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The Powerful Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Guide for 2020

When it comes to getting the most out of your website and optimization strategy, your ultimate goal is to generate revenue, increase conversions and this comes in one of two ways either through an additional website traffic drive to your site or to be able to get the most out of the traffic already being driven to your website. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will focus on the latter.

Let’s look into the details of what makes this one of the best tools for generating sales through your website.

But first, let’s start with the basics:

What is CRO?

CRO is considered as one of the most effective indicators which determines how good and successful your website is. Your website’s success in turn is determined through the sales generation factor. When investing heavily into your site’s infrastructure and trying to keep it on the top of Google’s ranking, you are getting the audience to notice what you’re offering them.
But what use would it be of if it doesn’t convert into sales?
Think about it. You’ve spend oodles of money on a family bazaar, setting it up in a fancy location with the best material to make it pop out. Then the visitors start pouring, they take a look around and then – surprise, leave without making a single purchase.
How does that rank against your heavy investment?
This simple example defines why CRO is a very important strategy to convert your driven website traffic to the site into potential buyers of your product or service.
So we can say CRO focuses on turning your passive visitors into active users whose engagement will lead to purchasing.

Top 10 Reasons Why CRO Is Important:

Whether your website-your business is big or small, it needs to have some CRO to optimize its offerings. Look into the wonders of online conversions:

Get It Better
It goes without saying, your design no matter how good, can always be better. CRO identifies places that can be made better. It looks into ways in which CRO can upgrade website designing making the desired action easy to maneuver it to enhance user experience.

A Balance between Paid Ads and Website Drive

It is becoming harder to create a concrete plan for sales as competition is fierce in the same market. Even paid advertising, despite being expensive and time-consuming, isn’t really getting the job done. Hence a company’s focus on CRO will help in determining where the core problem lies, why aren’t the sales coming in and how should it be dealt with.

Focus on the Right Customers

There may be a huge traffic drive to your site. Question is- is the drive benefiting your business? CRO aims to get the right people to your business; the ones who will not only make the purchases but will also highlight your products and recommend them within their own circles.

No Additional Costs

Interestingly, this tactic doesn’t require you to invest in a new set of resources, but cash through visitors already coming onto your site, and adapting ways in which you these visitors can be converted into revenue.

CPA Lowered
It’s a simple formula, once you double your conversion rate; it will make your cost per acquisition (CPA) half of where it was set.

High Profit Reach
Since you don’t have to spend more to get these increase conversions with CRO, the profits generated are going to be on the high-end.

Stronger Acquisition
Since you would be able to grab a hold of a higher profit reach with CRO, this means you have more funds to invest in other various assets to your company.

Focused Attention
Since CRO allows for your visitors to attain their needs sooner through your website, it allows for their attention span not to be affected by long searches and browsing, not leaving a chance for your competitor’s website.

Winner Takes All
Optimizing your website through the dynamics of CRO will allow you to stand out tall from your competitors. All you need to work out is how you can address your visitor’s needs: faster, better and effectively.

Generating Momentum
CRO holds the capability to give you a high market share; once you have attained high sales through visitors, it leads to a higher traffic generation, which means more conversions, which means a monopoly over the market.

Great CRO strategies To Follow:

Even the smallest of changes in regards to CRO implementation can have a strong impact on the operations of a business, when done rightly.
There is no one-time solution to follow in this framework, let’s just say you can’t get enough of CRO. It is a never-ending process of adapting various learning methodologies to make your website stand out.

Getting Return on Conversion Strategies

There are various types of conversions a company adapts including website conversion, email campaigns conversion, paid campaigns conversion, among others to again a strong standing on the online market.
Where email campaigns, focus on the conversion rate for email marketing, others aim to get the numbers going, when it comes to converting visits into sales, according to Google Analytics.
There are various implementation strategies a CRO expert can look into adapting so to ensure these conversion strategies are being conducted profitably to make a solid difference, increase total number and give a higher ROI:

Now, let’s talk about how you can get started with CRO at your company.
Here are some applicable conversion rate optimization marketing strategies to test and implement at your company.

Adding lead flows

First let’s look into what are lead flows- it is said to be the conversion path through which website visitors are converted into leads. This tool helps with your site as high-converting pop ups.

Conversion to marketing-qualified leads

CRO can help in creating specific action plans towards marketing qualified leads (MQLs). This is done through a careful linkup of effectively designed web pages, compelling content with smart CTAbutton tactics.

Utilization of Automated Workflows
One of the major CRO tactics you can implement is to create a strong automated workflow, which allows for team efficiency through marketing automation software.

Live Messages Addition
When of the major tactics to get a response from your audience is through customized and high-engagement chat boxes which will provide quick replies to any inquiries to your user’s inquiries.
A good technique is to add this tool to your high-performing pages.

Aim At Retargeting

The fact of the matter is that it’s not usually possible your efforts will all quickly convert to sales, at least not on the first try.
Hence leverage a retarget strategy is important to ensure you can reengage with those who left the website.
CRO aims to retarget those customers by tracking visitors and serve them online ads at other locations too. CRO also helps in identifying those visitors who came onto your high-converting webpages.

Focused A/B Testing
It is considered as one of the leading elements of CRO. It is when a webpage is compared by the results produced through two versions of it.
The results are then shown to two sets of visitors. The version which is able to get a stronger response and higher conversions wins.
While this version of testing sounds simple, it can only be conducted when there are large statistics to support the results, so you definitely need a large sample size.

Moreover, you can use Split testing that compares two separate versions of the same website in order to fin which one brings the most qualified leads and improves your conversion rate.
No need to depend on guesswork anymore.

A CRO-Impacted Website

What areas to focus on?
So, we have already looked into what CRO is, how is it important and what major CRO strategies should we adapt to make an impact. The question now arises: what areas of your website need some CRO polishing.
Let’s look into the 4 major segments of your website which will definitely gain the highest benefits from this tool:

Renovating the Homepage

This is definitely the major area that needs some solid CRO implementation. Because your homepage is the first thing your visitors view when they come onto your website, it needs to make an ever-lasting impression.
These are the prime pages that need some strong CRO. This allows for those first-time visitors even to take the next step and move onto converting these simple visits into strong sales.
Some ways in which you can make your homepage adapt strong CRO is by:
* highlight and emphasize links which lead to product information
*offer a free signup giving access through a welcoming podium
*creating a chat box or help tab, allowing visitors to clarify any inquiries they have quickly

Making the Payment

After the importance of the main page, your payment page comes next. This is when the browsing, the thinking through and the decision process come to a conclusion.
CRO helps to get your pricing page gain strong responses by making use of tactics like pricing intervals like price per year, price per month, as well as highlighting the specific features a product has against their prices.
Providing customized solutions like giving price quotes also makes your prospective buyers gain more confidence in your capability as a product and solution provider.

Blog It Up

In today’s day and age, blogging has become key to giving your site authenticity. Aside from providing great Intel and opinions on important topics, it can also give call to action (CTA button) options, which allow you to connect with your users, offering them newsletters and more details if they provide contact details. This builds strong associations that convert into financial gains.

Optimize Landing Pages

This is considered as the ultimate destination you want your visitors to end on, increase the number of conversions and the total number of organic visits, even though landing pages are actually spread throughout your site, offering various solid objectives from introducing the brand to converting leads into buyers.

Side CRO Hacks to Look Into:

While the kind of CRO mix a brand will use depends on what their sole target is to achieve, here’s a look into some additional tips and hacks that you can follow and test, in order to attain great conversions for your site.
Remember, there is no wrong answer or approach. Any CRO technique applied would just show you where your website stands and if it’s a good measure to get your sales numbers going.

Optimal Speed

One of the first things which will make an impression is how fast your website works. Don’t let them go back due to low speed.

Validation Marks
You flattering your own site isn’t going to make the cut. You need strong social testimonials which will allow users to feel that this is a trustworthy destination. If you don’t have reviews, you can provide logos of trusted brands that have collaborated with you or it can serve as a brand equity to your brand.

Build a Community

Create a strong community using various windows to allow users to give comments, reviews and feedback possibilities, to visitors allowing them to feel a sense of belonging to your brand.

AOV Tactics

The Average order value (AOV) tracks the average amount spent each time a customer places an order on your website. While this directly impacts your conversion rate, it can improve your revenue share.

This is referred to as a conversion funnel that describes a time a potential customer sees your webshop to when they checkout.
Various tactics you can use are giving bundling discounts, providing promotion option, loyalty programme and more.

Ranking Friendliness

Your site’s vibe matters. Your SEO tools, ranking methodologies and CRO tools will all fall flat if your site cannot be deemed as friendly enough. Look into if your site also covers the following areas:
*Is it mobile friendly?
*.Is it compatible with all major browsers?
*Do you have a strong privacy policy in place?
*Does it have a strong language support system?
*How many clicks will lead to the user’s desired page?
*How prioritized is the information on landing page?.
*Do you have strong visuals and videos that drive conversions?

Synching SEO to CRO

How CRO Benefits your SEO Tactics
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on getting visitors to your site. It needs to work hand in hand with CRO disciplines which will then aim to convert these visitors into buyers.
It is ignorant to assume they are independent concepts and you can attain your site’s goals without having them interlinked.
So, it’s important to mention ways in which CRO is able to distinctively benefit the SEO ranking of your site.

Better Buyer Insights
CRO aims to find the right customer, that’s its main objective. It will allow you to understand and identify the key audience and what language meets their needs.

Focused ROI

It allows you to focus on how to gain the most out of your acquisition efforts allowing greater returns from potential customers.

Higher Scalability
CRO helps in converting mere browsers into potential consumers; it allows with the business to grow with the existing pool of customers.

Experience Enhancement
It aims to give users a more engaging experience by allowing them to browse through and feeling empowered, feeling their trust in the website’s structure and offerings.

Heightened Trust
Again, only with a stronger CRO framework, that gives a professional look to your site, will a user feel they can share confidential information and share personal details.

So, what’s next…

And that was our beginner’s guide on the importance of CRO and ways in which you can adapt its usage to get your website high sales, grow your business and increase revenue.
Now that you have a fair idea on how it works, kick start the optimization process and learn which of the exciting strategies and tools are suited to your brand’s needs.
Remember: conversions come with testing. Make use of various CRO tips and strategies to know what your users will respond to and see the results. Learn what CRO is and how it works. Look into the best CRO practices and bring wonders for your site.
Have any more questions about Conversion Rate Optimization? Shoot us an email and our CRO experts will revert to you asap!