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Top 4 Blog Sites For Content Writers and Bloggers

With rising interest in blogging across the world, there is an increasing number of blog sites and platforms.

Some of these are entirely free to provide you the opportunity to start your blogging journey without hesitating.

There is always an option to buy a domain and set your own website once you are familiar with blogging and attract enough audience who want to read your content.

If you want to begin your blogging journey, this article is for you. Keep reading to know the platforms to make your blog today.


Why Should You Blog?

Is it too late to start a blog? Well, it is never too late!Blogging can help you excel personally as well as professionally.

Once you attract a dedicated and valuable audience, you can even start earning from your blog.

Read below why you should start blogging.

girl blogging

Creates Authority

If you are a blogger that writes on important topics then your valuable content can give you authority.

For instance, if you write finance blogs and your content reaches a wider audience, your blog will soon be known for its authenticity and authority as well as for your expertise.

This is similar to the blue ticks on Instagram and Youtube.

The audience trusts you more if you have authority.

As a result, you attract a bigger audience and that leads to more sponsors and advertisers.

Moreover, it also adds to your resume.

If you blog about your area of expertise then it shows you are skilled enough to convey information about it.

Expands Into Other Opportunities

Are you hesitant that you will be limited to blogging once you embark on it?

That’s actually not true.

Blogging is a gateway to other several opportunities besides writing.

Once you are an authority figure, people may invite you to give talks on your specific niche.

You can get indirect coverage when other bloggers may refer to you and reach out to you.

It can also open up opportunities for guest blogging, content writing, and copywriting on other bigger blogs and news websites.


woman personally using writing platforms

Use it Personally or Professionally

There is no specific outline for making a blog.

You can use it for both personal and professional purposes.

You can make a lifestyle blog showing your real life and personalizing it.

Or you could use your blog to promote your business by providing the readers’ value in your content.

This way the content helps to convert the audience into potential buyers, customers, supporters or sponsors.

A blog on your e-commerce website can direct people to your products for sale.

Similarly, if you provide services, then blog posts can help you rank higher in the Search Engine Page Results and be visible to the audience searching for your service.

The platform allows you to convert traffic into leads and then customers eventually generating money.

This brings us to…

Monetizing From The Blog

Blogging can become your side hustle that generates income and pays the rent.

As long as you have the potential to attract dedicated readers and use social networking to gain traffic and Google Analytics to target the right keywords, you can also monetize the blog.

After reaching a certain number of visitors, you can run ads on your blog or do affiliate marketing.

This will help you earn even passively when visitors click on the ads or buy something from Amazon.

Furthermore, you can give a course on your blog or write a book and sell it there.

Hence, there is active and passive income generation in the blogging world.

So now that you know these benefits of blogging, how about starting your own blog site to let your creativity out?

In order to begin, you should know about the best blog platforms. More on the below!


Best Blog Sites

Start your blogging journey from free blog sites and gradually move to your own domain.

It is crucial to first get an audience that values your content and then expand.

Here we list different blog sites for beginners and experts. Choose your pick and start your won blog by the end of this article.

person writing on a blog site

Website Builders

1. Wix

Wix is a simple, easy-to-use  and easy to set platform that runs the drag and drop front end and you do not need any coding or tech knowledge to handle it from the back end.

It has a free and paid plan but beginners like you should likely choose the free plan to build your website in an hour.

Yes, only an hour or less!

Wix uses templates of websites of different niches that may suit your profession and blogging niche.

All you need to do is to customize it according to your style and preference.

If you do not like any existing templates then you can use the free Wix Artificial Design Interface.

The Wix ADI asks you a few questions about your blog and creates a website for you within minutes.

You do not need to be tech savvy to have your own website and blogging platform at Wix but you will still get plenty of functions.

You not only get a blog but a fully functional website.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about hosting, and functionality as Wix handles that.

You can make an online store, use social media and SEO tools, carry out basic image editing, check visitor analytics, post jobs, embed codes, schedule posts and much more.

Though there are certain limitations such as 500 GB bandwidth, 100-page limit and ads.

However, you can buy a paid plan to increase bandwidth, pages and to remove ads.

Otherwise, it is a great option to begin your blogging journey.

Hence, if you want to immediately launch your website and blog, choose from one of the 500 free templates on Wix and make your blog under an hour.


WordPress landing page

2. WordPress

One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress.

It is completely free on WordPress.com which lets WordPress host it and maintain it while you work hassle-free.

However, then you will come across ads which you can get rid of by upgrading or by downloading WordPress.org

You will also need a hosting service among which Blue Host is a popular one.

Blue Host provides you:

  • 50 GB disk space
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL
  • 100 GB email storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth

Additionally, it is also cheap.

Hence, if you are planning to gain full control over your website and want it to run for the long term then choosing WordPress.org and Blue Host as the hosting service for your hosted blog is your answer.

Once you have the site choose your WordPress theme and customize the look of your blog.

WordPress.com is comparatively popular for blogs however, you are unable to monetize from that.

Though if you are just beginning and want to attract an audience and create authority, then it is a good option.

Other website builders include Squarespace and Strikingly.

Both rely on a similar functionality like Wix which is easy to use.

Though, Squarespace is known for its aesthetic templates that can help people with no design background make sleek blogs.

Starting just at $18 per month, it is a good deal for people who want an aesthetically pleasing blog but do not want to spend on hiring a web designer.

It is just the right mix between Wix and WordPress.


woman writing on a traditional platform

Traditional Blog Sites

Traditional Blogging Platforms are sites that are simply blogs.

Either they have an existing audience that can read your content or you can make a completely separate blog and find your own audience.

These are not multipurpose websites but just a blog.

3. Medium

If you want to begin writing and show it to an existing audience then Medium is the right platform to blog for free.

Around 60 million readers visit Medium in a month.

Hence, you are exposing your content to a huge audience on Medium.

However, you are not building a separate platform dedicated to your work.

The sole purpose of writing on Medium is to bring you exposure and consistent readers.

Once you have a dedicated readers base, you can set on making your own platform.

Reading on Medium requires paying monthly.

You may not begin earning in your own site or blog as soon as you set it but you will earn from every reader that reads your blog on Medium.

You need to become part of the free Partner Program to start writing and earning through it.

It will take time to gain traction and readers but once you do, it is an easy platform than the others.

This is because you do not need to worry about maintenance, design or hosting. All you need to do is write!


writing a blog on blog sites

4. Blogger

You may recognize the orange “B” logo quite well.

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform by Google.

It is your perfect choice for personal use if you simply want to blog.

It is not as ideal for business and commercial blogging because it has limited functionality and plugins in comparison to WordPress.

However, it is completely free, also it is very easy to monetize it through Google Ad Sense.

Hence, for beginners with no prior experience in the blogging world, this is a safe choice.


writing on blog sites

Final Thoughts

The best blog sites for you are those that suit your needs the best.

WordPress is an ideal choice but if you have no tech knowledge then maintaining and customizing the hosted version can be a hassle.

Hence, begin by writing on a traditional platform and gradually build your audience.

Once you have enough readers then you can always set up a website to direct those readers.

But the most essential part of blogging is to provide value to your audience.

Move step by step, create a blog after you have enough readership.

Hence, firstly focus on creating great content and then embark on making your own space.

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