January 4, 2022 Azka Munir

All-Inclusive Content: Appealing Everyone

In today’s digital world, things are more accessible across the globe than they were ever before. Hence, it is best to make all-inclusive content that benefits a variety of people. This type of media appeals to a diverse audience without specifically excluding anyone.

You can do this by writing content that does not hurt anyone’s sentiments or creates conflicts, making the overall content accessible for differently-abled and using images that include different people. Learn below how you can make such content and increase your visitors.


Writing All-Inclusive Content

One of the main elements of content is writing.

You should be mindful of not dividing your audience by creating conflict and hurting their sentiments.

Beyond that, you want your language and references to be easily understood and the content to be scannable.

writing content

Using the Right Language

Words can divide and separate, they can also unite.

You want to content in your blog to appeal to everyone and not specifically target a community, race or gender negatively.

Gendered terms are so 20th century!

Do not use words like businesswoman, mankind, salesman and manpower.

These are unnecessary gendered terms that you would want to avoid now.

They specifically exclude members of society.

Instead go for gender-neutral terms such as a business person, humankind, salesperson and workforce.

This will make your content more inclusive, targeted towards all members of society.

Next, you may also want to avoid the use of specific idioms that can exclude specific people.

For instance, saying that’s crazy can point towards mental disabilities which does not bode well for people dealing with mental health illnesses.

Similarly, the use of call to action should be rather careful too.

CTA’s such as “See This” or “Listen Now” tend to exclude people with particular disabilities.

Besides idioms also be wary of the words you use that may have a negative connotation.

For example, blacklist and whitelist are discriminatory terms stemming from racism.

You wouldn’t want to anger people on your skincare blog by using these terms.

Also, industry-specific jargon can exclude several visitors from

Hence, the best thing you can do is to be more specific and use simple words.

Tell people to “explore” your shop rather than “see” it.

Use block and permit instead of whitelist and blacklist.

This way, you will not be hurting anyone’s sentiments.

References and accessible writing are also important aspects of all-inclusive writing.

More on that below!

Be Wary of References and Accessibility while Writing Content

Local references can leave an international audience clueless. So can inside jokes!

You wouldn’t want your visitors to not be able to guess what you are talking about.

For instance, your western audience may not understand references to a local award winning movie, or “Eid” just like some of your audience will not get a reference to “Thanksgiving”!

Hence, that creates confusion and singles out people who do not relate to that culture or reference.

What you’d like to do is to diversify your references and context.

Obviously, you will be more well-versed in the culture you live but do not ignore your audience that does not belong from there.

This also applies to using diverse names in your examples from different ethnicities rather than the same old, John Smith.

Accessibility is equally important for your content to be inclusive.

Besides its design and SEO elements (learn below), skimmable articles help people with ADHD and dyslexia.

Break large texts by using headings, bullet points and block quotes.

What’s more, it is actually good for your reading comprehension and blog SEO.

This also applies to text and typography.

Slab serif font and sans serif font are easier to read for people with learning disabilities.

This is because the letter spacing, font size and alignment are different for all fonts but are more well balanced in these two.

Hence, choose a font that is readable for all of your audiences.

Those without dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities may be able to read any font conveniently but not the other way around.

Moving on, language is not the only thing in your content that should be accessible.

Rather, it should be all of your content including the structure and web design.

Let’s find out how!


Making Accessible Websites

If you want your website to be all-inclusive then one of the important parts is to keep it accessible.

Differently-abled people miss out on a lot of content that because of poor site design.

Accessible content isn’t enough because if your web design is preventing it from being read then what’s the use.

all-inclusive and accessible content

Add Alt Text to Images

The alt text in an image helps the differently-abled understand what the image is about.

The screen reader can describe the visual content i.e. images of video using alt text.

Hence, it is important to write a detailed alt text describing the image because the screen reader relies on that.

Add Captions to Videos

Some people can have sensory overload from all the sounds and images.

While there can also be hard of hearing visitors coming on your website.

Captions help all of them to understand the content and make it more accessible.

Use less motion

Speaking of imagery and motion, go for a rather subtle touch rather than excessive motion.

In animations, you can inform of a motion warning.

Plus, also give an option to visitors to simply disable it.

It can be harmful and not only distracting for people suffering from ADHD, epilepsy and vestibular disorders.

all-inclusive imagery for color blind

Ensure Screen Readers Work on Each Page

In order for the differently-abled to access your website, they need screen readers.

They should be enabled on each page.

Use software such as VoiceOver and NV Access.

Alongside you also need to check the color contrast so that the text is actually readable and the screen reader can catch it.

Use software like WebAIM Contrast Checker to check that.

Plus while writing does not separate texts in colors that the screen reader will not recognize.

Enabling Keyboard Navigation

Your site should work without a mouse.

Using the keyboard and voice commands, people with tremors and vision problems can access your website easily.

They cannot rely on a mouse anyway so add this assistive technology of keyboard navigation to make it all-inclusive for everyone.

Summing this up:

  • Ensure your website works with accessibility tools such as screen readers
  • Decrease the motion in design
  • Enhance the website’s color contrast
  • Ensure that keyboard use is enabled on all pages
  • It does not lead to any physical triggers or sensory overload visually

Besides text and accessibility, images play a huge part in making your site look inclusive.


Posting All-Inclusive Images

Imagery holds lots of power.

When people see others of their skin color, race, gender and more, they feel represented.

They can instantly relate and it empowers them to do the same confidently!

posting images


Diverse images are absolutely necessary to show that everyone can do and it is the right place for the reader.

Lack of diversity does the opposite.

It makes people think this website is not suitable for them and isn’t targeted to them.

Look for people of all sizes, gender, race and abilities to add in your photos.

However, do not keep your approach one-dimensional regarding diversity.

Inclusivity aids people to see themselves in all places they want to be and not what others want them for.

Hence, don’t only stick to diversifying people but also their abilities, professions, habits and activities.

One thing about all-inclusive content making can get tiring- it is an ongoing process that keeps evolving.

You may not always find yourself ahead of the times and trends. Though you should be.

Hence, in order to not miss out on something, open up a discussion with your audience.

People have different world views and experiences.

Something that you don’t find problematic can be offensive to another.

Hence, inclusive writing is actually hard and there is a chance you may not score a 100 out of 100 in it the first time.

Take your audience’s help to guide you and always correct your mistakes, if any.

This will also make them trust you more and relay their concerns openly.

You can also use tools like Writing Diversely that can highlight any insensitive language that leaves a bad taste.

Hence, keep an open mind to find out how you can keep creating content that is inclusive and relevant.


Benefits of All-Inclusive Content

Until now, you must be clear about the ways you can make your content inclusive.

However, are you aware of why you need it?

To be honest, that comes from privilege.

The privilege of being able to surf the internet with a mouse, not having a sensory overload due to moving imagery, having representation in the media and being able to see and hear things on the internet.

Those who are deprived of this privilege should have equal access to the web as the others.

Creating all-inclusive content and web design is the need of time and what you should be doing rightfully so.

While giving access to several people, you open several opportunities for yourself.

Your target audience and visitors can widen giving access to marginalized communities.

This in return helps to grow your business.

Moreover, it also inclines with the views of several customers.

Around 54 percent of customers want to buy from a brand that focuses on equity, inclusivity and diversity.

What’s more inclusive content such as ads have a higher purchase intent.

So it will bring you more sales and customers.

Another thing to remember is how it can actually help to show that you are willing to grow and change.

It can also represent how you care for social issues and inclusivity.

Therefore, it not only is the right thing you must do but something that benefits you.

Summing Up

Make all-inclusive web design and content so that you can appeal to a wider audience.

Other than that it can also increase sales and your value in the market.

So don’t be left out and start optimizing your content in accordance with inclusivity soon.

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