. It is done to achieve a business goal.

CRO strategy 2

CRO strategy is a must from an SEO perspective. In contrast, CRO is an excellent practice for all types of incoming traffic. It is especially beneficial to make the most of your existing traffic.

Remember that CRO practices are not limited to page elements such as buttons or banners. Every CRO strategy increases the chances of a website visitor. Thus compelling visitors to stay on your website. If coupled with CRO software, marketers can turn visitors into customers.


Data an Integral Part of CRO Strategy

The use of data within conversion rate optimization plans is crucial. CRO strategy should also take a close look at the data. It is effortless to misinterpret data leading to basing decisions upon the wrong info gathered.

Therefore, accurately interpreting your data is vital to any CRO strategy. It helps in making accurate immediate, and long-term decisions.

CRO strategy 3

Today we live in a world where big data is king. Everything we do online leaves a digital footprint. Therefore, businesses must analyze that footprint to see if any information can help them improve their digital strategies.

As digital experts, you should spend much time focusing on your CRO strategies. You must know what works well on a website and identify any areas for improvement. Only then will you be able to increase conversion rates?

Sometimes, you might have noticed minor adjustments, such as adding in new imagery. At times it can also increase the size of your call to action.

It is clear that the better your CRO strategy, the higher your conversion rates. Therefore, the better your chances are of increasing revenue and, at the same time achieving sustained business growth. Your ultimate goal is to improve your SEO which can lead to higher conversions.

CRO strategy 12

Data interpretation is important

You would also agree that interpreting data is crucial to CRO strategy. Remember that data-driven decision-making is essential. But at the same time, it is equally important to remember why you should use data in the first place.

As you have seen businesses become overwhelmed by the amount of data available with them. They, at times, may struggle to interpret it correctly. They may sometimes become fixated on a specific issue that might take time to resolve.

Experts believe you should use data to justify and enhance your decision-making criteria, particularly regarding conversion rate optimization. Remember that you should be using your data to make confident decisions. Such an action will help you quickly adapt your business to align it with the current trends.


CRO Strategy Key Elements

Note that CRO is not a one size fits all solution. But certain elements significantly impact performance. Understanding these elements and how they affect performance will help you make a more helpful strategy. It will also help you know each stage of the CRO process.

There are several key elements you should take note of.

CRO strategy 4

Here are the key elements that you can optimize.

1 Site Navigation

Navigation is critical to any website. However, the optimization process might differ significantly depending on your traffic source and conversion goal.

You would have noticed that organic traffic to your home page might be bouncing because it is sometimes too difficult to find what they want. Whether your website is to book an appointment, buy a product, or learn more about your services – it is your job to make the website easy to navigate and understand.

2 CTA (Call to Action)

The call to action asks customers to take action and hence should be concise. Typically CTA text appears on buttons or just above a form.

Your website can have many different CTAs since you may need to suit many different customer needs. But your landing pages should be focused around a single goal and have only one CTA.

3 Copy

You may have heard that crafting a high-quality website or landing page copy requires a lot of skill. There is a lot of hype around writing persuasive copy. But in reality, the most important element of copywriting is clarity.

Meaning if you have a good product or service, you do not need to convince or manipulate people. You only need to communicate what your product or service does clearly. And how it fits their requirements. Generally, you will have three different types of copy: headlines, subheadlines, and body content.

4 Forms

If you are working in the lead generation space, then forms are where the rubber meets the road. Note that optimizing your structures can greatly improve conversion rates. Optimized forms can not only increase lead volume, but it can also enhance the quality of lead.

5 Page Speed

Page speed certainly plays a role in functionality. Your website’s loading time can have a massive impact on conversion rates. A study by Walmart found that – every 1-sec improvement in load time can increase your conversions by 2 percent. So if your website is not loading at the speed of light, then make it a priority to fix that first.


How CRO Strategy Works

CRO strategy works mainly on this principle – addition and subtraction where necessary.

This means a CRO strategy might require adding elements like a CTA button or a good content piece. On the other hand, it could also mention things that should be removed from your web page.

CRO strategy 5

After an initial plan, you can start building your CRO plan. CRO plans can indeed differ from organization to organization, but they all have some steps in common.

Anything that is not contributing to a conversion goal should not have any place on your site. Removing elements that could hinder a visitor’s experience increases the probability of conversion and improves your website’s user experience.

Before embarking on your CRO exercise, you should ask yourself some questions. It will help you figure out your goals and support a CRO strategy.

What kind of results are you looking to achieve?

Goals are just thoughts without any tangible results. Setting competitive but realistic targets that you can achieve with the right CRO strategy is crucial.

Who are your customers?

Personalization is the key in the case of CRO. Knowing what type of customers you want is more important than just hitting blindly. Understanding your existing customers and observing their traits will help you build a working CRO plan.

How does your current webpage perform when compared to others?

You very well know that improving your webpage is an ongoing process. Putting a fresh pair of eyes on your current site can help. You will be surprised how many areas could be improved. You can discover the missing points when evaluating your competitors’ websites.


Remember that CRO has the potential to help you improve your customers’ overall product experience. It can also help drive revenue growth for your organization.

If you approach CRO holistically and stay focused, then there is no issue. All you need to do is to understand and address your customers’ needs. Hence the right CRO strategy is a great way to improve conversions, customer value, and user satisfaction.

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