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10 Best Copywriting Practices for 2021

Copywriting is the technique used to write marketable ads or other persuasive communication to generate a response to the call to action from the audience. Copywriting is the main tool used by companies to drive sales and persuade their customers.

It is not only a technique but an art form that is creative, interesting, and persuasive.

It is hard to keep your reader on your page and reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Needless to say, it is still very essential. This can be achieved by writing a good copy.

This article would discuss the best copywriting practices to follow in 2020 and beyond.


Difference between Copywriting and Content Marketing

Are you a beginner who thinks copywriting and content marketing are the same thing?

Well, sadly no!

Copywriting is written to grab the reader’s attention to take an action

Content marketing is valuable content that attracts customers and with its continuity engages them to become buyers.


In copywriting, If you own products for sale, then the copy will convince you to buy something.

However, it is not limited to that.

It can also convince you to keep reading and click on internal links.

A good copy can persuade you to like the page or subscribe to the newsletter.

In content marketing, the content may not be directly related to your products.

But to elicit an emotion in the reader to develop a relationship with your brand, it requires copywriting.

Both content marketing and copywriting are incomplete without each other.

The purpose of writing content is to be appreciated by the consumer and in some cases generate sales.

This happens through strategic copywriting.


Tips for Strategic Copywriting

1. Find Your Audience

Your first step should be identifying your audience and their interests.

You do not see the audience as a whole but a one person you need to relentlessly pursue.

You need to convince them that they need your product, just like a salesperson.

copywriting tips

In order to do that you need to know what is in your product or service that could appeal to them.You need to find that hook in your service which is aligned with their interests.

Only then they will take the desired action you want them to take.

Moreover, always talk to your audience in first person.

They are more likely to take action when they can relate with the copy thinking as it is only their need.

2.Simple and Compelling Headings

The use of fancy words from the dictionary may look literary to you but they can tick off your reader.

Your copy should be easily understandable. This way your reader grasps the concept that you want to convey.

This also applies to the headings. Your headings and subheadings should be simple while also being compelling.

They should give a clear benefit to the reader.

For instance writing “This exercise will help you lose weight in 15 days” will be more impactful than “ Exercise to lose weight”.

Conciseness also applies to the introduction.

It should not extend beyond 8 lines and it should contain compelling informational gaps, more on this next.

informational gaps in copywriting

3. Information Gaps

If I say, I have just used an information gap to introduce this heading above, can you find it out? Have a guess!

Well, an information gap is a short preview of something you tell your reader that you will discuss later.

You can call it similar to a cliff hanger in easier terms.

When you add this in your copy, the reader knows that they still have something valuable to read.

Therefore, they will not stop immediately but will likely reach the content they want to read.

You do need to add this in your copy, to make your reader stay on your page longer.

4. Enrich Your Content with Links

This is an essential SEO technique.

Google loves to rank content and copy with good internal and external links higher.

However, it is also very effective in keeping your reader hooked.

When you will link your copy with your other content or products, the reader is more likely to stay on your site and buy that product or service.

Excess of everything is wrong. Therefore, limit the number of links you add to your copy.

However, make sure that your external links are not competitor companies. This can even lose your audience.

bucket brigades

5. Bucket Brigades

A bucket brigade is a part of an information gap. Information gaps highlight the gap between what we know and what we want to know, bucket brigades are short instant information gaps.

They immediately tell the audience what they want.

For instance,
The first copywriting technique is to identify your audience

But here’s the deal:

You should not consider them as a group but as an individual

The second line in the above paragraph breaks one part of the information into two chunks.

This retains the attention of the reader and they know they would like to stay to know more.

This is exactly what we need from the reader.

Bucket brigades should be used sparsely otherwise they could get irritating.

6. Use Clear Call to Action

It should be very clear what you want from the reader.

Effective copywriting does not include words like “work” or “contact”. You need to be more detailed to give a clear message to the audience.

Remember that your reader is a person that you are trying to entice with your copy.

Hence, elaborate things for them so that there is no confusion. Instead of just using “submit” write “sign up for a newsletter here”.

Statements like “Start your free trial” and “ View our work” are more noticeable by the reader than just a simple word.

Use your creative thinking to write a clear call to action that gives a benefit.

copywriting techniques

7. Use Copywriting techniques

The APP Method:

One technique you can use to gauge your audience’s attention is APP.

It stands for Agree-Promise-Preview.

As the name suggests, you first want the audience to agree with your sentiments.

For instance, if you are writing about your brands’ lipsticks, you can emphasize the good quality of your lipsticks like:

“We know that lipsticks that whitewash you are annoying”

You are basically highlighting how you and the audience think in agreement and can now proceed further.

Next, you have to give them a promise that your product, service or content does work and is helpful to them.

“We have tested our lipsticks on all skin tones.”

You are giving them a promise that your product is what they need because you have backed it with evidence.

The preview is the revelation. It shows them what is in store for them.

“We have found the best shades that suit all skin tones. Check our website to buy now.”

This technique works for content and services as well.

This copy undergoes a process of convincing the audience to bite the call to action and take the desired action, which in this case is buying a product.

writing formula

8. 1-2-3-4 Formula

This technique is divided into four parts.
1- What I have for you?

You have to persuade your audience by telling them what is in there for them.

This should be a short introduction of what is your product and what does it do for the audience as well as who is it targeted towards.

“This is a short guide for pregnant women regarding pelvic pain.”

It should not be detailed but wraps up three essential detail.

2- What it does for you?

Here you highlight the benefit that your product, service or content is going to provide to your audience.

So if your audience takes that action, what does it do for them. Paint a picture of how this product can make their life better and help them achieve their goal.

Give them a taste of what their life would look like as an “after” scenario.

“You can get rid of this pain and pass the rest of your term in peace.

Here you can add bullet points for describing benefits in more detail. For example:

  • “Learn these few exercises to get rid of your pelvic pain in a few days”

Bullet points are easy to notice and give a quick detail about the topic. Also, state benefits because they are more impactful than just features.

3- Who are you?

To gain the trust of your audience, it is better to first establish a relationship between you and your audience.

If your audience has been reading you for long, they will have already established a relationship with you.

But you can also increase the element of trust by adding a photo of you related to your niche on the top of your copy.

This will give them added relatability and trust indicating how you are like them.

4- What to do next?

Tell don’t ask. Tell the reader what they should be doing.

Your Call to Action should be very specific.

Instead of asking the readers to buy, use sentences and phrases like buy here and buy this product here.

They would not be confused on your website or social media page in this way.

aida method

9. AIDA Method

One of the most popular formulas for copywriting is AIDA. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

First you need to grab the reader’s attention:

“This is the best guide for copywriting practices in 2020”

Then pique their interest by providing a promise just like in APP formula:

“We will discuss the best copywriting techniques that are working the most right now.”

Add a desire that the reader and consumer want (for which they are on this page to begin with):

“If you want to make a great sales copy, you are in the right place.”

Wrap it up with a call to action that tells retains the attention of the reader:

“So what are you waiting for? Let’s start!”

The AIDA formula works for sales copy, blog posts, and scripts among others. This is a very effective way of grasping your reader’s attention.

10. Using Positive Tone Instead of Negative

Positive content is shared more than negative one.

Also usually in a copy, the consumer is looking for a solution that has a better impact in a positive tone.

For example,
“You will not be unhappy with our services. After coming to our gym, you will not feel like going somewhere else.”

“We guarantee that you will love our services and stay with us for a long time.”

You can see that a positive, solution-oriented approach has better reception and impact than the negative one.

In fact, at times, the negative one can even tick off the consumers and they might not want to go ahead any further with your brand.

copywriting techniques


Copywriting is a crucial skill for all writers. Even if you limit yourself to content marketing, you will always want your reader to take some action.

In order to be a good copywriter, you should know about these tips alongside marketing strategies and learn the basics about web pages, conversion rates, forms of marketing, search engine results and landing pages.

You can start article writing by following these tips and taking copywriting courses.

You can interact with other freelance copywriters and study sales letters, product descriptions and case studies.

One more thing you’ll need are white papers and a pen to begin writing.

This guide has covered all the copywriting practices you would require in 2020 and onwards.

Happy writing!


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