Advanced SEO Tips for 2022

March 25, 2022 Mehr Jan

So we have come to a place where we think we are well-accustomed to the world of SEO. But here’s the thing- you never are. Because one it comes to search engine optimization, there is plenty you can do. And in this article I am going to be talking of advanced SEO tips for 2022.

You see SEO is something we can consider as an ever-changing algorithm. It does not remain ideal. Its algorithm keeps on updating.

And we need to keep ourselves on our toes if we wish to make the most of it. The improving tactics are important. They allow us to have a good ranking and will be keeping Google’s work elements on the right track.

So when talking of the ways in which change can happen, it will impact SEO in two main ways. It is either through on-page or technical.

In this article I am going to be talking about all of these techniques and how you can utilize them in your blog writing to get a good exposure.

Let’s start:

Advanced SEO Tips for 2022

If you are someone who is just starting into this business or if you wish to make an impact in a fast manner, then on-page SEO is a good way to look into.

For this there are some major ways which will allow you to create a strong structure.

I am going to be sharing and talking of some of the leading ways in which SEO works. The algorithm can bring forth great ways for you to make SEO magic.

It really can!

So let’s start off by how you can actually start targeting long-tail keywords this year.

As you know long-tail keywords are longer. This means they are far more specific than your usual targeted keywords.

Also they will be having a lower search volume. But that is something you can use to your benefit.

They are good at showing ways in which someone is making a particular search.

Also they will be accounting for a higher search volume as compared to the shorter keywords.

The reason why some people also target it is because of the higher search intent it comes with.

Tips for Adding Long-Tail Keywords

importance of long-tail keywords

I want to now share some really good tips on ways in which adding long-tail keywords in your content will be making a difference.

  • Firstly you need to determine the blog topics you want to write about. That matters a lot.
  • Also you will be plugging the most generic phase and title of whatever topic you wish to write into a keyword tool. There are so many you can make use of.
  • Next is when you will be identifying the long-tail keywords which come on for the topic you have written for.
  • You are basically aiming for high search volume as well as having low competition.
  • Then you will be narrowing down the list of keywords. And choose the ones which are holding high search intent.
  • Make sure you are writing relevant content. The kind which is answering the user’s intent. These are all essential things to know of.

Using Keywords in Alt Text

Many people don’t consider this seriously enough but it really matters. Alt text or what we call as alternative text is what is describing the images you are placing in your blog.

This is really one of the most important Google ranking factors.

In many cases, you can consider it as being the ultimate way in which you can easily get a 20 percent boost to your results.

So when talking of alt text, there are three main uses for them:

Accessibility- this is actually the way in which you can read the text out loud to those from the screen who have some sort of visual impairment.

Context- in some cases, it is possible that the image is not properly loading on the screen. In such cases, it is this alt text which is able to provide content on what is the image about.

Search engine optimization- and naturally we need it for SEO purposes. This is because search engine crawlers are able to index an image properly. Google actually confirmed how important alt text is when it comes to SEO and Google ranking.

Making Use of Keywords in Headers

This is yet another important element which people often ignore. You have to make use of keywords in your headers.


Because when you do, you are showing Google that the content is basically aligning with the target intent.

It is like how you make use of table of contents which allows users to know what is the content consisting of and how they can make use of it in the right way.

Headlines are definitely important.

You also have to look into user experience and what Google is recommending when it comes to targeting keywords and getting really good results in the process.

Focusing on UX experience

how UX experience works

Many people don’t realize this but user experience matters as much as keywords and content.

There are plenty of things Google will be taking into account when ranking your website.

And one is how much time is spent on the pages i.e. dwell time.

If Google notices that people are bouncing off in a few seconds, it will be ensuring that the users are getting proper content review.

Also how much time is it taking for a page to load is also going to matter. These elements are really important when it comes to analyzing and understanding how the UX experience can be made use of.

Now let me share some great tips on how you can give a boost to the creation of great UX:

  • Make sure that the content and images will be satisfying the search intent of each keyword.
  • Include the most relevant information on the top of the page
  • You should be reducing the image sizes so that you can improve the loading time
  • Make sure the content is easy to navigate as well. This is especially true for really long content pieces.
  • Aim to clean up  the clutter as you don’t want distracting images and fonts make your content lose focus and look scattered.

Using Internal Links

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to Google ranking, it also looks into and analyzes how much is a user spending time on a site. This is yet another of the advanced seo tips for 2022.

And when you have internal links, it allows for your whole site and not just a blog to get noticed.

This is yet another important ranking factor in Google algorithm.

It’s actually quite basic and simple.

The longer you are staying on a website, the further it is expected to funnel and this is what suggests to your search engines that this site’s content is good quality and relevant.

You should be having between 2-5 internal links on your blog post.

So make sure in order to increase a user’s time on a website, you are writing blogs which are engaging and have in-depth content. Also make sure that you are linking the blogs to important and quality internal content also.

Heard of ‘Top of the Funnel’ Keyword Phrases

Let’s now look into and discuss what are the three main phases of the funnel. These include awareness, consideration as well as decision.

When we are speaking about what is top of the funnel, we are looking into keyword phrases which simply stand out.

The way these keywords are targeted shows how to build awareness around them. You are drawing the readers and not expecting then to take action.

They are actually those which aim to answer some basic questions and create and boost general knowledge actually.

If you are focusing on these keywords, you are doing two things:

Reaching a larger audience as there is higher search volumes

Also you are aiming to draw attention towards words that will be giving you a major boost. Depending on the persona of your customers, there are some integral elements you need to bring together that gives complete results.

Technical/Offpage SEO Tips

While we are at it, I also want to highlight and talk of some important off-page SEO tips as well.

You have to make sure you are completely eliminating spammy backlinks.

This will allow you to build your brand in a better and stronger way. As you do not need to put out any misinformation as well.

These are some of the simple criteria which suggests how extremely hard it is to make your page and website remain the talk of the town.

To Sum Up

SEO is thriving and continues to create a mark with its reach.

Its algorithms keep on changing.

You need to aim for ways in which you can make your blog page and website extremely active and thriving.

And for you to do that, you have to adapt strategies which yield great results in the long run.

In this article I have shared advanced seo tips for 2022. These work great and allow you to see results which are long-lasting and great!


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