December 13, 2020 Azka Munir

Top 13 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic

There are over 83000 new blog posts on the internet in an hour.

To effectively bring more traffic to your content, you will have to apply content marketing strategies.

We have compiled a list of Top Top Actionable Content Marketing Tips to bring more traffic to your website.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the promotion and marketing of the content you provide to your audience so that it effectively reaches them and brings more traffic.

Content marketing is not explicit promotion and is meant to be for the interest of your target audience.

However, it is every content creator’s wish that your content is successful in generating revenue and that comes from enough traffic and engagement.



Content can be in the form of :

  • Blogs
  • Videos/vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • Infographics

…and much more.

Good content marketing will not be in your face.

It will fascinate your audience by telling your brand’s story to your target audience.

Successful content will provide solutions to your audience’s issues as well as keep them engaged with your voice.

However, only creating content and sharing it is not the solution.

You have to market the content to your audience using certain tips and strategies so that it effectively reaches them and they are drawn to your site, thus generating more traffic.

Don’t worry we have you sorted!

Read on to find out what are the Top Actionable Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic.


Top 13 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic

You need content marketing to make your place in this highly competitive internet world.

These tips will help improve your website’s traffic and captivate your target audience so that they stick around for long.

actionable content marketing tips

1. Create More Evergreen Content

The content that stands the test of time is called evergreen content.

This content will still have traffic even after it has been published for years.

When you write more evergreen content, you are focusing on keeping your audience for a long time.

This content is general and not specific to an event or time.

Therefore, it will stand the test of time and people can read it all year round.

If you write on a topic that you consider evergreen, then try to remove the publish date.

This way your audience will not run away thinking it is an outdated post, even when the content inside is totally relevant.

2. Post Comparison Content

You may have come across a few this vs that posts.

These posts are always attention-grabbing because most people want to know what is better.

Comparison posts help people make important decisions so you cannot be careless with them.

But most importantly the” this vs that” keywords do not have that much competition.

This can help them rank higher in Google search pages and bring you more traffic.

Also, the cost per click on such keywords is pretty high.

So you hit a home run everywhere!

Use this vs that keywords for topics like “Diet vs Excercise” for quick weight loss.

These this vs that posts will bring you good more traffic and revenue together.

ask audience

3. Ask Your Audience

You can ask your current audience directly or you can look at your analytics to find out what your audience really needs.

Study your audience’s demographics and usage habits extensively so that you can tell what they want from your content.

Otherwise directly ask them. This can be done in the form of pop up surveys or email newsletters.

Ask what more would they like to see in your content and what is it that you can solve for them.

Your faithful audience is most likely to reply through both email newsletters and surveys.

You will at least get an idea of what else you should be including in your content to get more traffic.

If you have not established an audience yet, analyze your competition and look for how they have managed to keep their audience engaged.

4. Don’t Miss Out on Trending Topics

Your website’s traffic is largely related to how you rank on search results.

Your ranking is dependent on SEO and keywords.

People will inevitably search for a trending topic.

But they will most likely just check the first one or two links and close the tab.

Therefore, you should aim for ranking higher.

So write on those trending topics, use those competitive keywords and get yourself on the first page to drive more traffic to your content.


5. Write Captivating Titles

Titles are the reason people will tune into your content.

Be it an article or a video, if it is irrelevant to your content and your audience, no one will read, listen or watch it.

Your title needs to be enticing enough for your audience to click.

You may hate click-baiting titles but they are successful in luring people to your content.

Also, make short, relevant titles that have your keywords in the beginning.

This way your audience will easily find what they want.

Moreover, consider writing more listicles and included the number in your title.

This way, your audience will know before clicking that your article or video is useful for them.

6. Add Content in Social Media Posts Besides Sharing

Most people make the mistake of only posting their content title and link while sharing it.

Social media algorithms would bury such approaches and your target audience will not even see your content.

One way to work around it is to write content about what you have written.

This can be native content, a story around your post or even facts from the content itself.

This works with the algorithms and you get the engagement you need.

sharable posts

7. Your Content Should be Easily Shareable

While we are discussing sharing on social media, don’t forget to make your content easy to share for the audience as well.

You should have social media sharing buttons on all your content and your images should have alt text.

Alt text helps search engines read what is in your image. Therefore you should include a keyword in your images to rank higher.

Your social sharing buttons can help spread your content rapidly, gaining more traffic as your audience has now taken the responsibility to increase its reach.

8. Make Things Personal

Personal blogs and videos are the talk of the town.

People are now more interested in knowing what you have gone through as a person and how you can help rather than the writer behind the keyboard.

Use your voice in your blogs and videos rather than a persona because people are quick to find out.

The natural, personal way of making content is more in these days.

So follow up on that and make content that relates to people.

Personal stories on Youtube especially work well on the audience because Youtube is a more personal platform than blogs. The same goes for a podcast, people directly hear you so they expect some realism.

detailed content marketing tips and posts

9. Make Thorough Posts

Google likes long content and so does the audience.

People want everything to be available to them in one article so that they do not have to go elsewhere.

Therefore, writing in-depth and thorough content gives Google a signal that this content is legit as Google looks for authoritative blogs, other content.

This content can also become your power posts.

A power post is the most shareable post on social media.

Not all your content will be a power post but it is highly likely that extensive posts will be more shareable.

Hence, write a year-end guide or everything you need to know about your niche kind of posts to get more traffic, ranking and shares on your content.

10. Write a Powerful Intro

After your topic, your audience will also pay attention to your intro.

If you have a weak intro they will probably just go back and choose something else.

So you have to instantly grab their attention.

One way to do that is by using the PBC method.

P for Preview, B for Benefits and C for Call to Action.

First, give your audience a preview of what you are going to show them in the whole content.

Then give them a list of benefits they can acquire by reading or watching your content.

Wrap it up with a call to action that instructs them to proceed further so that they take immediate action.

11. Keep Your Videos Engaging by Adding Many Cuts

This one is for videos on all video platforms.

People like their videos to be fast and if you decide to incorporate only a few clicks, your audience will get bored.

You want your audience to stick around, Hence, make faster videos by having several cuts.

Also, make video content that is personal and relatable because people like their videos to hit closer to home.

You can add a personal story to a very technical, boring topic and your audience will stay because they can relate.

video posts

12. Add Social Profile Links to Outreach Emails

This small tip can increase the number of visitors on your social profile.

All you have to do is add your social profile in your outreach emails alongside your signature and a lot of your audience who are unaware of your social profiles may know about it and engage too.

13. Republish an Old Post

Making an old post more relevant by revising it can lead to more traffic to your content.

Check all inbound and outbound links to see if they are not outdated.

Rewrite your intro and conclusions and update all pictures. And you are done.

This repurposed post should also be popular beforehand. So now people know that you have written it according to your audience’s current needs.

These content marketing campaigns will assist in your blog’s digital marketing.

You need to have a strong piece of content but publishing content does not necessarily mean that you should always write.

You can also use other forms of content creation such as guest posts, editorial calender, repurpose your content and create a different type of content.

Once you are clear about your audience and their buyer persona, then half of your work is done, you can do the other half by studying case studies and increasing your brand awareness by applying these tips.

Use these actionable content marketing tips to get valuable, engaging audience and traffic on your content.