July 19, 2021 Azka Munir

How to Boost Your Creative Thinking for Blog Writing

Are you unable to churn your creative thinking to write a blog?

Well, you are not alone. It is easy to get writer’s block when you are constantly delivering content.

This article discusses how you can get your creative juices flowing to keep writing blogs. Keep reading to know more.


Bring Changes to Ambiance

Writing on similar topics in the same environment becomes redundant.

You are bound to be out of ideas and creativity after a while.

Therefore, you need to change your environment and your ambiance to help you think out of the box.

Keep reading below to know more!

creative thinking ambiance

Step OutIf you are stuck sitting on your office chair all day then it is time to get some fresh air.

Looking around and observing nature helps to boost your mind and subsequently creative thinking.

Furthermore, it relaxes you, giving you time to unwind.

This way you can approach content ideas with a fresh mind.

A walk in the park or exercising can also help relieve your stress.

Sometimes pent-up exhaustion and stress prevent you from thinking creatively.

As soon as you relax, the ideas flow.

Moreover, it also prevents you from overthinking about work and lets you think outside of the box which is the essence of thinking creatively.

As stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace new ideas is also important for growth.

Set An Ambiance

Make sure that you work in a comfortable position.

You should have a proper desk and chair and you can decorate the room with plants so that you welcome some of nature inside.

It is also a good idea to get a wall hanging of an art piece to churn your creative juices.

Moreover, working in the fresh air can relax you and increase productivity.

Open the windows of your room or use an air humidifier.

Keep the ambiance of your working room pleasant.

Now that you have streamlined your mind by relaxing and setting up your workplace, it is time to find new ideas.


Boosting Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is equivalent to thinking and understanding patterns that are unfamiliar and not obvious.

Basically, it is thinking out of the box.

Hence, in blog writing, you can make use of it to break free from standard practices.

creative thinking boost

This can also help you stand out from the large crowd of bloggers.

There are about 600 million blogs and 2.5 billion blog posts get published annually.

Do you have an idea about the total number of websites in the world? A whopping 1.8 billion!

Hence, you can imagine the competition.

If you keep using the same blog ideas, you will not get the attention of your readers.

Though your goal should be monetizing through your blog, you should not only focus on that.

This way your quality will suffer.

Rather, try to think out of the box by reading more.

Find new information on your niche and stay up to date with you.

You may suffer from mild writer’s block if you stop reading and gaining new information.

It is important to stay abreast with what you prefer writing on.

You can read several resources and also stay up to date by taking online courses.

These training resources can help boost your key skills and ignite creativity in you.

For instance, getting some video production courses can help you include a short video in your blog.

This is a good way of attracting an audience that quickly needs answers and is also helpful in optimizing your post for On-page SEO.

six thinking hats

Using Six Thinking Hats

The six thinking hats strategy focuses on generating new ideas.

It was made popular by Edward De Bono.

He divides the six strategies by giving them color names, white, red, yellow, black, yellow, green and blue.

Let’s look at them one by one:

  • White Hat

It uses the information that is already available.

Hence, look at the past and present trends and give them a fresh perspective.

Making a post on trending topics will help you gain some traffic.

However, thinking creatively involves identifying the gaps in these trends and working on them.

Therefore, look out for loopholes and gaps to fill by making your own content.

  • Black Hat

This technique involves looking at your ideas and posts through a critical eye.

For instance, what negative outcome can this topic results in or what are the disadvantages of writing it?

Maybe it is too mainstream or generic.

Brainstorming this can help you avoid certain mistakes you might be making repetitively.

  • Red Hat

The red hat involves using your emotions and instincts to identify how your audience will respond to a certain blog idea.

Think about their emotional response to the several types of content.

  • Green Hat

This technique uses creative thinking and urges you to think out of the box.

Try something new for instance begin your post with a rhetorical question if you always start with your own story.

Change your thinking pattern by reading and taking courses.

Also, try to understand your audience.

  • Yellow Hat

It is all about looking at the positive side of writing a blog post.

It is possible that a topic is gloomy but it may help spread awareness.

Hence, focus on the positive angles rather than the negative ones of choosing an idea.

This can help you stick with different difficult topic ideas.

  • Blue Hat

Putting on this hat is all about managing the other hats.

Balancing all of these aspects of facts (white hat), judgment (black hat), optimism (yellow hat), feelings (red hat) and possibilities (green hat) are included in the blue hat.

It involves the management of your thinking process to generate a good blog idea.

However, in order to implement creative thinking, you first need to understand it.

Let’s find out about that below!

types of creativity

Understanding Creative Thinking

Analyze things beyond the surface and decipher what they actually mean.

An analysis is a part of thinking out of the box and reaching the bottom line.

Examine your content ideas available and see what new things can you derive from them.

Find original ideas by generating your creative thinking skills.

Secondly, you also need to adopt open-mindedness.

Think without biases and accept judgments plus criticism.

Hence, do not limit yourself by having a certain opinion about a topic beforehand.

Going open-minded will help you approach topics more creatively.

For example, if you are a beauty blogger, it is okay to once in a while blog about food too.

Experiment with different niches when you are stuck in one without holding a bias against them.

Try to talk to a group of people preferably creative thinkers to find solutions to problems and a creative idea.

Moreover, try organizing your thoughts and ideas.

Being messy helps when you cannot really figure out any substantial idea.

That’s when you should experiment with writing down whatever comes to your mind.

However, organizing in the form of mind mapping can help you organize all these thoughts and give you a coherent idea for blogging.

Then it is equally important to communicate those ideas coherently.

If you are unable to communicate effectively then no matter how great an idea is, it can still fail.

Therefore, work on your article writing and speaking communication skills through online courses so that your audience understands and likes your content.

Also, work around problem-solving and how you can approach a prevalent problem differently in your blog.

This can help you look at those aspects that others overlook.

Hence, you can gain attention and traffic because of thinking out of the box and providing solutions.

Besides, there are still other ways that can help you think differently and creatively.



Generating Creativity

Now you already know that you can change your ambiance, use the six hats or organize your thoughts to think creatively.

Though, you can also take small steps to let the creative juices flow.

These small changes can help prepare you for making better content.

blog creativity

If you find yourself stuck and unable to think out of the box, then it is better to take the day off.

Sometimes the stress of not finding good ideas is so draining that you can get brain fog.

Hence, it is much better to relax and wake up with an open mind the next day to search for new topic ideas.

Furthermore, you can change your strategy and look into your audience.

Use SEO tools to find out what people search for and what keywords have a high search volume.

You can write on related topics or look for gaps and loopholes in those topics to write different content.

Though, if you communicate with your followers then it is best to go straight to them and ask what they would like to see in your content.

You can make surveys and get their feedback on your socials or blog.

This will help you make content exactly up to their liking.

Hence, you will know that if you work on that, you will generate traffic, views and likes.

Though, it is possible that not all of your posts will instantly be a hit.

Blog writing requires persistence and perseverance like almost anything.

Hence, even if one of your blogs does not do as well, you can keep experimenting by using other ways given above.

Only by experimenting you will be able to implement creative thinking.

Therefore, observe and analyze to think out of the box, solve the problems of your audience to appeal to them and organize your thoughts in a coherent blog post.

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