Backlinks with Reverse Outreach

May 8, 2022
May 8, 2022 Mehr Jan

Time and again, we have spoken of how important are backlinks. These are essentially the way in which you will be able to  create a strong networking for yourself. While we know much about the importance of backlinks, in this article, I want to share ways in which you can get backlinks with reverse outreach.

You can consider as the most valuable asset of SEO.


Because they show and represent a vote of confidence.

You get this from one site to another.

They can be like a confirmation, a guarantee, that suggests to search engines that this is a reliable site.

Hence allowing you to earn brownie points.

Backlinks are definitely useful. And they serve you in a great manner. As well as in the long run.

I will be talking in detail as to how backlinks through reverse outreach really work.

Let’s look into the tactics of this procedure:

Why You Need Backlinks?

needing backlinks

Before moving further on the technique backlinks with reverse outreach. it is best that we just revisit why backlinks even matter.

This is something which we cant get easily.

However it is something really, really worth it.

And why?

Because no one would be willing to link up their website and share their organic traffic with someone else unless and until they are totally worth it.

Even today, Google considers the number of quality backlinks as the deciding factor when it comes to ranking a website.

Providing you with the first-mover advantage, these links are what we call as the currency of SEO. So the more you have, the better they are for the site.

In many cases it is possible that you get these backlinks from PR strategies.

However there are new methods popping up almost everyday which yield great results on its own.

One of them is the reverse outreach programme.

Backlinks with Reverse Outreach

So how does this differ from your usual way of an outreach-based link building?

For one thing, you are not trying to reach out to bloggers and journalists.

In fact your aim is that you have them come to you.

This is done so by targeting the keywords that you know bloggers and journalists are looking for.

And that means you will be creating content which you know they want. Hence this is creating an organic chain of ideas and flow of thoughts.

It allows for you to create a stable framework that allows you to connect and create an organic flow of ideas and thoughts.

In many ways, you can consider this as an underrated technique.

Many people are not even aware of how to make use of it.

But the thing is, once you’ve mastered how to use it, you will definitely be seeing some high-quality backlinking opportunities.

Now let me break it up and share how you can actually work on a step-by-step guide to create a strong platform.

Step-1 : Finding Journalist Keywords

The first thing to know and understand is how to look for the journalist keywords.

In simple words, we are talking of keywords which journalists will be using when they are researching or writing an article.

There are so many different kinds of keywords which journalists would want to search for and optimize.

But how do we even find them?

You will be looking for them by having to search for a topic that falls into your niche.

After which it is best that you also look into and see the results coming from ‘People also ask’ tab.

Again this is highlighting and targeting the kind of questions not just journalists but bloggers will also be looking into.

You can actually expand the box further as that will be revealing more commonly-asked questions.

Targeting Trending Topics

getting trending topics

Sometimes people tend to skip out and not notice the basics of what you can attain.

When it comes to trending topics, there is so much you can do and cover when it comes to targeting the easy-to-find sources.

This way, you will be looking at how your go-to source is valid when it comes to writing and exploring the emerging topics.

So here we are aiming to create keywords which are happening and hitting on our niche.

But here’s something to know:

Sometimes you can mix things up and even try to hit on related niches.  There are some solid backlinks that you can gain from that platform too.

Example a site about digital marketing can look into and take in the goodness of what are the hottest and trending topics in the world of tech.

This is not something which is completely falling out of your bandwagon, but you can definitely create some solid framework from what you gather through this platform.

Outlining the Content

The next thing you need to aim for and focus on is how you will be outlining the article now.

In plain words- your article is going to be providing all the intel and information relating to what journalists need to know.

And that includes traditional keyword tools.

So instead of looking at the types of data that provides complete results, it is imperative that we look at ways in which article writing will be yielding solid results.

The best thing you can do is create a checklist of all that needs to be covered from your article.

Here you are not only covering the main topic, but also relevant subtopics that fall into the same category.

You have to then aim to collect your data. And that means gathering all the information and ensuring that your topic is well-researched and looked into.

One of the key elements to add into your article would be to include the statistics.

That provides much clarity into how to go about it. The numbers provide a complete overview and allow you to have a better handle on ways to get the complete information.

Remember your article needs to be in simple words. And that will allow you to have a complete overview of the topic in hand. This leads to having more praises and appreciation for the article. Which in turn translates into getting more solid backlinks.

Google News- The Goldmine

Sometimes you can end up getting information from the most unconventional of places. Google news is that platform which allows you to connect and create a solid framework of information.

There is so much data that you can take on from this one solid source.

This includes information in the form of :

  • press releases
  • data to take from industry publications
  • quotes from experts
  • milestones attained

These are elements which allow you to take on a complete overview and get insights which matter.

You will also be organizing the Stats page which will in itself provide ample coverage and understanding as to how you can ensure that there is complete information which is yielding results.

Stats pages are really good sources of information. You can get so much from it when you know how to use them in a proper manner.

The intel you get from this is definitely going to be leading towards complete information packages that keeps the whole mechanism working.

Getting Those Backlinks

Now it comes to creating a solid framework of backlinks. This also protects you from toxic backlinks.

It is not always easy to take on such solid platforms.

But the kind of feedback and targeted information you can get from this can serve you in the long run, yielding results which are lasting and create a proper pattern of information.

This is what everyone aims for.

And this is what will allow you to get major backlinks from reliable sources.

This is what some people even consider as a way of getting passive links.

But many don’t really know how to make the most use of it.

If you think it will be yielding and allowing you to have the best kind of information, it is definitely going to suggest ways that make your whole link-building strategy stand out.

Not all of this is going to work in the long run. But sometimes such quick actions can allow you to have the best kind of strategy and build-up.

Make use of this great and impactful strategy and technique. The results will be long-lasting.


getting the SEO boost

Backlinks with reverse outreach is a leading tactic that will be giving you complete results.

It is definitely a link-building strategy that stands out and allows for you to create a solid framework which consists of a range of techniques that are going to be making a major impact.

When it comes to ensuring that these links are long-lasting and solid, you have to make sure that your getting a complete overview on how you can use your own smartness to adapt the most strong ways of creating links.

There is plenty to be done when you know of the ways in which it will be keeping you busy.

Not only will you be able to make the most of this link-building strategy but it also serves as a winning podium to see results that are long-lasting.

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