Cleaning Deadweight Pages: Overview

February 16, 2022
February 16, 2022 Mehr Jan

When it comes to SEO, there are plenty of things you should have working in proper condition. This will ensure that your blogs and website is making the right kind of an impact. One critical thing to look into is dead weight pages. And how cleaning dead weight pages helps your SEO effectiveness.

The thing is many people don’t know of it but dead weight pages can be a real problem.

You need to know of ways in which you can control the negative impact they are putting on your blog or website.

No one wants these low quality pages on them and it is important that you know what they are exactly and how you can effectively remove them.

In this article, I am going to be covering all that you need to know when it comes to cleaning dead weight pages. So to make your website stand out and super effective.

So let’s begin:

What Are Dead Weight Pages?

how it matters

The first thing to know is to have a clear understanding on what they are actually. In simple words, these are basically relating to those pages which are not giving any kind of value to your site. In fact their existence is causing more damage to it.

When we talk of pages which are not adding value to the web, different kinds come into that area. They will be including :

Outdated and very low blog posts- These are the ones which were made a long while back, but not in use anymore. They can be on topics which are not current. And are in fact causing your site more harm than good.


Also look into the archives and you be the judge of your current situation. This means you have to understand how certain articles are not going to be needing a complete wipe out. When you have so much going on, on the site. It can confuse the Google algorithm too. And come to think of it, it can become even more clustered if proper screening of the pages is not done.

Former service pages- Make sure you look into the site and determine which are the current pages. That is which are active pages and which no longer exist. This is essential and important so that you can get a good handle on what matters. Remove the pages which are old and do not make sense anymore.

Outdated Job Listing – Sometimes you do not realize but you might be having a job listing which has become completely out of focus and interest. So you should make sure your site is going to be having a complete look over so that everything is properly listed. Nothing should be out of place.

E-commerce update- This is essential if you are a site doing business. For such sites, if there are product pages which are outdated. That means there are no current sales on it. Make sure you are removing them completely.

This is some of the ways in which you can identify what exactly are the deadweight pages.

Now let’s look into and talk of some of the leading types of dead weight pages.

Types of Dead Weight Pages

effective cleaning process

When talking about pages which do not look good anymore, make sure you are looking into what are the pages going to look like.

Looking into the page-level metrics, there are several ways in which you should be able to identify how these pages are made.

For one thing, they might be having low quality or very thin content. This means it is information that is not very useful.

It is outdated and is not helping the site in any manner.

Also what about pages which are listed as category or archives list pages. For these kinds, it is essential to know and understand how they are impacting your page in negative ways.

Having an understanding on the same allows your pages to get a clean slate. Ensuring that quality pages are in line.

Removing Service Pages

So many might wonder if this is even a smart move. That is to completely remove the service pages. But if they are outdated, then it is best that you remove them from your site.

It is also essential to make space and highlight the other important elements on the site.

And this is why it is important that you ensure that the content which is publishing on your site is authentic and getting the right response.

If you are not too careful, it would mean that your SEO efforts are ruined and can cause even more harm to your site and how it looks.

If you don’t want to completely delete the page, you can also re-edit some of the pages. This is to bring it up to speed and make it more authentic.

When you are replacing or changing the services, it means you are keeping your readers updated. In this competitive world, it is important to keep a check on these matters.

Making your blog completely reliable and trustworthy, these are the essential steps to adhere by and follow.

What About Thin Content?

low quality content pages

Now let’s look into what do we mean by when we say that the content is thin. This relates to when your article is actually low in quality.

It is not coming to the standards of Google. Meaning it does not offer anything very valuable. That in itself can cause plenty of issues to how your site is standing out.

Hence it is absolutely essential that you make sure you are adapting the best practice in getting effective results.

Rating blogs is important. It points towards major ways in which your story will stand out.

If you think the design and domain is falling flat in some way, ensure that you are adapting strategies to make it look exceptionally well.

Clean out your blog to make way for fresh content.

Something that stands out. Looks good and is able to give you a complete makeover.

This in itself is going to ensure that your blog is going to be making a difference.

Don’t Remain Static-Cleaning Dead Weight Pages Matter

While some people may confuse and wonder how they can create blogs which are going to be denoting major stories.

Others want to remain on their toes.

This means adapting state of the art tactics that are giving results.

A blog has to keep on moving forward. This means it should be having color.

And that is only possible when you are adding stories to it which stand out from the crowd.

Adapting epic storylines means that you are ensuring the highest parameters to make your blog look good.

It matters when you are focusing on the link authority.

You have to follow up on technical SEO tactics that are going to give major results. This means making use of all measures to ensuring that the site is up and working.

And there are no major issues with it. Cleaning dead weight pages is not as complicated as some people assume.

You just have to adapt the right tactics. And apply the effective dynamics which are showing great results. This is why remaining up to speed with it comes to SEO and its ways, is very important.

The No Nonsense Wipe Out

Let’s just say it how it is. There is no need for you to hold onto content which is not making sense anymore.

You will be doing your site a major favor when you remove these completely.

Also when they are not bringing any web traffic or sales. It will definitely be leading to even more congestion on the site.

And this in itself is going to make your site look and feel bad.

If you think the pages are not making sense anymore. Then you better be removing this useless content.

Also another aspect to consider is when there are less pages, there will be less technical issues that you have to take care of.

For some reason if you think the page is adding some kind of value, it is best that you do not index it.

Whereas if there is no benefits from its existing, it is wise that you delete it. There is no point to holding on to it.


getting a complete makeover

Sometimes your site may not be getting a ranking due to the smallest of reasons.

It can be something which is simple but needs your attention.

Just as you would remove the garbage from your house to make it look spotless. In the same way, you will be wanting to get rid of outdated content on your page.

This is not bringing any positive impact to your blog. Rather it brings on more complications. So it is best that you remove it completely, ensuring complete clean and transparency.

Having to do so will lead to your blog getting noticed.

In this article we looked into the details of what are dead weight pages, the types that exist and how you will be benefiting from removing them completely.

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