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How to Build Amazing Backlinks (Updated Guide 2021)

You must have sent out link requests if you’ve worked on a link strategy, right? Yes, the idea is pretty simple. You just ask a site for backlinks.

This is the most straightforward and direct way to get new links.

Moreover, if it works just the way you want, it’s super convenient.

But dang! there’s a problem. This doesn’t actually work all the time.

Most of the time, these requests are lost in a flood of emails. It’s pretty understandable when you consider the fact that the average person receives  88 emails a day.

Sometimes, your request is likely to be ignored since it’s not a high priority.

Other times, your request might get straight away denied. You’ll get a response, but not the response you’d probably want.

So, what to do now?

The goal is to create a backlink request that is impossible to turn down or ignore.

This is your definite guide in which we’ll begin with the concept of backlinks, their importance and then we’ll move towards how to build amazing backlinks in order to get higher rankings and increase traffic to your site.

Let’s start!


What Are Backlinks?

Links from one website to a page or another website are called backlinks.

The other names for backlinks are inbound links, one way links or incoming links.

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For Google and other search engines backlinks count as “votes” for a specific page.

Therefore, the pages having higher number of backlinks are likely to have higher rankings.

How Do Backlinks Work?

Backlinks are a vital part of SEO and play an important role in growing your website.

You can think of backlinks as a way of conversations among websites.

backlinks building

For example, Ahmad is a blogger, and he creates an amazing content about dealing with depression.

Another blogger, Anna, links to Ahmad’s article while sharing her perspective about psychology. Since she writes about such topics on her well-known online magazine site, this would create a backlink to Ahmad’s post.

Moreover, since her online magazine site is pretty popular, many other sites will be linking back to her article.

This increases the authority of her online magazine. The bonus Ahmad gets is a valuable backlink from a reputable site.

Basically, it’s a win win situation.

Types of Backlinks

There are two general types and one is more valuable than the other.

Let’s go through the types quickly and see how they are going to affect your site.

1. A Link with No-follow Tag

If your link has a No-follow tag, it will tell the search engines to ignore it.

As a result, they won’t pass any value from one site to another.

Therefore, they don’t help to improve the search ranking or visibility.

2. Do follow Links

These are the type of backlinks that everybody wants.

backlinks dofollow

An important thing to note is that the ones coming from worthy and respected sites hold more value.

Moreover, such kind of backlinks can help improving your rankings as well as traffic.

However, there are some dofollow links that we count as spammy, bad or toxic.

These are the one that are coming from suspicious sites or gained by breaking the terms of service of Google or other search engines.

You have to be very careful since having such toxic backlinks may cause Google to penalize or even in some cases, de-index your site and make sure they are no-follow links.

You don’t want this to happen, right?

Always keep in mind, that it’s the quality of backlinks and not the quantity that is going to make a difference in your rankings.

In fact, backlinks formed the basis of original algorithm of Google, known as PageRank.

Moreover, even though the algorithm has been subjected to various changes by Google, still links remain a key element for ranking.

high ranking

You can learn more about this over here, Links remain Google’s key ranking signal.

Which Backlinks can we count as valuable?

The links having the following qualities can be counted as valuable:

  • They come from websites that are considered authoritative as well as well as trusted
  • The site that is linking to your pages or website is topically related to your site
  • They make sure to include your target keyword in the anchor text of link
  • It is a Dofollow link
  • The link associates with a domain that hasn’t been linked to you before


How to Build Amazing Backlinks?

I know that building backlinks seems like a really tough job.

However, once you figure out what site owners are looking for, it can get a lot easier.

Moreover, if you want to get amazing and high-quality links, you would need to master writing a good link request pitch.

Let’s break it down further and it’ll work no matter how big your site is or what niche you’re in.

build amazing backlinks

1. Figure Out What Site Owners Are Looking For

It might sound unfair but it’s true when it comes to getting links.

Some of the sites that aren’t really the best are able to get links simply because they can pitch themselves well.

Therefore, it means that there are thousands of sites that are worthy of links because their content is outstanding but just because they’re not able to create good pitches, so they won’t get links.

Sounds pretty unfair, right? But, that’s how it is.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to nail your pitch.

Moreover, you can also become a source for bloggers and reporters (HARO)

backlinks haro

If you want to be ranked on Google’s first page, you need to have backlinks from authority new blogs as well as sites.

It might sound hard but that’s not the case.

All you would be needing to do is to use a free service Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

HARO is more like Tinder for public relations.

Its purpose it to connect people who need sources to people who want links.

Let’s explore the step-by-step process for HARO.

  1. Register as a source
  2. Choose a paid or free plan
  3. Keep an eye on the requests to which you are able to make a contribution
  4. Send the blogger or journalist a very brief and valuable pitch.

2. Make Your Site Beneficial For Other Sites

There’s no denying that the main reason why any blog or site accepts backlinks is basically to help themselves out.

Moreover, every site wishes to have the best links because getting the right backlinks is a vital part of great link building strategy.

So, in order to get a link, you must tell the site owners what benefits are they going to get from your site.

backlinks useful

This is huge! If you are serious about getting high-quality links, you can’t afford to ignore this.

And well, the good news is almost all the sites are looking for the same kind of benefits.

When it comes to the link, here’s what most of the webmasters are in search of:

  • The relevance of content to their site
  • How much detail and depth does your content offer
  • Whether the content is written well
  • Your site is legitimate

3. Building Links From Outdated Sources

In order to build links from outdated sources, there are 3 simple steps

  1. Find sites that have moved to a new URL, changed their name, are not offering services anymore, are not updating a resource or have shut down
  2. Find sites that are still linking to the outdated and old URL
  3. Reach out to such sites and get your links

Earning backlinks from outdated sources isn’t tough but requires some effort.

4. Use Content Formats That Would Generate Links

If you want to get lots and lots of backlinks, focus on using the following content formats:

  • Quizzes
  • List Posts
  • “How to” Posts
  • “Why to” Posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Guest posts and sharing through social media to build a backlink profile

All these formats are proven to generate links.

5. Publish Ultimate Guides

Literally speaking, ultimate guides work like magnets.

The reason being a guide covers a whole topic on a single page.

Moreover, your guide is going to be the go-to resource for a certain topic, people are going to link to it more often.


The step-by-step process of writing guide includes:

  1. Find a topic you want to cover for your guide
  2. Make an outline of the topics you are going to cover
  3. Begin writing your ultimate guide

To see for reference purpose you can the check the guide I recently posted “Ultimate Guide to Header Tags For Higher Rankings

You can look for your topic through Google Search Console, Google Analytics, checking topics of referring domains and search results that are the ranking factors for topics.


6. Authority Resource Pages

Every link builder dreams of resource pages because they exist only to link to other sites.

In order to get links from the resource pages, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Find resource pages
  2. Reach out to the resource page and nicely ask for the link

(Bonus tip: Before you reach out, check to see if the resource page has broken or outdated links. Letting them know about their broken links can 5x your conversion rate in comparison to simply asking for a link)

This pretty much sums it up. If you found this blog post useful and if it helped to increase your rankings and organic traffic, don’t forget to check our latest posts 9 Ways to Get Google to Index Your Site Fast as well as User Experience in Focus (For High Google Ranking)

For more such information and updates, stay tuned to our site Markfiniti Technologies.

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