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How to Choose a Blog Site Name?

Your blog site name is your brand’s identity. The name of the brand stays with the audience for a long while.

Hence, it should be good enough to stay relevant for a long time even if your brand faces changes.

This article discusses how you can select a long-lasting impactful blog name. So let’s begin!


Blog Site Name Introspection

Before delving into what should be the name of your blog, you should be pretty clear about the aim of your goal.

What is it about after all?

Narrow down the niche and search around that.

introspecting blog site name

Know Your NicheIs your blog one on its own or is it an extension of your business? Who is it for and what is its purpose?

Answering these questions will help you identify the niche.

Yours can be a fashion blog, lifestyle blog, travel blog, food blog, fitness blog, entertainment blog, personal blog or cooking blog.

There are way too many niches but your blog name and title should certainly represent your niche.

This allows you to frame your expectations and as a result, find out the creative names that align with them.

Your target audience will also be able to find a blog and remember it if it is linked to its niche.

The name is descriptive of the blog post you publish, the aesthetics and the mood of the entire blog.

But what if you wish to expand?

Well, you can choose a name that stays relevant even if you expand in products or in totally different niches.

Once you are clear on what your niche is, look into competitors to see what names are taken.

Research Your Competitors

Once you know your niche, it is time to look into the competitors in the same niche.

Look at what in their blog’s title works or does not work for them.

For instance, it could be a very common name that so many other blogs or brands show up in the search results, you do not want that.

Or the name could be so difficult and complicated that it is not easy to remember. That’s not what you want either.


blog site name aspects

Aspects to Consider

Target Audience and Subject Matter

Consider who is going to read your blog and whether the target audience will change over time as you grow.

There should be an element of timelessness to the name as the target audience might change as you grow.

Similarly, your subject matter and the message you are conveying can change over time as you expand.

If you have a name that limits your work to one aspect that may not work well.

Think about where you want your blog to be in the next five years and ponder over a name that fits your vision.

Blog Motivation and Writing Style

While you are finding the meaning of the blog, it is also important to look at its motivation in order to select a fitting name.

Did you make this blog as a creative outlet or do you intend to earn from it?

The latter will be using SEO to drive traffic and sales while the former will use it for higher ranking.

Thus, you should be sure about the purpose of the blog and whether it will change in the future.

Similarly, you cannot ignore the writing style.

If you write humorously, a serious title will not fit and vice versa.

Your blog site name should reflect your writing style and even personality if it is a personal blog.

Also, you want to make sure that your blog’s length is suitable enough to fit various places.

How will it read in certain spots with character limits?

You do not want that it is cut halfway.

Therefore, you should keep these things into consideration that will help you come across a suitable name for your blog.

blog title

What Should be a Good Blog Site Name?

Your blog name alongside the domain name is part of your brand’s identity.

It should ideally be memorable enough that your audience can easily recall it and also stands out.

In the same vein, it should be easy to spell and say.

Complicated names are hard to remember and in the end your audience may not end up where you want them to.

While it should be distinctive from the rest of your competitors and unique in its own way, it should also be easy to remember.

Moreover, the name should relate to the brand and the products or services you are selling.

The brand messaging should be consistent throughout the blog including the name.

It should be linked in a way that feels engaging but also natural.

Choosing the wrong name can be disastrous.

A wrong name fails to gather an audience and even if you think of rebranding, you will waste plenty of your hard work.

Not to forget about the expenditure incurred on renaming and rebranding.

Therefore, take steps in the right direction from the beginning by considering these aspects.

With the information about what to look for in your blog site name out of the way, let’s find out how you can actually find a fitting name.


Finding a Blog Site Name

After doing your research for what may suit your blog, continue to use available resources such as thesaurus or blog name generator to create a suitable name for your blog.While starting a blog for an already-established brand, you can continue using similar keywords or the same name.

A good blog will be known by its content but its name will keep it memorable.

blog site name generator

Names for Existing Brands

Retaining the Name

If your brand is strong enough, all you need to do is to use the same name alongside the blog tag.

It is more plausible to use the same name if you are an industry thought leader or a recognizable company.

This way the authority and trustworthiness of your company can go to your blog.

That ends up reaching more readers and buyers.

Using a Focus Keyword

A focus keyword in the name will work for your SEO and will help you rank higher on the search engines.

Besides your perfect blog posts, your entire blog can also have a focus keyword.

For instance, Disney has a Disney Parks Blog.

This blog is for the theme parks and their activities but only searching Disney Parks will lead you to the blog.

Again, if you have a recognizable brand, you can keep it as a focus keyword that will bring people to your blog.

Search a Thesaurus

Once you know your niche and are aware of your competitors’ blog names, you can find words that convey the same meaning but are different.

For this, first, write down all the important words that come up in your messaging.

If they will not make a catchy blog title, turn to a thesaurus instead.

Whatever you choose, should be relevant to your brand and its messaging.

Using Alliteration

If you already have a brand, look for an alliteration i.e. phrases that use the same letter at the beginning of each word.

These can make for fun and catchy titles.

These playful titles are rather memorable and also very easy to make.

Besides that, you can keep looking for ideas in blog name generators or even use that for a domain name generator.

More on that below!

ideas in generators

Looking for Ideas

Use Acronyms

An acronym or an abbreviation is useful when your blog name or domain name isn’t available and it is too long.

If the domain extensions and name isn’t available, simply abbreviate all the words in the name or look for other domain names for your blog using a generator.

This makes the blog name easy to type, simple and effective as well as easier to remember.

Use Words for Different Languages

If your blog has a foreign touch or even if it does not, you can add a few catchy words from a different language.

That will make your blog stand out from its competitors and also target a different set of viewers who can understand the language.

Make a Portmanteau

Try combining two words into one new one.

This can work for a few words but not every single one.

Moreover, it is more suitable if your blog focuses on two things and the title unifies those two.

The good thing is, you do not have to worry about the domain name being already taken.

Choose randomly

Even if you should put much thought into your blog name, sometimes being random can suit your niche.

It can make the title stand out from the rest of the crowd, though new users will be unable to tell what the blog is about.

Risky move but could be worth taking as long as the name sounds good.


Having a strong blog site name can work well for your blog site and makes you a strong name in the niche.

However, choosing the right name is a process.

After introspecting into your message and niche, exhaust your options to find the most suitable name for your blog.

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