AI Marketing: Components, Benefits, and More

November 2, 2021
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November 2, 2021 Zahra Ijaz

AI Marketing: Components, Benefits, and More

Do you know that with the help of AI Marketing, you can scale up your growth and digital marketing efforts?

We are halfway through 2021, but just growth orientation and data-driven organization are not enough to cut the slack.

Therefore, you have to move fast and be ready to beat your competitors and thus, you need to use more technology and automation than ever before.


AI Marketing

With the help of AI marketing, a number of companies are improving their operational efficiency as well as customer experience.

Thus, it helps to give you a more comprehensive insight into your target audience and then use it to drive conversions while also easing the workload for your marketing teams.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

AI marketing 2

Artificial Intelligence, AI Marketing

AI marketing is a way of marketing that uses automated decisions based on the data collection, data analysis, and additional observational of your target audience or economic trends that affect your marketing efforts.

Moreover, AI tools use data and customers profile to learn the best way to communicate with customers.

It also helps to serve the tailored messages at the right time without intervention from making team members, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Consider the following stats from Statista:


It is important to note that AI marketing uses both internal operations and customer-facing initiatives.

These are:

  • enhancing chatbots or discord bots with natural language processing NLP to qualify leads without forms
  • Applications that use deep learning to take personalization to the next level
  • CRMs that use machine learning to help your business analyze every aspect of your relationship to the customers.

Moreover, the possibilities of using AI in your marketing strategies are continuously growing.

Thus, you need to start using these in your digital marketing strategies as well.

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AI Marketing: Why you need it?

With the help of Ai marketing, you can:
Cut operational costs by accomplishing more in less time with a limited team.

Make the most of your budget with data-driven decisions.

Bid smarter in your marketing campaigns, build custom-made marketing strategies keeping in view your needs and marketing objectives.

With the help 0f performance data, you can automatically apply optimizations to your strategies.

Thus, to put it simply, using this form of marketing can help to keep a lean and mean marketing team and scale up your business higher and faster.

An important thing to keep in mind is the AI marketing uses:
Data analysis, natural language processing, media buying, automated decision making, content generation, and personalization.

An important thing here is to consider the following study:

According to Gartner, AI will replace about 33% of data analysis in the market.

stats 1

Moreover, tech giants are spending about $20 to 30 billion on AI, and 90% of this budget was focused on deployment and research.

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AI Marketing: Components

AI Marketing helps you to connect with your customers.
This is because customers are crucial to your business and its growth.

The following components make up today’s leading solutions that help to bridge the gap between the expansive amounts of customer data and actionable steps.

Keep on reading to learn more about it.

AI marketing 3

With the help of data collected and automated decisions, you can apply them to your future marketing campaigns to grow and diversify your brands.

Let’s discuss the components of AI Marketing as follows:

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is driven by machine language and involves computer algorithms.

These algorithms help to analyze information and improve automatically through experience.

Moreover, devices that use this learning can analyze new information in the context of relevant historical data.

On the basis of that data, AI can inform decisions based on what has not been working in the past for your brands or business.

AI Platform Solutions

With the help of AI-powered solutions, you can manage the huge amount of data that is being collected.

These platforms have the ability to drive insightful marketing intelligence into your target audience that helps to make data-driven decisions.

Moreover, with these decisions, you can learn about the best time to reach your target audience.

digital transformation

For instance, frameworks like Bayesian Learning and Forgetting can help your marketing team gain insights and a clearer understanding of how receptive a customer is to your specific marketing campaign or effort.

Data and Analytics

Due to the emergence of digital media, there is an influx of large amounts of data.

This has opened new opportunities for you in terms of marketing to understand the efforts and accurately attribute value across different channels.

Moreover, it has led to an over-saturation of data, as many marketers are struggling to determine which data is beneficial to collect.

This can help to determine the course of future marketing campaigns.

How AI technology is Changing Digital Marketing?

In this section, we will discuss what AI development has in store for your digital marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing
AI helps to create automated decisions based on data collection and analysis, audience observations, and economic trends.

Because of how it works, it can be a very vital tool to help with your digital marketing strategies.

It does so by identifying trends, data, audiences, and more.

AI and Pey-per-Click Efforts
PPC marketing is one of the developments of digital marketing and allows you to run campaigns, increase reach, and generate sales through ad placement on different search networks.

With the help of AI, you can get the most value for PPC campaigns and can also predict the way it continues.

To understand how it works, you need to understand how PPC works.

The implementation of Google algorithms manages bids and optimizes keywords to push conversions for your campaigns.

Your job during this is to monitor the campaign’s progress. Thus, with AI and your expert marketing services, you can gather valuable data to help improve your PPC efforts.

AI and Search Engine Optimization
With different software and digital advancements, AI has revolutionized Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

However, it is important to note that SEO software is still learning to bypass human capabilities.

Humans are more effective in using and researching the right keywords and even more efficient in building relationships with online customers.

However, when you integrate AI into learning its algorithms, it can severe as a digital marketing game-changer.

Thus, once AI is capable of commuting at the human level, tools like SOE will benefit and operations can be carried out with the help of different software and machines.



Uses, Benefits, and Challenges

To use AI marketing strategies for your brand or business, it is crucial, to begin with, a thorough plan to make sure that your marketing teams minimize costly challenges and achieve the most value from the AI investment.

Let’s discuss the uses of AI in Marketing as follows:

AI marketing 4

Before implementing any AI tool for marketing campaigns, consider the following:

Factors to Consider when Using AI Marketing

The following are the factors to keep in mind before using this strategy and tools.

Establish Goals
Just like any other marketing strategy, you need to make clear goals and consider using marketing analytics.

For this, you can start by identifying areas with campaigns or operations that AI can help to improve.

Then you need to establish clear KPIs that will help to illuminate how successful your AI augmentation is, as this is particularly important for qualitative goals.

Data Privacy Standards
Make sure that your AI platforms are not crossing the line of acceptable data use in the name of personalization.


Moreover, it is important to make sure privacy standards are already there and programmed into your platforms to maintain consumer trust.

Data Quality and Sources
To begin with AI marketing, you need to have a huge amount of data at your disposal.

This will train the AI Tool in customer preferences, external trends, and other factors.

You can take this data from your own CRM, marketing campaigns, and website data, and often includes location, weather, and other external data sources.

Data Science Talent
You can also work with third-party organizations to get assistance in the collection and analysis of data.

It will help to train AI programs and facilitate ongoing maintenance.

Data Quality
As machine learning programs consume more data, the programs will learn accurate, effective decisions.

However, if you do not standardize your data, and free it of errors, it can cause AI programs to hinder the campaigns.

Therefore, before implementing AI marketing, you should coordinate with data management teams and other lines of business to make sure the processes of data cleaning and data maintenance are there.

Consider the following 7 data dimensions for this process:

  • Relevance
  • Completeness
  • Timeliness
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Representatives

Selecting an AI Platform

One of the crucial steps in getting an AI Marketing program is to select the right platform or platforms.

You should be discerning in identifying the gaps that the platform is trying to fill and select solutions based on capabilities.

Moreover, this will revolve around the goals you will try to achieve.

For instance, speed and productivity goals will need different functionality than tools you will need to improve overall customer satisfaction with AI.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that when selecting a tool, you need to consider the level of visibility regarding why an AI platform makes a certain decision.

Additionally, depending on the algorithm in use, your marketing team may get a clear report on why it makes a certain decision and which data it will influence.

While algorithms working on a more advanced level with deep learning may not be able to give such definitive reasoning.

Now let’s learn about the benefits of using AI Marketing.

Benefits of AI Marketing for your Brand

AI marketing has a number of benefits and each one of these yields different benefits.

These include risk reduction, increase in speed, greater customer satisfaction, increase in revenue, and more.

Moreover, these benefits are quantifiable and qualifiable. AI marketing has the following benefits:

Increase Campaign ROI
If you make use of AI tools efficiently it can help transform the entire marketing program by extracting the most valuable insights.

these insights come from datasets and you can use them in real-time.

Moreover, AI platforms can make fast decisions to allocate your funds effectively across media channels or to analyze the most effective ad placements to more consistently engage customers.

Thus, getting the most value out of campaigns.

Better Customer Relationships and Personalization
With the help of Ai, you can send personalized messages to your customers at appropriate in the consume lifecycle.

Additionally, can also help you to identify at-risk customers and target them with info that can help to re-engage them.

Enhanced Marketing Measurements
In most cases, many organizations have issues keeping pace with the digital campaigns produce.

Therefore, it makes it difficult to tie success back to a specific campaign.


However, if you have dashboards that leverage AI allows you to have a more comprehensive view into what is working so that you can replicate them across different channels and allocate budgets accordingly.

Decision Making
AI can conduct tactical data analysis faster than humans and use machine learning to make fast conclusions.

These conclusions depend on both your campaign and customer context.

This gives your team members time to focus on strategic initiatives that can help to form more accurate AI-enabled campaigns.

Thus, with AI, you do not have to wait until the end of the campaign, rather make real-time analysis to make better media choices.

Challenges for AI Marketing

Modern marketing strategies depend on an in-depth understanding of the needs of your target customers and their ability to act on the knowledge.

The ability to make data-driven decisions has brought AI to the forefront, however, you must be ready to make prompt decisions when integrating AI into your campaigns and operations.

Moreover, the development and use of AI tools are in early stages and you may face the following challenges:

It is important to note that both customers and regulating bodies are keeping an eye on how different organizations use their data.

Thus, you need to make sure that you are using this data ethically and in compliance with standards like GDRP.


If not, the violation can damage your reputation.

You need to make sure that your AI tools are programmed to observe specific legal guidelines in terms of consumer data and personalization.

Deployment Practices
As the use of Ai tools is new and many organizations are learning to use them, there are no definitive practices to guide the team’s initial deployments.

Adapting to Changes
There are disturbances in day-to-day marketing operations with the emergence of AI.

According to a study, 6 out of every 20 current marketing specialists and analysts’ jobs will be replaced with marketing technology.

Getting Buy-In
Ai tools can make it difficult to demonstrate the value of AI investment of different stakeholders.

While KPIs like ROI and efficiency are quantifiable, showing factors like customer experience or brand reputation is difficult.

Training Time and Data Quality
You need to customize AI tools, thus you will need time and training to learn them.

Not only do AI tools require time, but it also needs data quality to make accurate, timely, and precise decisions.

The Future with AI

When artificial intelligence goes through more developments, it will lead to more advancements, thus, changing marketing strategies.

According to a study, about 61% of marketers are of the view that AI is an important tool as a part of data strategy. Moreover, about 80% of tech leaders notice that their teams and operations are more productive and efficient because of these tools.

Additionally, a lot of mobile users today are using AI-powered voice assistants to help them with their tasks and search for different information online, thus, image the impact it will make in the near future.

Thus, it provides a positive effect on digital marketing make it more sustainable, scalable and having more impact on marketing trends worldwide. This is why you should also start using AI for your marketing campaigns to make advancements in the digital age.

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