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Top Strategies to Promote Your Blog

You have made your blog, you have started writing, what now? Well to ensure your targeted audience read your blog, you need to promote it.

You are starting this blog because you do want someone to respond to you and for it to be successful.

Therefore, learn the top strategies to promote your blog so that it is successful and reaches the right audience.


Pre Promotion Strategies

Before you promote your blog, you must make sure that your blog has filled all the requirements for a successful blog.

You may think that writing good is enough but it is not.

Your SEO, graphics and content should all be superb to attract your readers through promotion.

promotion strategies

1. Make Engaging Visuals

Either you choose to promote your content on social media or through email, you will always need some visuals.

People are very sensitive about visuals these days and bad visuals can easily tick them off.

Most readers remember 65% visuals and only 10%percent.

They also use visuals to track down a post they want to visit.

Therefore, visuals are very important and your visuals need to be really good.

However, you do not need amazing Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop skills to make good graphics.

Canva and Stencil are easy designing sites that can make your work simple through templates.

good content

2. Make Good Quality Content

You need to make sure your writing, even if retained only 10 percent, is excellent.

You may think it is good enough but review it from someone else and write according to your reader’s demands.

After all, you need to appeal to your audience. Hence, you should write by keeping them in mind.

Content for the sake of creation will not take you further.

You need to solve the audience’s problems and provide them value. That is how they will remember you.

You can experiment by occasionally inviting guest writers to write for you and this also changes the tone of your blog.

You may want to write unique content but remember content written on trending topics fares better in ranking in Google search results.

This brings us to:

searchable blog

3. Make Sure Your Blog is Searchable and Has Good SEO

You would surely not want your readers to love your content and then not even find your blog.

To avoid any such situation make sure you have good SEO.

Make sure your Technical, On-page and Off-page SEO is on point.

For On-page SEO,

  • make sure that you are using high volume keywords in your content
  • you have Alt text in your images
  • the URL has your keyword plus you have inserted a meta description for your blog
  • your text has good readability and is over 1500 words

If you are writing for your business then your blog should also incorporate Local SEO.

This way your blog will be just a simple search away from your readers.

Once you have ensured all these strategies, it is time to now promote your blog.


Top Strategies to Promote Your Blog

When you are confident in your content, graphics and SEO, it is time to promote your blog.

Though you may think what are the tried and tested ways to guarantee effective promotion?

Don’t worry because we have compiled all the top strategies you should apply to promote your blog.

strategies to promote your blog

1. Email Marketing

You may have heard about people recommending you to make email newsletters for your site.

Well, they are right. Email marketing is pretty effective in driving readers to your blog.

You should first build an email list of your readers. One way to do that is to add a pop-up in which you ask them to subscribe.

Once you have your email list, start sending emails.

But what emails?

You can send simple emails at the optimum time for the best reach of your new content.

You can talk about your new content, introduce it to your readers, add some excerpt from the content and end it on a cliffhanger.

This will leave them curious and then they are highly likely to click the link and read your article.

You can also make an email newsletter to maintain a connection with your audience and to make them realize that you value them.

You can insert a few links to your new content in the email newsletters and they may eventually click.

social media marketing

2. Social Media Marketing

The best way to promote your blog is through social media marketing.

The reason is that many people regularly use their social media, so a lot of potential consumers are already present there.

Plus usually, whenever people search for a blog, they will also search their social handles apart from simply searching at Google.

However, social media marketing is not limited to just posting.

You will have to choose the most relevant social network with regard to your niche.

Moreover, you will have to create a following in those social networks and connect with your audience as well as other influencers.

Additionally, you should also engage and participate in social groups on those social networking sites to increase your reach.

For instance, if you have a blog on motherhood you should look for Mom influencers and groups and forums on motherhood.

This way you will interact with both your competitors and your consumers at the same time and increase your network while promoting your blog.

You should make sure that every content you post on social media is polished and presentable.

You would not want people to think that you give off a cheap vibe.

Furthermore, social media promotion needs to be regular to maintain reach.

So whenever you post new content on the blog, post it on social media as well.

guest blog posts

3. Feature on Other Blogs Through Guest Posts

You do not only need to invite people to write on your blog but you should also try to reach out to blogs with your niche to guest post on them.

These blogs should be more popular than yours so that when you write, you can attract their audience to your blog as well.

Guest posting is obviously not that easy. You need to make high-quality content that suits those blogs and reach out to them with col emails.

However, it is also likely that you will have to repeat this process several times for them to finally feature you.

Another way to be featured in popular sites and blog posts is by giving them your content in the form of graphics and getting a backlink from them.

So you can do outreach emails to these sites, explaining to them how you can write a topic or send them a relevant infographic and get featured on their website.

online relationships

4. Build Your Online Relationships

Just like real life, your online life and success require relationships and networking too.

You may hesitate to reach out to popular bloggers and influencers in the niche but this is very effective.

One way to do it subtly is to mention them in your post and on your social media feed to let them know that you value and respect their work.

This way you may get a retweet or a mention from them which will get you noticed by their audience.

If your content is high quality, then they may also share it all with their readers. Hence, getting you more recognition.

Interviewing an influencer related to your niche will drive their readers to your blog.

But getting a mighty influencer to talk to you for an hour or so will be tough if you are a new blogger in the town.

One way is to reach out to them for a quote in your content.

If you feature their quotes on your social media, you may instantly get noticed by a lot of readers therefore, increasing your blog’s reach.

Another way to interact with bloggers and influencers in your niche is by commenting on their content.

If your comments are elaborate and valuable then you will eventually get noticed by other readers and the influencer too.

paid content

5. Paid Content Promotion

Till now you have come across all free promotion strategies and this one comes at the last point because it should be your last resort.

After all, it is better to use free strategies if you have a new blog but it will definitely take time.

If you do not have much time on your hands and are ready to invest in your blog then try paid marketing.

Paid marketing on social media is in the form of social media advertising.

It is possible that your organic reach slows down after a while or becomes steady. Then you are bound to use social media advertising to leverage your reach.

You can also try Native advertising.

Your blog ad appears on another site as a noninvasive ad that looks like it belongs to the site or blog.

These are usually in the form of “You may also like” or “Recommended for you”.

You may have come across search engine advertising. These are the results that are displayed on the top as ads on Search engines when a user searches something.

If the keywords may match your blog’s content that the search engine results page will show your ads on the top.

This is called pay-per-click advertising because you are charged a fee every time a user clicks your ad.

blog in blocks


Start now and create a blog. Select your niche whether it is travel blogs or beauty blogs, get a free domain, install WordPress, and start writing blog posts.

Once, you have Google Adsense you can start monetizing your blog.

If you have great blogging skills and you write great posts then you may surely come under your target audience’s notice if you use these promotion strategies.

These blog promotion strategies can help also you in the digital marketing of your WordPress blog once you have been successful in setting up a blog on blogging platforms.

Hence, in no time you will earn money from your personal blogging.

Use these 5 marketing strategies for the promotion of your blog content.

Also do not forget to first make sure that you are implementing pre-promotion strategies so that you are well prepared for the next stage.

These strategies will help you to promote your blog in order to increase reach and therefore make your blog a success story.



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